50+ Ideas to build in Minecraft 2019

With Minecraft 1.15 just around the corner, Minecraft Global brings to you some of our favorite additions to any Minecraft world. Let’s take a look at 50+ Ideas to build in minecraft that you can add to your world, to spruce things up just a little bit.

List of Ideas to build in Minecraft

Ideas to build in minecraft - Animal Cave


First up a small animal cave is hidden off the side of a roadway may be something that you can view just from the side of the road that causes you to come out here to want to look into it.

Idea to build Travelling Merchant


Maybe adding a traveling merchant along your road would be a great way to add some interest while you’re moving around bored of your current project.

build a Mineshaft


Mining in Minecraft is half of the game. So, why not build a brand new custom Mineshaft that you can just find randomly around the world.

Build a Pond - Minecraft Global


Landscapes can be very very beautiful but they can also be very very green or just very yellow. Maybe you should add in a small pond hidden along the edge of your pathway. So, you can just see that nice little glimpse of blue as you’re walking through a forest.

Ideas to build in minecraft -  Animal Cave


To go along with more things that you might find while walking through a forest, how  about adding an animal cave. To make it even more gruesome and tell a story behind it splatter some Redstone around there to make it look like they may be tracked to pray or something. Maybe hide a skeleton head in the back as well.

Add Bees - Minecraft Global


One of the things I’ve been wanting to see in Minecraft for a very long time is some bees or some flying animals throughout the entire area. Just small critters running around and I think adding some beehives with a bunch of flowers around it would be a cool way to add an interesting aspect.

Ideas to build in minecraft -  Fallen Trees


Minecraft has some great forests and some great areas around but one thing that it doesn’t have is fallen trees you can easily make a forest look so so much more interesting by simply toppling one of those trees over and laying it down on its side so there’s some actual life to the region, not all trees would be perfectly standing up straight some would definitely be falling over to the side through a storm or something like that.

Ideas to build in minecraft -  Flower Fields


Next in Ideas to build in Minecraft is just adding a flower field off the side of a path waking that makes it much more interesting. So, it’s not just trees on trees on trees you get a tiny bit of color added in there which is just perfect for it.

Minecraft railway


A lot of times pathways in Minecraft are just dirt and cobblestone and gravel going along through far out the entire distance. You can mix that up a lot by adding into some railings on a few parts of it maybe you make it look like somebody came in here and reinforced this area so that people can’t fall off to the side. You don’t always need a bridge but you can at least mix it up in small areas.

old ancient archway in minecraft


Next up in Ideas to build in Minecraft is an old ancient archway to help break things up a bit more. So, that you have just that much more interest to the area. Can really help add just so much to it there’s no reason for this thing being here with the current build in here but just this old vine-covered archway can really really make a huge difference for us.

small groves of trees


Got a giant Plains area that your work with maybe add in some small groves of trees and areas so you can have small tiny forested areas in there just help break up the skyline and break up the general vibe of the entire area so you just add so much more interest out here as you’re moving around it.

pumpkins in Minecraft


Speaking of moving around maybe this guy was flying around this corner too fast here hit a rock and his cart toppled over to the side and now there’s this broken-down cart along the edge here has his pumpkins over here did not make it to their final destination but that’s okay because it adds so much to our world.

burnt down - Ideas to build in Minecraft


Got an area where you’re never planning to add a village or a town or a thing that maybe bring in like a burnt down homestead so where somebody used to live so you have some old fields that are still kind of growing kind of struggling to get along here and then you have just this old burnt down house that really has nothing going on for it too much.


broken away roadways - Ideas to build in Minecraft

We can have some broken away roadways here where some of the swamps might have encroached and really destroyed the roadway here so it’s all flooded but people still need to get across so maybe some wood planks just to mix up the texture of the road here can be a good way to go just to again mix things up.

medieval Minecraft -Ideas to build in Minecraft


Got a medieval Minecraft world that you’re working on you have to add the superior siege weapon in here being the trebuchet if you’re trying to create some amazing castle or battle scene you have to have one of these guys in there at least somewhere.

Well in Minecraft -Ideas to build in Minecraft


Well well, well what do we got here oh it’s a well something great that you can add in any narrow corner nooks or things you got around the cities something just to add that again that a little bit of Lewin here to mix things up.

 little chicken nests in Minecraft


Minecraft 1.13 gave us one of the coolest new features chickens can no longer jump over trapdoors, this is something I love adding into my world also with the dead coral fans you can create some amazing little chicken nests here.

carts in Minecraft -Ideas to build in Minecraft


Small carts dotted along with the buildings going throughout your entire city you betcha.

diamond tools - Ideas to build in Minecraft


Got all those amazing diamond tools that you’re somehow building throughout the entire world maybe make a forged go along with those and you can have a reason for where those came from.

library area - Ideas to build in Minecraft


Small parks are one of my favorite things to add to cities but along with that a small public bookshelf or a library area where people can trade books without and all their different neighbors amazing to the add-in.

small flower shop


Another in ideas to build in Minecraft would be to create a small flower shop or flower stand throughout your city so you can just see little vendors across the entire area.

small seating area in Minecraft


Got some dead space in your building you have no idea what to do with it turn into a small seating area where you can just look at everything else.


palm trees in Minecraft

If you’re like me and you love building custom trees why not add some palm trees to your world just add something more in there we don’t have these trees by default yet hopefully they’re actually coming soon for what mowing said but why not build them now.


tiny river -Ideas to build in Minecraft

Got a tiny river or a small pond that you want to add a tiny tiny canoe to go for you can make these things easily out of some stairs slabs and some quick trap doors.


Ideas to build in Minecraft - small hand cart

Need more tiny things to build how about a small hand cart here using a hopper and some trapdoors and a simple fence gate.

Ideas to build in Minecraft - birch tree


Still enjoying those custom trees how about a giant custom birch tree yep birch trees are useful you can make the look good you just gotta put a little extra work into these but they can turn up pretty dang good in my opinion.


oak trees - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Custom oak trees more your style using the new jungle leaves that we have from Java’s texture pack you can make some pretty crazy looking custom oak trees just using oak leaves and jungle leaves just to mix things up just a bit there you get so much more texture in them.


wheat field - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Next in Ideas to build in Minecraft is a giant random wheat field. So, why not just plant one of those guys as you’re running around and PS you don’t need water on every single area they don’t have to be watered they can still grow it just a way slower.


vineyard - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Like your custom fields but also have that need to harvest them maybe going for some that’s purely aesthetics you can’t quit Arvest it how about creating a giant the vineyard makes things a bit more interesting in your field areas your farmland region than just having wheat in one tall block plants everywhere.


apple trees - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Since we don’t quite have apple trees in the game but we have a way to harvest apples from oak trees I love creating small little apple orchards out of some custom oak trees in here and just making it looks so much more interesting to you can have some orchard neck orchards and to all your fields just to add some more variety to those guys as well.


 lilac plant - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Continue to along the lines of custom fields we can add-in using the lilac the plant you can make some cool and kind of believable lavender fields and I love adding these around just because you get that extra bit of color in here just so so cool and rewarding.


dead field - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Not all fields though need to have crops in them make a dead field make it look like there’s some sort of a crop rotation going on where the soil has just died so much that they can’t use it anymore it just adds so much more interest to your world.


crops - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Most Minecraft worlds are about functions but when you get beyond that functional point you’re gonna have so many extra crops lying around why not make someones that look cool so you make these giant tilled fields and had stripes of crops in here so it’s not just filled to the brim for carrots here it looks really done cool for the new potato crop the texture that Joppa has made recently as well it makes it very very cool and useful for these types of fields as well just adding that extra bit of detail in here and from way up high these things look pretty freak in insane.


harvested - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Going on with adding more life into your Minecraft world what if you make a field look like it was recently harvested I love doing these by filling the entire area with wheat then chop it all down see how many hay bales you get out of it and stack those up hidden throughout the fields if you throw a fence on top it makes it look like you have a bit of pile going on there and it’s much much more believable.


sunflower field - Ideas to build in Minecraft

Now obviously we do have more crops to go through in Minecraft so of course, we got to include our sunflower fields in here too. These things look great to get that yellow field going on in there with everything else oh man these things together look so freaking cool.


pumpkin patch

So on no 36 in Ideas to build in Minecraft, what about a pumpkin patch you got pumpkins in Minecraft – I like making these just having a few stems hidden around the entire area then adding in a bunch of pumpkins and some grass and dead bushes and stuff to make it looks like they feel there are a lot more things going on in it that just lines in lines of pumpkins like we can normally grow in Minecraft.


tiny sailboats

Maybe boats are more your style and you want to live along the water but you don’t really know what to do some all tiny sailboats so they’re only like three blocks wide with some trapdoors on the outside great small additions if you’re living on a river or something like that may be a small river barge you know it’s so many different things in here for that.


 party hall

Maybe you want to make your village look like there’s a party going on stream something like streamers and party banners gonna pull it off with a bunch of colorful wool may be the symbols of colors of the city or village that you’re working on it a right there a great way to add some intro.


small interesting spot

Speaking of small interesting spots that make a village come more alive maybe add some an interesting element that’s unique to that village like an archery range for example maybe their archers hidden in the forest hidden in the woods doing their Robin Hood thing.



If there’s an area where you always walk over to, you keep hunting yourself, jumping down and then back up a hill and then up and over a mountain or whatever it could be maybe consider just adding a bridge through that area so you can have just a quick way to get across or functional purpose and you can make the thing look pretty dang cool here too. You know maybe if you really want to go up above, build it, build on an angle just give it a shot for once.


magic shrines

Revisiting the idea of magic shrines sitting around your world that really have no purpose except for looking really cool maybe you find a cool Peninsula jutting out into this giant ocean or you can see nothing but the blue sea beyond you maybe adding like a Trident statue or something like that right along the edge can really mix things up.


harvesting coral

Now, what would a Minecraft 1.13 slash 1.14 build the idea of video be without a coral reef come on guys I had to include this one in here plus you can make it look pretty dang cool the current ones we have in Minecraft by default great for harvesting coral but honestly, don’t look that great so making one of your own here can be that much much better way to go for this.


pirate treasure

Now along with that coral reef you obviously got to add some cool coral the custom key with some pirate treasure or loot hidden way back there in the distance maybe this could be your starter survival base or something like that might be a little hard to find all the coral you can make a really sweet little storage room and cave system back there inside of the watery caves.



Got a conduit that you need to hide somewhere that you just have floated not in the ocean you could turn that into like a cool seahorse statue or Poseidon statue or maybe a giant whale whatever floats your boat there.


seed engine

Now we already talked about this if pier your seed engine of being the trebuchet and I don’t want to take anything away from that guy but if you have a castle you’re trying to defend its kind of hard to set up a trebuchet on the castle so maybe we build a small catapult on that guy.



So small details you’re looking to add to things around your castle maybe adding some armored bus using some anvils and some armor stands can actually, make things look a lot more interesting in there. Believe me, it’s one of the interesting ideas to build in the Minecraft world.


storage room

And a little bit more ornate looking for a new design on how to build a storage room and you don’t want to go with that typical wall of chess maybe turn it into like a storage area for a warehouse on the dock using some barrels some note blocks crates and some chests all over the place and you can make a really really sweet little winter house without too much effort.


fishing boat

Now we can’t live on the docks without adding some sort of a trading vessel or a fishing boat or something like that out in the water because obviously if you’re gonna have some docks something has to be coming into that area.



Next in ideas to build in Minecraft we have a Scarecrow. We all know very very well that parrots and phantoms love to come to eat our crops so maybe adding a scarecrow sorts after you can find a mob head or two in your world would be a great way to mix things up down your crop fields and just add that little extra detail down there.



Now statues are something that I really struggle to build with personal and I’m really really trying to improve on them a lot but there’s something that you kind of cool add into different areas maybe as a centerpiece for like an entryway or walkway area coming up into

a castle or a greeting area center of a fountain or something like that you can really figure out a bunch of ways to throw these things in there.


farm up into bricks

Now one of my favorite things in ideas to build in Minecraft is to add into worlds which I haven’t kind of great place to add into my own world yet he’s like clay to the brick of an area something that you can use to really turn all those bricks that you get or all that clay that you farm up into bricks because there’s no real great way to do that in the game no, I have a great oven for it I thought to create something like this and sort of a giant kiln it would be a great way to do it maybe.


water tower

You’re going for a Midwestern build and you’re trying to create that really really dry environment adding a sort of a water tower here they look a little plain from the outside but they are very very functional it can be a really cool way of adding that extra bit of just watery area and source of water into your world.


small garden area

If you have an extra corner of land that you don’t know quite what to do with it you can just bring in a small garden area and plop a sheep down in it instantly it looks great.


spruce tree design

Looking for an extra challenge when building some custom trees maybe go for a spruce tree that’s really warped and just crazy remove Wyn that’s been hitting it so it just is not growing up straight at all but it still is something really cool to check made it could be a great thing to add-in or you can go for the traditional spruce tree design and just have those guys sticking up straight and kind of in that triangular cone shape.


oak fencing

Over to the other side of the lake, another great tree that I love adding in with these custom spruce trees is this sort of like an aspen type tree it’s a very skinny tree using virtual ease into some oak fencing here we don’t have a great way to make an aspen tree but I want something that looked like it belongs in the mountains some more here and I think it really really fits in well.

Ideas to build Shrines


Have you ever wanted to figure out what to add lower to your world but you don’t know where to start maybe start by throwing some ancient shrines hidden around your entire world. They might not have a great amount of meaning to them but you can come up with something later and they do look pretty freaking cool and they’re fun to randomly find in Minecraft.


piece of cabbage

As our final design for today, I present to you the most dangerous Cabbage Patch that you will ever see in Minecraft. If you are at the point where you have copious amounts of creeper heads and you don’t know what to do with them, throw them on some armor stands and just pull op them right down on the ground on top of a daylight sensor and it looks like a great piece of cabbage. I absolutely love this design I have not braved the charged creepers enough yet in my world to come up with this one but I thought you guys might enjoy it.

So, these were like 50+ ideas to build in Minecraft that you all can use going into the new Minecraft Update. We hope that this was useful for you all. Please, let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite design.

If there’s anything else you all have planned to build in the new update or in your current world right now, tell us, so we can share it with our community. Happy crafting buds!

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