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Minecraft Global is a community operated website to get the Minecraft community together. Minecraft is the most played game all over the world with more than 91 million monthly players now.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between minecraft communities all over the world. Our mission is to become a single platform for Minecraft family. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, we’ll have something for everyone.

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This section will cover all the latest news and updates going on in this world of adventures. If you want to stay updated about new releases and updates, visit this section frequently.

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Minecraft Tricks will feature all the latest and popular Minecraft tricks by Minecraft Global team. Either you are beginner or a pro, must check these tricks to enhance your skill set.

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Minecraft Tips will cover all the tips you would need to make your Minecraft experience better. Our team constantly look for new tips from top Minecraft players in the world. So, check out this section for all the new useful tips.

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Minecraft guide includes help articles and useful guidelines for beginners and novice players. Check this section if you are looking for how to’s in Minecraft.

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