Minecraft 1.19.10 Update (Bedrock Edition)

It has been over a month since the release of Minecraft 1.19 however the developers, from the looks of it, aren’t fully executed with this release just yet. The Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10... Read more »
Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

All You Need To Know About Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

Hello miners! After the “1.18 CAVES AND CLIFFS PART II” update, we are here with another cool and exciting Minecraft 1.19 Wild update released by “MOJANG” on June 7, 2022. Today we... Read more »
Does Hosting a Minecraft Server use a lot of Internet

Does Hosting a Minecraft Server use a lot of Internet?

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How To Summon And Kill The Warden

In Minecraft, there are a number of mobs that make the game exciting and fun to play. A “Mob” (mobile entity) is an AI game-driven entity resembling a living creature. The number... Read more »
Best Furniture Mods in Minecraft

Best Furniture Mods in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is undoubtedly ranks in one of the top video games out there, a sandbox survival themed game developed by Mojang back in 2009 with a concept of pseudo-open world feel to... Read more »

Frogs And Tadpoles: All you Need To Know About | 1.19 Update

With the new 1.19 Wild Update, there are a number of new things introduced in the game, from new biomes to new mobs to play with. Mojang has decided to finally introduce... Read more »
All You Need To Know About Allay of 1.19 Update

All You Need To Know About Allay of 1.19 Update (2022)

Minecraft recently released 1.19 Wild update in all the platforms where players are enjoying some new and exciting additions featured in this update. This update surely made some players return to the... Read more »
bad omen in minecraft

What is A Bad Omen in Minecraft?

A black cat crosses your way or it rains on your wedding day? And now you have a bad feeling that your bad omen arriving? Hey miners! Ever experienced “Bad omen” in... Read more »
Greatest Minecraft Records that won't be beaten soon

Greatest Minecraft Records That Won’t Be Beaten Soon

In this article, reviewed and listed some of the greatest Minecraft records that won’t be beaten soon. 13- The Wood Chopper What’s the first thing you do when you hop on to... Read more »

Best Minecraft Maps of All Time

In this Blog, listed with all the best Minecraft maps of all time, let’s check out them and download if you like them. 13. A Hole New World  One of the best... Read more »