Best Minecraft Maps of All Time

In this Blog, listed with all the best Minecraft maps of all time, let’s check out them and download if you like them.

13. A Hole New World 

One of the best and most downloaded Rpg Adventure maps of Minecraft. Where you can play with almost 10 different friends, although the creator has recommended 1-4 players this map is still compatible for almost 11 players.

This map is inspired by the book “A Hole New World” written by PopularMMOs

There are 4 different classes and you can choose to be one of them, all of these classes are unique in their way and have their own special abilities. There are various cutscenes and different bosses with different abilities whom you need to defeat. There is a lot of loot hidden inside the map although you can still get a lot of it by buying stuff from the shop.

The map has plenty of side quests to keep you busy and have fun. All in all the gameplay is roughly 3 hours. 

Out of 5100+ maps, this is the 19th highest rated map on

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12. Diamond Sword RPG

A diamond sword is a map whose theme is inspired by the game Zelda.

This map has a lot to offer from new builds to new commands and items. All the sounds and chests are redone as well. The nether and dungeon got updated as well.  

So even if you have played this map you should give it a second shot since it has changed quite a lot since the last time and this time you can even play it with another friend. 

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Diamond Sword RPG

11. Soulbound

This is a multiplayer adventure map with various dialogs and cutscenes where the player can reply to the NPC in their own way. 

The only thing you need to decide with your friend before connecting is who is going to be player 1 and who is going to be player 2 since all the conversations and replies are controlled/answered by player 1 and player 1 fights with a bow while the player 2 fights with a sword.

This map features custom textures and custom soundtracks with over 40 different songs, advanced puzzles, interactive cutscenes, and overall 7-10 hours of fun gameplay with 4 epic boss fights.

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10. Cube Survival

Cube Survival is a simple-looking yet very confusing puzzle map in Minecraft. It’s been out for a pretty decent amount of time and is yet still getting ratings to keep it amongst the best Minecraft maps out there. 

Cube Survival puts you in a situation where you have 6 cubes right in front of you, every cube is tougher than the other and also tests your puzzle-solving ability differently. Each cube also consists of a hidden chest that has a few goodies along with two obsidian blocks which are used to make a portal and enter the Nether to assist you in progressing forward. 

Make sure to always be completely prepared before going into the next block since its difficulty increases as you progress. The game also suggests you do side objectives as well such as obtaining a full diamond armor, Building a cozy home for yourself in one of the cubes, making a cobblestone generator, enchanting an item of your own choice, and also brewing anyone of the potions available in the game, create melon sugarcane and wheat farm, there is a cake hidden in one of the cubes which you can find and eat and many other side challenges

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Cube Survival

9. World of Worlds

This is one of the most beautiful maps and one of the most beautiful cities since the city has been made by gathering the best buildings and monuments from the most wonderful cities in the world to make a single city. Imagine how amazing and breathtaking it would be to see yourself surrounded by the best architectural beauties at the same time.

This world consists of buildings from more than 95 cities, some of which are

Agra, Algiers, Amsterdam, Auckland, Auschwitz camp, Austin, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Brasilia, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Caen, Calgary, Cape Town, Casablanca, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Detroit, Doha, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Füssen, Giza, Hanoi, Helsinki, Hong-Kong, Hollywood, Houston, Indianapolis, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kansas City, Karachi, Kyiv, Kuala Lumpur, Las-Vegas, Lille, Lisbon, London, Los-Angeles, Madrid, Manama, Manila, Mecca, Mexico City, Milan, Monterrey, Montreal, Moscow, New-Orleans, New-York, Normandy, Oslo, Oświęcim, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Pisa, Pittsburgh, Prague, Pyongyang, Quebec, Rio, Rio-Antirrio, Riyadh, Roma, Rotterdam, Rushmore Mount, Saint Petersburg, San-Francisco, Santiago, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, St-Louis, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington.

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8. Project Zelda

If you want to have a complete experience of the entire game “Zelda” within Minecraft then you should definitely try out this mod. Every modder tries to replicate their favorite games within Minecraft but not all of them execute it very well. No other mod is closer in resemblance to a game that they are trying to copy other than Project Zelda. and as of my personal experience, this mod is the best out of all and this is my personal favorite as well. 

This Mod consists of its custom mobs, Dungeons, Own Story, etc.

To add more to its praise I would like to add that it took the creator of this map 5 years to complete and a total of 800 hours.

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Video preview

7. Parkour Spiral 2

One of the finest parkour maps to ever be made. In this parkour map, your objective is to get out of the nether and reach the top in the least amount of time possible. 

The changes in Parkour spiral 2 from its first part consist of a proper ranking system, new themes, and challenges along the way, a custom music timer to keep track of your time, and is multiplayer supported.

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6. Assassin’s Creep

Assassin’s creep is yet another parkour adventure map heavily based on the popular Ubisoft game series, Assassin’s Creed. Your aim here is to collect all the sheep wools i.e 9 in total. You get one after completing each parkour level. 

Assassin’s creep is an open-world parkour map where you can enjoy different routes of parkour and find multiple hidden items such as the hidden feather and special wanted posters.

The creator has also requested to set the world to peace so that the mobs don’t interrupt your game and also not to break or place any blocks.

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5. Five Nights at Freddy

Five Nights at Freddy is undisputed and one of the best horror games to ever be made. The game has made many of us scream and get a phobia of stuffed toys, and have our heartbeat touch the roof. Well, the notoriously scary game was added into Minecraft by Rather, a fan of both Minecraft and FNAF and to no surprise, this map instantly became a hit. If you are into horror maps then you should give this map a try. It is a fully functioning FNAF map while the creator says the map might face severe lags but that depends on your processing system and something that is not in his control.

This is amongst the most downloaded horror maps in Minecraft

Note that at the very beginning when you load the map you might face something that you would expect is a crash or that Minecraft froze but that is not the case and it is just the resource pack that is trying to play the first sound

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Five Nights at Freddy

4. Canyon Jumps

We believe that parkour maps get the highest ratings and downloads since there is another parkour map on this list. But this one is one of those maps that are easy while being exceptionally pleasing in regards to its aesthetics. As by the name you can guess it’s themed over the canyons, It is made in such a way that there is no maximum or minimum limit for players so you can join with as many friends you like and challenge each other in different parkour levels with the help of a built-in scoreboard.

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3. Poison

Poison is one of my favorite maps. It is an action-adventure map with really horror plots and terrifying enemies. 

Potatoman has put in a great effort in making the monsters and enemies look so scary that you might wet your pants. 

This is one of those horror maps that works like a charm even in multiplayer mode, keep an eye on your friends’ backs and try to survive together on this map, and make sure not to fall into any traps.

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2. SkyBlock

Sky block is one of the most famous Minecraft maps to ever be created and it is also the number 1 most downloaded Minecraft map right now on (one of the largest Minecraft’s map websites). 

Skyblock is a survival-based map where you are stranded on a small piece of land in the middle of nowhere, there is no ground to walk except for a small L-shaped area consisting of one tree and a chest that has a few essentials in it. Your goal is to expand that island with the limited resources that you have and make your own survival story. If you somehow move a bit further you can find more islands that are stranded in the middle of the air and have a chest with other useful loot. This map was made by Hypixel in 2013 and was then only available for their members but after a few years it was made public and it saw great success.

Huge content creators like PewDiePie and DanTDM have also played and enjoyed this map.

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1. Terra Restore 2

Terra restore 2 is one of the biggest and most carefully crafted story-based adventure maps. A well-designed map with great animated dialogues sets you in a world where there are three different types of creatures living together i.e Humans, animals, and monsters. Although they live together, there is still no peace and harmony. You and your friend Exile (an enderman) go on a journey to bring peace to this land.

There are several bosses on this map with various abilities, usually, boss fights happen when you escape out of a dungeon.

This is an episode-based map so the makers of this map release it episode by episode. 

The game mode of the map also changes every now and then automatically, that is because not all tasks can be performed while staying in survival mode, So mainly the game mode is survival but it also changes to adventure mode when needed.

Other than that it has multiple minigames, towns to explore, custom songs, its own currency system, overworld and horses, challenges, and many more.

At the end of the day, we can easily say why Terra Restore 2 is the highest and one of the most downloaded maps. As it has a completely original idea and concept which is very sophisticatedly executed, although the designs are a bit inspired by Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, and Dark Cloud.

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