11 Best Minecraft Server Hosting (2022)

Hey miners! Were you in search of the best Minecraft server hosting provider? So yeah you are at the right place at the right time, we are providing you the best of all, so here we have listed the best Minecraft server hosting sites in 2022, which will help you build your own community, either on a large scale or small.

Have you ever thought of how you want your game to be? A ? or a game that you can customize on your own Minecraft server? Or maybe just be so powerful that you make the rules and whoever does not follow them gets kicked? So, the answer to all these questions is a good Minecraft hosting server.

So let us start, you can watch the video too.

Best Minecraft hosting servers:

So miners, let us now have a look at the best Minecraft server hosting websites and their features.


shockbyte minecraft server hosting


Shockbyte is a really affordable choice for players looking for a good server that is not on a very large scale yet big enough to host a handsome number of players without lagging.

Its cheapest plan will cost you only $2.50 for a month. This monthly plan will get 1 GB RAM and 8+ slots.  If you are counted in advance players and want to make a Minecraft game server with unlimited slots then you can make your custom plan but it will affect your price. Their Titan plan is the most expensive one which provides the most features; it costs $40.00 per month. It also allows you to select server locations from Singapore, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Use the code “CLIFFTOP” to get 25% off on your first month.


  • This hosting provider is offering you JAR (Java ARchive) support. 
  • A free subdomain is also added to the hosting plan. 
  • You will have unlimited storage of SSD and bandwidth also. 
  • In shockbyte host, you do not have to set up a backup, because it comes with an automatic backup. 
  • The shockbyte host has full FTP file access (FTP)
  • Shockbyte provides you with a MySQL database for easy storage
shockbyte minecraft server hosting plans

Apex host:

Apex hosting minecraft server hosting


Now, the next best Minecraft server hosting providers are the Apex host. Apex hosting game servers come at the price of $4.99 monthly, you can easily download them on your PC it would hardly take 10 to 15 minutes and just a few clicks to download and set them up. Apex hosting also provides a manual so that a beginner would never get stuck on setting it up. This Minecraft host is considered to be one of the best Minecraft server hosting service providers.

Apex hosting also provides automated backups and large disk space with lag-free servers

With its rating of almost 4.8 on Trustpilot and hundreds of reviews, you can be certain with the service which they shall provide you as they have been providing to over 200,000 hosting servers over the years.

Apex hosting lands easily in my personal top 3 favorite Minecraft server hosting providers with its reliable server and great customer service team


  • This host will provide you with a free domain name for Minecraft gamers. 
  • This host will protect your game servers from DDoS attacks for Minecraft serving to host. 
  • This host is going to provide the player with an online chat platform to serve you 24/7
  • It will give you a system of automatic backup.
  • The apex host comes with java edition and the bedrock servers. 
  • Apex hosting provides you with MySQL databases for easy storage
Apex hosting minecraft server hosting plans

MC pro hosting: 

MC pro hosting minecraft server hosting


MC Pro hosting is the type of host that is mostly loved by beginners due to its simplicity and ease of access to everything. The costs on this website range from $8.99 up to $99.99. In mobile or bedrock versions the cost is $1.49 only per month, the best thing about this host is that they offer you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services and the features of this host. MC pro hosting offers you lag-free servers with server locations located in about 20 different countries. MCProHosting is the premier game server hosting on which everyone can count on.


  • It protects your game servers from DDoS attacks
  • This host is going to provide you with unlimited storage and RAM
  • This is going to provide you with a 24/7 service via online chat and ticket. 
  • The host comes with a Minecraft control panel which is a custom. 
  • If you are an MC player, this host is going to give you control access. 
MC pro hosting featured partners

Scala cube host: 

scalacube minecraft server hosting


Scala cube host is a game server specialist which has a particular focus on Minecraft hosting. The scala cube host is an Estonian-based Minecraft host. This host is very much known for the bedrock edition. Scala cube has the easiest-to-pay method, you can pay the rental amount through Paypal, visa card, or master card. The rental amount ranges from $2.5 – $96 per month.

The amount of server types and unlimited slots with multiple locations, that too being lag-free servers is what helps scala cube stand out amongst other Minecraft server hosting providers.

  • 768Mb Ram, 10 Players, $2.5/month
  • 1.5 GB RAM, 20 Players, $5/month
  • 3 GB RAM, 40Players, $10/month
  • 4.5 GB RAM, 70 Players, $13/month
  • 6 GB RAM, 100 Players, $18 /month
  • 8 GB RAM, 150 Players, $24 /month
  • 12 GB RAM, 225 Players, $36 /month
  • 16 GB RAM, 300 Players, $48 /month
  • 32 GB RAM, 600 Players, $96 /month

 They also provide you with a saving of 50% on a further month’s renewal. To set up this dedicated server you only need is a user-friendly panel. The server locations found in this host are of Five countries which are, Australia, Europe, America, and The United Kingdom, Asia. All the mentioned servers have ultra-low latency optimization. 


  • It offers you about 9 VPN plans for Minecraft. 
  • Scala hosts will offer you 8 PE VPN plans.
  • 12 ark plans, and 3 rust plans are also included. 
  • It will give a free domain. 
  • 786MB to 32GB RAM. 
  • It has its own automatic backup system. 
scalacube minecraft server hosting offer

Melon cube host: 

meloncube minecraft server hosting


The Melon cube host is one of the best hosts counted for the best SSD storage and player slots. As they provide Unlimited Player slots and Unlimited SSD storage. If you are a beginner or a novice you can easily rely on this host. The price of this melon cube host is also very affordable which starts from $3 only for a month with unlimited player slots. It should be noted that if you desire a large storage plan and more GBs then you will have to pay more than the actual price to have the desired plan. You can get up to 48GB Ram.

Get 50% off on any of your Minecraft plans for the first month by using the Promo Code: MELON50


  • Only high-performance hardware is used to make the infrastructure optimized making it the best host in the town.
  • SSDs are used which makes it anti-lag. 
  • JAR  functions are offered to the player.
  • The host comes with one plug-in installer.
  • The player will have full FTP access. 
  • Your servers are connected to the internet through the bandwidth careers and a 1 Gbps connection.
  • The host supports multiplayer, so you do not have to play alone.


hostinger minecraft server hosting


Hostinger, being one of the best hosts for multiple games and websites and being trusted by over 29 million users globally, this host has been used since 2011. Hostinger is serving in more than 100+ countries. Their Alex plan is for $8.95 and it goes up to Wolf Plan which is $259.90. Hostinger is on sale till the end of February and has got discount offers up to 77% off. This means you can get the Wolf Plan for only $77.99, So Hurry up! The host also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with the styles & features of the host. The host also has a user-friendly custom control panel which will help the beginners and will not let them get confused. 


  • The host offers you DDoS protection.
  • Players can use their favorite game 24/7 and 365 days without any disruption of traffic. 
  • The host has a very instant setup for the computer. 
  • The makers are providing 24/7 care service.
  • It also has automatic offline backup systems.
  • This is available on mobile apps, you can download it from google play. 

GG server host:

ggservers minecraft server hosting


If you have a big community and want to expand it with better and smoother specs then you should check out GG server host. The cost of this host for a month is $3/month which is the cheapest plan, however, their highest plan is $192 /month. The server is found in nine countries. The latest update of the game also includes versions for the Hosting edition. 


  • The highest plans have unlimited numbers of slots.
  • The server also has DDoS protection.
  • For Minecraft servers, SSD is used.
  • The time of activation is very fast and operates with the selected server you choose from the list of their nine servers. 
  • The host staff provides you with customer support 24/7.
ggserver minecraft server hosting plans
ggservers minecraft server hosting plans

Bisect hosting:

bisect minecraft server hosting


If you are searching for a cheap host in this list of Minecraft’s best hosting servers, then this one’s for you. The bisect host is going to provide you with a good bunch of features at a very affordable price. The cheapest bundle starts at $2.99 and if you apply for a yearly subscription you are going to avail of a 15% discount from the makers.


  • The bisect hosting comes with full root access and, as well as, full FTP access.
  • You will have unlimited SSD space. 
  • It comes with full DDoS protection, which means no traffic while playing the game. 
  • The player will have full customer service 24/7 from the makers.
  • The host comes with a system of custom jar support. 

Get 25% off on your first month with the Promo code: 25OFFNEW


aternos minecraft server hosting


So, miners if you are in search of the best-featured host but without paying since you don’t have money or are just afraid that you might get scammed with your money? So let me tell you about Aternos. It is one of the best hosts in town which does not ask for any money and the developers say that they are never going to make you pay for this host even in the future. 

Alternos has gained the trust of more than 61 Million users (Including me) and has almost 1 million players every day.

This provider is one of those very few hosting companies which does not force you to buy premium packages or hosting plans. Aternos provides you with free subdomains and free dedicated IP. so that everyone can enjoy the multiplayer environment with their friends


  • The server allows you to customize your screen the way you want and make your game.
  • You can also add plugins and add different mods.
  • For keeping you safe from attacks, the server is fully DDoS protected.
  • The server has an automatic backup system. 
  • The support system is always there to help you.
  • You can download the latest mini-games or the adventure maps through them
aternos minecraft

Server miner host: 

serverminer minecraft server hosting


Server miner host is one of the most well-developed server hosting websites, unlike many others, this website does not crash or freeze while trying to run your server and is very efficient when a lot of players connect to your server. It prevents you and saves you from the laggy experience that people face while connecting more players than the limit.

You should never be afraid of deleting your world or getting griefed. You can always recover your world with a few clicks, and rewind your world to almost 7 days.


  • The server comes with many plugins and a user-friendlyHostingThe host offers a player tracker for the Minecraft players.
  • It provides full root access. 
  •  The server miner host offers a 50 GB storage plan.
  • The server has a SMPicnic controller panel.
  • It is protected by DDoS protection.
serverminer minecraft server hosting

Beast node server:

beastnode minecraft server hosting


The Beast node is the best choice for people who need hundreds of people on their server. They offer low pricing for beginners and the novice when playing as multi-users. The cost for beginners and novices is $2.99 a month and advanced players can have a plan of $120 which is the highest cost. 

Beast node server was initially made specifically for Minecraft so you can expect really good performance in this game


  • The number of slots varies from 1 to 160 in numbers. 
  • It provides you with unlimited storage and bandwidth. 
  • The Beast node server uses a dedicated IP number. 
  • The host offers you an SSD, which helps in playing the game without the problem of lagging.
beastnode minecraft server hosting plans
beastnode minecraft server hosting plans

What to look for before choosing a Minecraft hosting service?

  • . The Right Server Location.
  • . Easy or instant setup.
  • . Mods allowed and included
  • . Contract length
  • . Good level security
  • . Multiple players allowed at the same time
  • . Good and quick Customer service

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