Cool Minecraft Houses

So, guys today we are going to tell you about 10+ cool Minecraft houses that you can build in Minecraft

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So, anyways a few weeks ago we uploaded an article showing you guys 12 of the Best Minecraft Builds 2019 and got an amazing response from you guys.

Cool Minecraft Houses - Minecraft Mansion
Minecraft Houses

Therefore, we planed to review some of the cool Minecraft houses for you today. We are sure you’ll like them and would try them as your next build in Minecraft. 

Here are some Cool Minecraft houses:

Cool Minecraft House No. #14

So, this is our first out of the 14 in cool Minecraft houses on our list and do read it full as you can find the Biggest Minecraft House at the end of this article. There is no clue who made this house but you can check it out.

Cool Minecraft House No. #13

This is the 13th in cool Minecraft houses design, with great modern design and looks. We personally like the overall shape of this Minecraft house. This Minecraft house has 6 beds and 5 baths built and furnished by Paulverized.

Cool Minecraft House No. #12

So, this is our number 12th in cool Minecraft houses design. Read it all to the end to find out the biggest Minecraft house. This Minecraft house is built by Randomtuber.

Cool Minecraft House No. #11

This house is at 11th in cool Minecraft houses list. Also, called Lakehouse. This Minecraft house is in between the water like an island. We don’t know how much beds or baths in it but you can find it by your ownself bt going through it.

Minecraft House design No. #10

Our next epic Minecraft house or mansion you can say, have an adorable swimming pool and tennis court. Check this out for more details.

Minecraft House design No. #9

This Minecraft house is totally impressive by the way. With the palm trees, they look pure beautiful and with the model of cars. And, the shape of the house is absolutely beautiful. Have a chopper in the helipad right at the side of the mansion as well.

Minecraft House design No. #8

Moving on to 8th house of these cool Minecraft houses in our list. It’s called Colonial Mansion. Have a nice dining, kitchen, office and huge library inside in it. Above all, a Rolls Royce in the car porch. It was built by little_general.

Minecraft House design No. #7

This is Woodland Mansion on 7th number of our list. Most of the things in this Minecraft house are made up of wood. Have a cool interior roof in the mansion. So, check out the video for more on this.

Minecraft House design No. #6

6th in our cool Minecraft houses list, they call it Mansion Estate by the way. Have a bar area, garage with a car, snooker pool, movie theatre, library, dining area, a small pond with palm tree outside, a swimming pool, and a flying helicopter with a helipad. Really like the overall small details and looks pretty awesome.

Minecraft House design No. #5

Our 5th cool Minecraft mansion. Mansion by MayoChips, interior help by Armanay. Finished on 10 November 2015, it took a lot of time to build a big mansion like this in Minecraft. Moreover, having cool little detail in the exterior makes this mansion worth seeing.

Minecraft House design No. #4

Lakeside Modern house is 4th in our list of Cool house designs in Minecraft. Certainly, this is a very big and cool project at all. This mansion is so beautiful both from inside and outside. Also, includes features such as multiple guests houses and garage, pools and magnificent landscaping designs.

Minecraft House design No. #3

Moving on to 3rd one called Cliffside Mansion. This house has an awesome lighting inside out of the house, it really makes it worth checking.

Moreover, having a swimming pool with sitting area and with a great view. Also, another pool on the roof of that mansion. Likewise, lightings really look awesome in the dark night.

Minecraft House design No. #2

So, here is the second last of the cool houses in Minecraft. Having a stunning look with a modern design between the beach created by RadicalShermhed.

Further, this house features a lot of cool things such as our own private dock, a helipad, some pools, a courtyard, and a lot of interesting room designs in the house itself. For more details check this video out.

Minecraft House design No. #1

Well, this is our last and the top mansion of Minecraft in our list. As you know we already have seen a lot of mansions in this article but this has to be one of the biggest and coolest right?

This cool House was built by Rexrocks1. This Minecraft mansion has 30+ bedrooms, 55+ bathrooms, 15+ kitchens, And 10+ pools. so much impressive indeed.

Cool Minecraft Houses - Biggest Minecraft Massion

In other words, this mansion can be the dream house of every person in real life, really. This mansion has a lot of things to explain and have a lot of details on it.

Hence, the house is really worthy to be on top of our list.

So, yeah ladies and gentlemen I think that is going to wrap it up for today’s Cool Minecraft houses article.

If you did enjoy, do not forget to leave a comment about some more ideas down below. 

Let us know which one is your favorite? but anyway this is our list of 10+ Cool Minecraft houses that you can copy to get in your Minecraft world, if you wanted to.

Finally, if you are just looking to get started on how to build a Minecraft house then check out this tutorial.

And I will see you guys all back again here with a new topic soon, peace out!

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