Does Hosting a Minecraft Server use a lot of Internet?

Hosting a Minecraft server with your friends is everyone’s dream. But not everybody can host and play Minecraft on their computer. Well, today we shall be discussing whether or not you can run your own Minecraft server and what are the minimum requirements for hosting and playing Minecraft Multiplayer.

There are a lot of things that you need to make sure of before you host multiplayer servers. they are as follows.

Minecraft Servers

Internet connection

Your Internet connection and internet data usage are single-handedly the number 1 most important requirement for hosting a Minecraft server. Because having a good internet speed means smoother gameplay, a better game experience with less lag time

PC Compatibility

Having a good pc is not only important while playing a single-player game or for having a juicy frame rate while you play offline mode. A typical Minecraft server would require at least 4GB ram although you can host fewer players on 1 & 2 GB ram as well. but that would be a very painful experience once the number of players slightly increases, it would also be very difficult when all of the server members connect to the server altogether.

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How much internet data should you have at least?

Hosting a Minecraft server is pretty easy for someone with the bare minimum requirements. but to be able to host a lot of players at a time would become difficult for someone with less bandwidth.

One of the most popular multiplayer server Mineplex has 80-200 Mb mobile data usage per hour with an average player count of 300-600 on java and 10,000+ on bedrock. While most of the servers host fewer players which in return requires less data, less upload speed and download speed and less bandwidth. And we also think that you might not be needing a server big enough to run a community as big as Mineplex so 10MB would be enough for you and your friends to play Minecraft since a single player uses about 30kbps data bandwidth

PC Requirements

Minecraft is the type of game that already demands very less pc requirements to run when you play offline. And while you host a server on the internet, then also it does not asks for much.

To run Minecraft smoothly with at least 10 friends connected in-game at once, 4GB ram and around 200Mb SSD is enough

How much data does Minecraft use while hosting

Here is how much mobile data Minecraft uses. In an hour a single person can use up to 30kbps of mobile data. So whenever you want to find out how much data Minecraft uses, you can easily calculate it by multiplying the number of players by 30. That is how much data network is required (the answer will come in kbps) for you to play Minecraft smoothly.


What is the difference between mobile data and internet data?

Mobile data and internet data are absolutely the same so don’t get confused when someone is talking about either of the ones.

What is the best server hosting for Minecraft?

There are a lot of great Minecraft server hosting sites available with great deals and most of them are pretty easy to use. Some of the best hosting sites are listed below

1. Shockbyte
2. Apex Hosting
3. Mc Pro hosting
4. Scala Cube
5. Aternos

Check this article of ours where we have discussed in detail about the best Server hosting sites for Minecraft.

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