Elon Musk hints Minecraft coming to Tesla

Elon Musk always stays in lime light with his innovative new ideas. Also, his ability to relate with general public is extra ordinary. Recently, his comments on adding The Witcher and Minecraft on Tesla received a great response.

So, in a recent tweet, Elon posted a poll that if you want to have The Witcher game on your Tesla. Surprisingly, almost 85% replied with a YES!

Having seen The Witcher getting numbers, a die-hard Minecraft player came to the party and asked if Minecraft is on the list.

He asked, “That would be great. And that would even be greater if I could play MINECRAFT in my tesla (and my kid would love it too)”

And you know what Elon said?

” Agreed, v important “

So, that’s one cards for sure! How cool it would be to play Minecraft while you are heading to school. LOL!

The Witcher took this tweeting spree to next level by responding to it in a hilarious way. Just take a look at it.

So, yeah safe ride fellas!

Just imagine after Minecraft on Tesla we get it on Cyber Truck?!

Minecraft on Tesla
Minecraft in Cyber Truck

How cool it would be to have a long journey sitting back and mining while you travel.

Do you know that Minecraft was ranked as Most Popular Game on Youtube in 2019

Also, Minecraft Earth hit 2.5 million downlaods.

Let us know what you think about this news of Minecraft on Tesla. Share your views in the comments below.

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