How to Feed Horses in Minecraft


Hey miners! Are you watching your horses reaching low health? It means that you have to feed them and make them healthy again. So let’s learn how to feed horses in Minecraft.

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  • Will know which type of foods heal horses.

Here we begin

But before that let us see what a horse in Minecraft is and what it looks like,

A horse is usually a mob that spawns. It is a calm and confident compatriot. It is easy to find them in a herd of 2-6. They roam in biomes and savannah. When you tame them, you can also ride them. They can climb hills, jump fences, and can even swim. They can jump up to 5.5 blocks; this is the highest jump than any other mob. 

Type of Horses

There are four types of horses you can find in your Minecraft world; they include:



When your horse in Minecraft breeds to the donkey, the mobs formed is called as a mule. Mules cannot interbreed with other mules. 

Skeleton horse

Skeleton horse

When lightning struck a horse the results are a variation of a skeleton, a very rare mob found in Minecraft, a skeleton horse. They despawn very quickly. 

Skeleton trap horse

Skeleton trap horse

In a thunderstorm, when lightning struck a horse, the results come in the form of a skeleton trap horse.

Zombie horse

Zombie horse

A zombie horse is a mob that cannot be seen in survival mode. It is a zombie counterpart to an average horse. You can only find them in-game coding and spawn eggs. They do not burn in sunlight, nor the chase the villagers. 

Now let us come to the question of how to feed horses in Minecraft:

Let us first know the supported versions for feeding horses,

Supported version for Feeding horses

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition
  • Xbox360 and Xbox one 
  • Ps3 and ps4
  • Wii U 
  • Nintendo switch
  • Windows 10
  • Education edition

Now we will have a look at the things we can feed a horse with and the energy it increases.

What we can Feed Horses

  • sugar  increases 1 health point (30 seconds)
  • Wheat increases 2 health points ( 20 seconds)
  • Apple increases 3 health points ( 1 minute)
  • Golden carrot increases 4 health points ( 1 minute)
  • Golden apple increases 10 health points (4 minutes)
  • Enchanted golden apple increases 10 health points ( 4 minutes)
  • Hay bale increases 20 health points ( 3 minutes)

Now we have a list of supported versions and all the things you can feed to a horse so let’s move towards feeding a horse in Minecraft, 

How to feed horses in Minecraft:

Find the horse 

When you do have all the food items to feed the horse next, you need to do is find a horse. You can easily find them in plains, biomes. If you still cannot find a horse, you can use a spawn egg.

Feeding the horse 

Next, you have to feed the horse with the selected food in your hot bar. The horse should be hungry; otherwise, it will not eat. In this example, we are going to feed an apple to the horse,

The control of feeding the horse in different versions are:

  • Right-click on the horse for, Java Edition.
  • Place your pointer on the horse and press the feed button for, pocket edition.
  • Press the LT button for, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • L2 button for, ps3 and ps4.
  • Press the ZL button for, Wii U.
  • Zl button For the Nintendo Switch.
  • Right-click on the horse, For Windows 10 edition.
  • Right-click on the horse, For education edition.

When you press the correct button, the apple will disappear from your Hotbar. The horse health will be increased, and if you have fed a small horse, it will turn into an adult in no more time. 

Congrats, you have learned how to feed a horse in Minecraft.


Which food should I give to baby horses to grow them faster?

If you feed your baby horses with golden apples and wheat, they will grow faster.

Which foods heal horses?

If you want to heal your horses, feeding them golden apples and golden carrots will be the best but remember horses heal on hay bale when a player is not riding on them, or they heal over time if the player is riding on them. 

So, miners, you are now ready to ride a nice horse in Minecraft, remember you can protect your horses with armor.

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Peace Out!

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