How to Add a Death Counter in Minecraft

Death Counter in Minecraft
Death Counter in Minecraft

I’ve read quite a lot of questions circulating about the display of the death counter and how to add a death counter in Minecraft on-screen while in-game which everyone can see. Well, you have to search nowhere else now, I have got all your answers related to the death count right here.

The death count is a bit of an uncommon topic since not a lot of people own a server and there is no such answer which exactly clears your queries, well now let me help you with my answer.

To display your death counter you will first need to type a few vanilla Minecraft commands in the chat field that is ;

/scoreboard objectives add Deaths death count

After hitting enter this will track the number of deaths that have happened in your world, this command can be used for multiple objectives and you can even customize it but here in the objective section, we are going to set it to Deaths because that is what we want.

After entering your code your deaths still won’t be registered and displayed anywhere in the game no matter how many times you spam it and that is because there is still one step left to create your personal sidebar

Scoreboard of Death Counter
Scoreboard of Death Counter

Type: /scoreboard objectives set display list deaths

Now there are multiple ways to view your death counter, it can either be in a list form or the sidebar, or below the name.

If you want to add a death countersign on the right side of your screen, you need to make the following change in your command.

Death Counter on the right side

Type “sidebar” in place of “list”

so for example now instead of: /scoreboard objectives set display list deaths you will type /scoreboard objectives set display sidebar deaths this will create a death counter that will be visible on the right side.

You may copy both of these commands from here and just directly paste it 1 by 1

Step#1 /scoreboard objectives add Deaths death count

Step #2 /scoreboard objectives set display sidebar deaths

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I believe my Answer helped you with your questions and hope to see you use the death counter even more.

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