How to Backup Minecraft Worlds


Hey miners! Backing up Minecraft world is the best thing anyone can recommend you after becoming a Minecraft champ! It helps you protect your data and save it from being lost. So, if you are trying to get your backup but having problems, no need to worry, you will get all your queries solved after reading this article.

This article can help you with

  • You will know about the Minecraft version that supports backup.
  • Will know about how to backup Minecraft worlds in different versions (Step By Step)
  • You will know about how to transfer your world.
  • Will also know about some of the FAQs down below.

Here we begin

Minecraft Edition for Backup world

You can backup your Minecraft worlds on the following editions.

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition
  • Xbox one
  • Windows 10
  • Nintendo switch

So let us move to backing up Minecraft worlds:

How to Backup Minecraft Worlds (Step By Step)

For java edition:

Like copying world folders, java world edition worlds are so easy to backup. You can save copies of your world on the computer or any other storage media. 

Let us start with taking 2 computers, a USB thumb drive (google cloud drive can also be used).

Find your worlds

Open the start menu and search %appdata%.

Now, open the roaming folder. Open the Minecraft folder and in the last open saves folder. 

Copy the world

Find the folder with the name of the world you want to copy, and drag it over to your USB thumb drive. Be careful of what you are naming the folder because if you will ever, in the future, rename the world, the folder is more likely to keep the old name.

Move the world

Safely remove the USB drive and into computer no.2 insert it. Get to the saves folder by following the directions mentioned above in step no2. Copy the world folder from your USB stick to the saves folder and exit out of everything. 

Once you have correctly and safely done all the above steps, you will see your old world on your new computer. Enjoy it, miners!

For Xbox one, windows 10, PE, Nintendo switch:

When it comes to Xbox, windows, pocket edition, and Nintendo, the steps followed are the same.

The pen icon, yes click on the pen icon appearing on your screen, you will see an option of a copy world and select it. Doing this will make a copy of your Minecraft world. You can use that easily as a backup. 

This is the easiest method to backup the Minecraft world on these editions. 

For Android device:

Now let us move to the android devices players. So, miners, you need to do the followings steps to create a backup for your Minecraft worlds:

  • On an android device, get a file explorer FX to backup a Minecraft world.
  • First, make sure the Minecraft pocket edition is closed.
  •  Open the file explorer, go to sd card/ games/Mojang /Minecraft worlds. 
  •  Select the Minecraft world you want to transfer.
  • Archive it.
  • Move the archived file to your downloads folder
  • Plug your android device to your computer.
  • A menu icon will popup on your screen; click file explorer.
  • Go the download folder
  • Drag your world, zip to your desktop. Your world is now backed up on your pc.
  • Enjoy!

For Windows 10 edition

  • Make sure the Minecraft windows 10 edition is closed.
  • Go to the c:/users/your username/AppData/local/packages.
  • Find the world you want to backup, right-click that world.
  • You will see a compress option on your screen, choose it.
  • Drag the compressed file to your desktop.
  • The world is now backed up.

Okay, so miners you now have done backing up your worlds, let’s learn how to transfer worlds. 

Transferring worlds

  • Complete the backup process.
  • Plug your device into your PC
  • Drag the “yourworldnamehere”. Zip to the downloaded folder.


  • Open the file explorer on your device.
  • Go to the downloaded folder.
  • Extract the zip file to sd card.


  • Extract the zip file to C:/users/yourusername/appdata/local/packages.

You have a variety of ways to transfer Minecraft worlds, and you may not believe it. Still, you can even transfer worlds wirelessly as well and with iCloud storage.


What if you delete a Minecraft world? Can it be restored?

Yes, it is possible to get back your deleted Minecraft world, only if you remember its correct name, what you have to do is, Go into your, Minecraft folder, then save folder, if you remember the exact name of your deleted world copy-paste the world folder into the same saves folder. Go back to your Minecraft game and play your recovered world.

Where can I find my back up the world on Windows 10 edition?

Minecraft game worlds are stored in windows %appdata%\. Minecraftsaves\

Where can I find my back up the world on android?

Open my files application and open the games>com. Mojang>minecraftworlds-folder.

Each folder contains one Minecraft world.

Okay, miners, so now go and get a backup of your Minecraft world.

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