How to build a house in Minecraft

Yo what’s up guys! So, today we are talking about how to build a house in Minecraft, hope you guys having a wonderful day.

In this article, we are going to be building a brand new modern Minecraft house. The house we are building today is quite simple and easy to build. 

Minecraft Modern House Design

And, it also features a unique modern design with two floors and a swimming pool.

So, isn’t it cool ?

Now, the question is how to build a house in Minecraft ?

Believe me, building a house in Minecraft can be easy and simple when you follow the steps from this article.

Certainly, these are very important points to build a house in Minecraft. So, just follow them step by step.

Why do you need a Minecraft house ?

Because a Minecraft house gives you shelter, a base of operation, somewhere to protect from danger and somewhere to store treasures you find or create.

The Essentials to Build a House in Minecraft

The main materials are white concreteoak wood planks, and slabs stone bricks, and light blue glass.

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So, lets get back to this article and now guys let’s get right into the build. 

Plotting to build a house in Minecraft

First of all, plotting is important to build a house in Minecraft. 

Plot size we need for this house is 11 by 17 blocks it is inside the white frame.

Plot your Minecraft house

The white frame is not counted in the plot size. We’re not going to build on it and the size of it is 13 by 19 blocks. So we store the top right corner country to the left 

Building the main gate

And let’s create a 3 by 5 white concrete arc. 

Building main gate of your minecraft house

Then, place oak wood planks to the sides. And then the dark oak door into the middle with an oak wood plank. Like shown

Building gate of Minecraft house

Backside of the Gate

Under from the backside of the arch create a 7 blocks long white concrete line to the left. After that connect the last block to the ground.

Backside of the gate

Let’s create two lines of oak wood slabs into this frame from the end of this wall. Then Place three more white concrete blocks to the left and 3 more to the right.

Connect the last block to the ground in this corner. Replace the ground white concrete from the end of the left wall.

backside of the house

Place 4 more blocks backward and also, 4 to the right create two lines of oak wood slabs into this corner.

Back of the minecraft house
Wood planks to make floors

Place four more white concrete blocks inwards and connect this line to the right side with five upsides downward stairs.

Basic structure of minecraft house

Voila! guys we have got the basic structure ready now.

Building the Floors

Under these lines, replace the ground from white concrete now, instead use oak wood planks for the ground.

How to Build floor of Minecraft house

And we also fill the top layer with oak wood planks now from the top left corner of the second-floor count three inwards.

Build roof of minecraft house

And we create a 3 by 3 white concrete wall three blocks to the left then three backward and connect the last block to the ground.

Build roof of the house

Place four more backward, five to the right and connect the end of this line to the back wall.

Roof top of minecraft house

Fill the roof with white concrete. Like shown here

How to build roof top of minecraft house

Building the walls

So, Let’s create a doorway to the right side using light blue glass and place a dark oak door between.

Build minecraft house walls

And now we place like blue glass panes around. 

how to Build a minecraft house wall

We also feel the empty walls with light blue glass panes and we also place light blue glass panes around the second floor. 

second floor walls

let’s place some ladders inside, this is for stairs to go into second floor.

Ladder in Minecraft house

Creating a pool

Now, to the front side of the house we create a pool using white concrete and water.

build a pool in minecraft house

Let’s decorate the bottom-left section of the plot with leaves and Oak wood fences.

Adding flowers and leaves to house

We also create a path to the right side using stone bricks.

build pathways for minecraft house

There’s a final step we can place some flowers and grass next to the path and now guys we are ready with our Brand new modern Minecraft house.

How to build a Minecraft house

Well, guys, that’s all for this article on how to build a house in Minecraft.

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