How to change Minecraft skin

When you start playing Minecraft, you only have a choice of two Minecraft skins, Steve and Alex. These are pretty basics ones and at some point you would want to change your Minecraft skin to something more personalized. This raises the question of how to change Minecraft skin? Also we have listed top best Minecraft hosting servers that might interested to you.

How to Change Minecraft skin

Minecrft Skins

There are tons of creative Minecraft skins that users have created and you can apply them to your player. Some of these skins are pretty cool though.

Likewise, imagine a Superman skin or even a Donal Trump skin.

Many websites offer free skins for you to download and use. Some of the minecraft skin websites have huge collection of skins like over a million skins.

Let’s cut it short and see how to change Minecraft skin easily.

For this tutorial on how to change minecraft skin, we are using website as a reference. Also, you can do a custom skin using any of these Minecraft Skin Editors.

Steps To Change Minecraft Skin

Download Skin

  • Open and browse the skins. They have a lot of them
  • Select a skin of your liking
  • Click the Download button to download it (You can even edit it before downloading)
  • This will download the skin file to your computer

Now that you have your new skin downloaded onto your PC. Let’s see how to change Minecraft skin from Minecraft website.

Upload Skin to Minecraft

  • Open Minecraft website
  • Login with your email address and password (If you are not already logged in)
  • Click the Menu button on top
  • Click Profile link in the menu
  • This will take you to the skin page
  • Under Skin section there’s a Browse button
  • Click Browse and select the skin file you downloaded
  • Click the SAVE button. Voila you have changed your Minecraft skin!

Finally, as your new skin is uploaded!

Now, you can go and start the game and will see your player in new outfit.

So, folks that was any easy guide on how to change your Minecraft skin in simple steps.

Also, If you are looking to change your Minecraft username, do check our guide on How to change Minecraft username.

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Happy Crafting!

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