How to Create a Secret Door in Minecraft (Steps Guide)


Hey miners! After a long day in Minecraft collecting valuable emeralds and now you want to save them from being stolen, again hidden secret doors are best but wait, do you know how to create a secret door in Minecraft? No? Okay, so no need to be worried, in this article we are going to tell you all the necessary things and steps to make a perfect secret door maker.

How can this article help you?

  • You will know all the things required to make a secret door in Minecraft.
  • You will know how to create a secret door in Minecraft (Step By Step).
  • Will know how to create a secret door for the wall, cave, and mountain.
  • And at the last will get some tips from us.

Here we begin

If you are playing Minecraft with friends or siblings we recommend you secret doors for bursting out more fun and recreation. A secret door which will be completely invisible outside but will open wide when opened.

So let’s start 

Required things to Create a Secret Door

To create a secret door, the following things are required.

  • 2 Redstones
  • 1 Redstone repeater 
  • 1 Redstone torch
  • 6 Redstone dust
  • 12 sticky pistons
  • 1 lever
  • 4 door material 
  • A previously existing cave or mountain 

We will tell you both how to create a secret door in Minecraft in the wall and cave or mountain. 

How to Create a Secret Door in Minecraft 

For Wall 

Step 1 

Make a square of sticky pistons with 2 by 2 measurements. Make sure here the pistons are sticky; otherwise, once your door is opened, it will not close. 

At the 90 degree angle to the 2 by 2 piston add a 1 by 2 column of the sticky piston. Now the directions you see the pistons facing are the directions for opening and closing of the hidden door. 

Step 2 

Add the material you want that will touch both the sticky sets of the piston, we recommend you to use the block which will blend with your background, sand and gravel will be a bad choice here, they will not match the surrounding. Don’t use slime blocks as well as they are not sticky. 

Step 3 

Repeat the step 1 and step 2 again but mirrored and 2 blocks apart the distance for 2 pistons here is the distance from where the door will extend so nothing should be built here. 

Step 4 

Build a wall to hide your secret door. The minimum wall should be 4 blocks high and 6 blocks long. But be careful here leave a 2 by 2 block square for your secret door.

Step 5 

First, make a little loop for making the place of Redstone to go. 

Now add two repeaters, facing outwards. One-click and the doors will work. 

After this, you need to add the Redstone dust on the loop which will connect the repeater. The thing to look here is that the connections you made are right and the repeaters are facing the right direction. 

Now when you are done with the wiring, add a Redstone torch at above on one of the doors. Make sure you see the Redstone connecting to the torch. This is how a door activates. 

Now go to the front of the door and place a lever on the block the same as the Redstone torch. If you put the lever on the correct block, pulling the lever will open the secret door. 

To close the door, destroy or pull the lever.

For Cave or Mountain

Step 1 

Choose your location in your Minecraft world, which fulfills your best needs and has easy access. 

Step 2 

When you have selected your location, dig it out for having enough space for your secret door. Start by digging a 2 by 2 hole 3 blocks. You can dig more, but this is enough and easy. Now you need to dig out 2 by 2 by 2 recesses on the side of the cave or mountain. The spots you see are the spots where your sticky piston will go.

When you are done with these two holes and develop two blocks in a 4 block channel, this area should be away from the one dug before. When you’re done with the first channel hollow out a 2 by six space in the topmost part of the cave. After this, you have a cave that goes three blocks into the mountain with spaces on each side at the friend you will find a 2 block channel with a 2 by 6 area hollowed for the Red Stone. 

Step 3

Now add two repeaters in the positions on the place hollowed for the Red Stone make sure these are not on the delay level or the door will not work. now add the Red Stone dust around the rest of the hollow you made, and connect all the components.

Step 4

Start by adding the 2 by 2 sticky Piston square in the inside of your cave. now add the one by two sticky Piston columns which you attach previously to the build ones.

Step 5 

Now add a stone torch on one of the blocks. Doesn’t matter which one. 

Step 6

Now add the door and patch the holes. Find holes in your cave if you find one fill them without background matching material.

Step 7 

Remember the block you put the Redstone torch on now would deliver on that block if it is the right block then the gate will open if not try again with another block. Now you have a place to live in. If you destroy the lever, the gate will be closed, and it will seem like there is no gate here. You are done with this you can leave your emeralds without worrying that someone else will steal them. No one can find your house. 

Some tips from us 

  • Creating a secret door behind a waterfall is cool.
  •  You can build a secret door anywhere you like but avoid gravel and sand because it will make your door fall when it opens.
  • Even this is a secret door, but other players can also destroy it, so selecting a safe location is the main point.
  • You cannot close your door when you are inside.

Comment your question or suggestion, we are happy to help you with.

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Peace Out!

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