How to download Minecraft

Minecraft has been ruling the gaming arena for many years. After it’s official release by Mojang back in 2011, it has never look back and every day brings new players who are willing to dive into this world of exploration. With more players joining daily, everyone wants to know how to download Minecraft.

Minecraft Global team has put together a detailed tutorial for you, on how to download minecraft on your PC and what would you need to get into this gaming world.

Minecraft full version is availble on for $26.95. But this doesn’t mean you have to buy it to play, they have a free version available as well for you to try before you buy it. Demo version comes with time limit and you won’t be able to play online.

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You can download Minecraft from website for free but you would need to purchase an account from the website in order to play the full version.

Follow these steps to download Minecraft on your PC

Download Minecraft:

  • Goto and On top right, click the menu button.
  • Select the “Trail & Download” option from the list.
  • On the next page, Click the “Download” button.
  • This will download the Minecraft Launcher (Minecraftinstaller.msi) file.

Install Minecraft:

  • Run the file launcher file.
  • Install process should start now.
  • Follow the on screen prompt and complete the installation.
  • After the installation, it will automatically open the Minecraft Launcher.

Register an Account:

  • When the launcher will open, it will ask you for login.
  • As you haven’t purchased the game yet, you need to make an account so click the “Signup” link at the bottom.
  • You will be redirected to website, where you can setup a mojang account.
  • Provide the email address, password and sign up.
  • Confirm the email address by entering the verification code that is sent to your email address.

Login to Minecraft:

  • After account creation, you can use the login info to log into Minecraft Launcher.
  • After login you’ll see the launcher will download some additional files from Mojang.
  • Make sure your internet is connected as it will show a progress bar at bottom as well.

Play Demo:

  • At the bottom of the Launcher, you’ll see “Play Demo” button, Click that.
  • Note: for some users extra download will start now so be patient and wait for the download to finish.
  • The Launcher will exit and a new window will open.
  • Click “Play Demo World” button on this screen.

And YES! you are in the Minecraft world!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Download

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Keep exploring and remember, to play online, you need to purchase the full version from Meanwhile, check out some Minecraft build Ideas and Best Minecraft Mods

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