How to Make a Black Dye in Minecraft

Hola miners! Do you want to bring some variety in the color theme of things that are around you in Minecraft? Or do you love to add some creativity and uniqueness to your base but don’t know how? If yes then how about crafting some dye in Minecraft? 

Dyes would surely add more color to your build and the uniqueness and color composition that you make will help your builds and creations stand out among the others.

So, let us start by learning how to make black dye.

With the help of this Minecraft guide, you can clear all your queries about the black dye, which includes how to make a black dye in Minecraft, its obtaining, uses, crafting, and many more. 

The black dye in Minecraft:


The black dye is a primary color dye that looks similar to the ink sac. It is used to apply black color to certain objects.

black dye

Minecraft versions with the black dye:

Supported versions:

The following versions of Minecraft support black dye.

  • Java edition (1.14)
  • Pocket edition (1.8.0)
  • X box one (1.8.0)
  • Ps4 (1.83)
  • Nintendo switch (1.8.0)
  • Windows 10 edition (1.8.0)
  • Education edition (1.9.0)

Non supporting versions of Minecraft:

The following versions do not support the black dye in Minecraft:

  • Xbox 360
  • Ps3
  • Wii U

Obtaining the black dye:

To obtain a black dye you can use any of the following methods.

  1. Trading.
  2. By crafting.


trading black dye

The first option is to obtain a black dye by trading. The wandering traders have chances of trading 3 black dyes for the price of 1 Emerald. Trading with a wandering trader is usually pretty expensive and also feels like a scam. Since emeralds are pretty hard to find and crafting black dye is not that difficult.

Crafting a black dye in Minecraft:

The second option is to craft a black dye on your own. 

So, let us start:

Materials required:

There is only one ingredient required to make a black dye either it can be

  1. 1 ink sac.
ink sac


  1. 1 wither rose.
wither rose

How to get an ink sac?

To get your hands on an ink sac you need to first find a squid. Squids usually roam freely in rivers and open seas, sometimes they get stuck at the corner of the land and suffocate themselves to death. Or else you might have to kill them. Squids have a 100% probability of dropping an ink sack.

How can one obtain a wither rose?

To obtain a wither rose, it should be noted that they cannot be obtained when playing in the peaceful difficulty in Survival. The only way to get a wither rose in survival is whenever a Wither kills a mob a wither rose is dropped at the place where the mob was killed depending on the location where the mob was last present before it was killed by the wither. 

*If you want to know How to kill the Wither in the easiest way possible (under 2 minutes)? Then check out this video*

How to make a black dye in Minecraft:

The method of crafting a black dye in Minecraft includes the following steps:

Open the crafting menu:

Firstly, open the crafting menu so you will have the 3×3 crafting grid in which you can put items to craft your black dye. 

Add items to the crafting grid:
crafting menu

To make a black dye in Minecraft, you need to put the items in any of the blocks in the 3×3 grid

With Squid Ink Sac

black dye recipe by using ink sac

There are 2 ways to make a black dye in Minecraft: 

The first method requires you to have an ink sac that you get from the squid or through trading with a wandering trader. Then you need to just put it in any of the blocks available in the grid and you are done.

With Wither rose:

The second method asks you to have a wither rose as you can craft a black dye exactly the same way as the squid ink sac

Now if you have respectively placed the respective item the black dye will appear in the right box.

black dye recipe by using wither rose
Move the new item to the inventory:

Now, if you see the black dye in the right box, it’s the right time to move it into the inventory. So, move your newly crafted black dye in the inventory and use it whenever you need it, and you can also take it anywhere along with you.

Congrats miners! You can now easily make a black dye in Minecraft. 


You can use the black dye to make the following listed things:

  1. Black wool.
  2. A black stained glass.
  3. Black terracotta.
  4. Black concrete powder.
  5. The light gray dye.
  6. Gray dye.
  7. Dyed leather cap.
  8. Black Dyed leather tunic.
  9. Dyed leather pants.
  10. Dyed leather boots.
  11. The lozenge banner.
  12. Field masoned banner.
  13. Black creeper-shaped firework star.
  14. Black shulker box.
  15. Dying collars of a tamed wolf.
  16. Dye sheep.
  17. Black dyed shulker boxes.
  18. Create balloons.


If you want to earn emeralds, be happy, shepherds can buy black dyes, and you can easily trade with them with great profit. 


To sum things up, a black dye is used to color objects black. You can obtain it by either crafting or trading. The wandering trader will sell 3 dyes at the price of 1 emerald. To craft it you will need one of the 2 things. The makers have introduced no patterns for making the black dye in Minecraft. 

*Important Suggestion*

“I would suggest you go with the method of crafting black dye instead of trading, that too with the squid ink sac as using the wither rose is a very foolish idea since first you need to spawn the Wither itself and kill it and as you already know how destructive and difficult that mob is, and then the wither rose is such a special flower which you get by the sacrifice of any of your mobs while fighting the Wither, and with its own abilities you won’t want it to spend it by just using it to make black dye. So much hassle for a black dye? On the other hand, the ink sack can be obtained by the peaceful marine mob (Squid) or sometimes you can even just find it at the bed of the river or the seashore.”

 So, miners! Go and make your black dye now and play with your colors.

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