How to Make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

Hey miners! Being frustrated with the issues of a full inventory? Well, there is something better than a normal chest in Minecraft. It’s the Shulker Box, if you are new to Minecraft then let me tell you that this thing is a game-changer non-supporting as you can fill it up with almost 27 different items and then pick it up and place it in your inventory without losing your items. Thisnonsupporting means that you are holding 27 different items in your inventory while just one slot is occupied in your inventory. How cool is that?

shulker box

Shulker box in Minecraft:


shulker box storage

Versions of Minecraft supporting shulker box:

Moreover, we would check out the versions of supporting and non-supporting shulker boxes;

Supporting versions:

 The versions supporting versions of shulker box are:

  • Java edition (1.13)
  • Pocket edition (1.4.0)
  • Xbox one (1.4.0)
  • Ps 4 (1.76)
  • Nintendo Switch (1.5.0)
  • Windows 10 edition (1.4.0)
  • Education edition (1.0.18)

Non supporting versions:

The versions not supporting versions of shulker box are:

  • Xbox 360
  • Ps 3
  • Wii U

Characteristics of shulker box:

Shulker boxes will drop themselves when mined. The contents of the shulker box will remain inside the dropped shulker box and are not dropped separately.

  1. It is non-renewable.
  2. You can not stack it. 
  3. The blast resistance of the shulker box is 6.
  4. Its hardness is 2.
  5. Shulker box is not luminant.
  6. It is transparent.
  7. Shulker box will not catch the fire from the lava. 
  8. It is not flammable.

How to make a shulker box in Minecraft:

There is no other way to obtain a shulker box than crafting.

How to craft a shulker box in Minecraft:

Now, let us learn how to make a shulker box in Minecraft. 

Required materials;

The materials required to make a shulker box in Minecraft are:

treasure chest

How to craft a shulker box in survival mode:

First of all, you need to gather these items. It is very easy to obtain a chest as you all are very familiar with, but the main challenge is getting your hands on a shulker shell. Shulker shells are dropped by a specific Mob when killed, called the Shulker. These can be found in the End city. 

You get access to the end city once you have slain the Ender Dragon.

Here is a video on how to find a shulker in the End city.

 Open your crafting menu:

Firstly, open your crafting menu so you would have the 3×3 crafting grid, in which you can put items to craft a shulker box. 

Add the items:

Secondly, it’s time to place the items you collected to make a shulker box in the 3×3 crafting grid so that you can add a great space saver to your inventory. 

It should be noted that you have to follow the sequence of placing items discussed here, otherwise, you will not get what you desire to have… 

shulker box recipe

The chest in the middle, then a shulker shell on top of the chest and another shulker shell below it.

Now if you have placed the items correctly a shulker box will appear to the right next box. 

Move item to inventory:

Now, move the newly made item to the inventory, so you can have easy access to it. 

Congrats miners! You have learned how you can make a shulker box easily in Minecraft. 

Dying a shulker box;

dyed shulker boxes

In addition, we have listed some cool things you can make with a shulker box;

  • A white shulker box.
  • An orange shulker box.
  • A magenta shulker box.
  • A light blue shulker box.
  • Lime shulker box. 
  • A yellow shulker box.
  • A pink shulker box.
  • Gray shulker box.
  • A light gray shulker box.
  • A cyan shulker box.
  • Purple shulker box.
  • A blue shulker box.
  • A brown shulker box.
  • Green shulker box.
  • A Red shulker box. 
  • A black shulker box.

All you need to do is collect a shulker box and a dye you want to see your shulker box in. place your dye and the shulker box in the crafting menu.

Undying a shulker box:

You can un-dye a shulker box as well by using a Cauldron. A cauldron in Minecraft is a block that can hold water.

To un-dye, a shulker box, use a cauldron that already holds up water in it. As a result, the cauldron will lose its water and alternatively, the shulker box will lose its dye.

Uses of shulker box:

Some uses of shulker box are listed below:

  • A shulker box has 27 slots, you can store your things easily there.
  • Indeed, It is the same as a portable chest, it will keep items even when broken, which can be retrieved after when placed again.
  • You can store shulker boxes in all kinds of containers. 

Piglins :

Piglins do not like shulker boxes at all. Piglins will be hostile to the player who mines or opens the shulker boxes.


In short, a shulker box is a portable chest that will keep items even after being broken. Some versions still do not support the shulker box right now, The only way to obtain a shulker box is by hunting shulkers and then using their shells to craft it, Shulker boxes do not spawn naturally. You can mine it with hand or any tool, but using a pickaxe is the quickest method. To craft a shulker box you will need 2 shulker shells and 1 chest. You can even dye a shulker box and have it in many colors like cyan, orange, blue, gray, pink, purple, yellow, etc. you also have the option to un-dye it again by using the cauldron block. You can use it to store objects but it should be noted that a shulker box can be placed in all containers except any other shulker box. If you have a shulker box by breaking it you won’t scatter all your items on the floor that were stored within it. It makes piglins mobs hostile if you are opening it or mining it.  

So what are you waiting for? Go and craft yourself a shulker box and never worry about running out of space anymore.

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