How to make a Smithing table in Minecraft

Hey miners! Want to upgrade diamond gear into netherite gear but don’t know how? So don’t worry and get on to your crafting station because we are going to teach you how to craft and use a smithing table. A smithing table can either be crafted or found just like many other job site blocks.

Apart from this, its characteristics are:

  • It is renewable.
  • It is stackable.
  • Its blast resistance and hardness are about 2.5
  • It catches fire from the lava.
  • It is not transparent.


You can find a smithing table inside the blacksmith’s house or you can craft it as well,

Uses Of smithing tables

There are two main uses of a smithing table. The first use of it is to upgrade diamond gear with the help of a few netherite ingots, the second use of a Minecraft smithing table is to use it as a job site block for a villager.

Crafting smithing table:

So, In this article, we will guide you with the Minecraft smithing table recipe

So, let us start;

Supported versions:

While crafting, on the other hand, we should have a look at the supported versions for a smithing table.

The versions supporting the crafting of smithing tables are:

  1. Java edition. (1.14)
  2. Pocket edition. (1.11.0)
  3. X box one. (1.11.0)
  4. Ps4. (1.91)
  5. Nintendo switch. (1.11.0)
  6. Windows 10 edition. (1.11.0)
  7. Education edition. (1.12.0)

Along with this, unfortunately, Ps3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 are not on the list of supported versions.

Materials required:

The materials which are required in the crafting recipe are:

  1.  2 iron ingots.       Iron ingot

To craft an iron ingot you will need to mine and smelt iron ore.

Besides this you will need four wood planks, you can gather any wood plank you want. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Oak Planks           Oak plank
  • Spruce Planks      Spruce plank
  • Jungle Planks       Jungle wood plank
  • Birch Planks.        Birch Plank
  • Acacia Planks      Acacia Plank
  • Dark Oak Planks Dark oak Plank
  • Crimson Planks   Crimson Plank
  • Warped Planks    Warped Planks

How to make a smithing table in Minecraft:

Open the crafting menu:

To open the crafting table simply right-click on the crafting table if you are playing java edition, education edition, or bedrock edition. But if you are playing on a console like the Nintendo Switch or Xbox use the designated button.

Add your items to the crafting table:

In the crafting table, you will see a 3×3 grid. To craft a smithing table we need to place two iron ingots and 4 wood planks in a 3×3 crafting grid.

The first row should be filled with 2 iron ingots. Both of them need to be placed adjacent to each other, It doesn’t matter if you start placing those ingots from the far right slot or the far left slot you just need to make sure that they are right next to each other.

Now comes the second row, to fill in it use 2 wood planks, one in the first box, and the other one in the second box.

Right below the first two wood planks, place two more wood planks in the third row.

Now if you have placed the materials in the exact pattern as mentioned, a smithing table will appear in the right box

Move your smithing table to inventory:

Once you’ve got your smithing table in the box to the right, move it to your inventory.

Congratulations you have learned how to make a smithing table in Minecraft survival mode.

Usage of smithing table:

The first use of the smithing table is that they can be used to make netherite armor and tools.

Remember that whenever it says upgrade gear it means upgrading your diamond tools into netherite tools.

Changing profession by smithing table:

If a smithing table is placed next to an unemployed Villager, He will be employed as a blacksmith.

Upgrade Diamond Gear with a smithing table:

Obviously, the netherite items made from the smithing table are far more durable than any other tool. Unlike other tools, the Netherite tool also doesn’t burn in lava

To upgrade your diamond stuff into Netherite, simply place the diamond item in the leftmost slot of the smithing table and the netherite ingot in the middle slot. And you will have your newly netherite item in the right slot.


Where can I find the smithing table?

A smithing table can be found in a tool smith’s house as a job site block

Is smithing table better or an anvil?

Remember that the Smithing table isn’t the only crafting station available to upgrade diamond items in the Minecraft game.

When you use a smithing table to upgrade your diamond armor with a netherite ingot it will cost no experience level and the prior work penalty is not increased. A smithing table also allows you to keep the enchantment and the remaining durability, unlike anvils.

Is smithing table breakable?

Smithing tables are breakable by hand, but if you want a speedy breakage then an ax should be your first choice.

How much experience does a smithing table use?

Unlike anvils, smithing tables are free of experience, you can easily upgrade to netherite. Survival mode and hardcore mode are the only modes that use the experience to upgrade items

Iron Nuggets:

Smithing tables cannot be used for making iron nuggets by smelting.


In bedrock editions, smithing tables can be used as fuel in furnaces. They can smelt 1.5 items per block.

So now, you know all the necessary stuff you needed to know before going with a smithing table. good luck!

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Peace Out!

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