How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

make smooth stone in minecraft


Hey miners! Everyone wants their bases to look the best and have no flaws and having that desire in mind while using cobblestones is just a turn-off. You need some better stones to make your base look neat, not the regular rough-looking cobblestones. Use Smooth stones instead.

Today I will be telling you how you can craft and acquire smooth stones and give that extra neat touch to your base. It has a smoother-looking texture and a lighter grey color. This smooth stone first appeared in beta 1.8

Now, let us see what a smooth stone is and how you can obtain or make it on your own.

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Smooth stone:

  1. Smooth stone is a variant of stone, which is made by smelting a regular stone.
  2. It is a renewable material.
  3. Smooth stone is stackable.
  4. It is not luminant, which means it is not going to behave as a source of light.
  5. It is not flammable.
  6. Smooth stone will not catch fire from the lava. 
  7. It is not transparent.

Obtaining smooth stone by natural occurrence:

Moreover, we have listed here some of the sources from which you can obtain a smooth stone without crafting.

1) You can find smooth stones inside chest loot.

In the java edition and bedrock edition, you can get this stone from the woodland mansions chest. the quantity will be one piece only. the chances of finding a smooth stone in a chest are 20.08%.

2) Natural generation 

Smooth stones will naturally generate in some plains, villages, savannah, and some snowy plains

Natural generation is not a good option since it is pretty rare as compared to cobblestones.

How to Make a Smooth Stone by yourself?

It should be noted that all the first 2 options have no steps involved but this one does. So now, let us explore how we can add a smooth stone to our inventory step by step. 

Apart from this, first, we will have a look at the supported versions for smooth stone smelting.

  1. Java edition. (1.13)
  2. Pocket edition. (1.9.0)
  3. X box one. (1.9.0)
  4. Ps4.  (1.86)
  5. Nintendo switch. (1.9.0)
  6. Windows 10 edition. (1.9.0)
  7. Education edition. (1.9.0)

Making Smooth Stone by smelting:

Materials required:

Well to acquire smooth stone we need to smelt regular stone. And we can not just get regular stones by breaking them with a pickaxe since after breaking, it turns into the cobblestone

Crafting smooth stone in Minecraft survival mode:

Items required:

  1. Furnace x1
  2. Cobblestone (as many smooth stones you want)
  3. Fuel 

1. Acquire cobblestone:

To acquire cobblestone we need to break the naturally occurring stones with a pickaxe.

2. Open the menu of the furnace:

First things first you need to have a furnace and if you do not know how to make one just follow this picture or read this article.

menu of furnace

2. Adding fuel to the furnace:

Now, secondly, you have to add the fuel to the furnace. Make sure here you put fuel into the bottom box of the furnace. 

adding fuel to the furnace

You can use the following items as fuel for your furnace:

  1. Charcoal
  2. Stick
  3. Oak plank
  4. Birch plank
  5. Jungle plank
  6. Acacia plank
  7. Dark oak plank
  8. Lava bucket
  9. Coal
  10. Blaze rod
  11. Block of coal
  12. Dried kelp block

You can also use any wooden tool as a source of fuel.


The longest burning fuel is a lava bucket, which can smelt for up to 1000 seconds. Second, comes the coal which can smelt for up to 80 seconds.

3. Add cobblestone to make regular stone:

Now add the cobblestones to make Regular Stone, and place them in the top box of the furnace.

After placing the stone you will see flames coming which means that the stone is smelting now. 

When your stone is smelted completely, the regular stone will automatically appear in the right box there.

4. Smelt the stone once again:

When once your stone is made, you now have to move it back to the box where you previously put cobblestone and wait for the regular stone to smelt.

Congrats miners! You have now learned how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft. 

Usage of smooth stone:

The smooth stone can be used for the following purposes,

  • Smooth stones can be easily used to craft smooth stone slabs.
  • These smooth stones can also be used for crafting blast furnaces.
  • Armour stands


So miners! In summary, A smooth stone is a block that you can use to cut down your smelting time since it is an important ingredient in the blast furnace. You can either obtain it from breaking, natural generation, smelting, or a chest loot. You can also craft many more objects by using smooth stone as an ingredient in that recipe.

Smooth stone can be used greatly for beautifying your area as it can be a great replacement to make pavement.

So, hurry up! go get your smooth stone crafted now!

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