How to Make White Stained Glass in Minecraft

Hola miners! Do you know about the white stained glass in Minecraft? No? Don’t worry, this Minecraft guide will tell you everything about the white stained glass which includes how to make a white stained glass in Minecraft, its uses, and many other things. 

White stained glass:


In Minecraft, glass is one of the objects which you can craft easily. Glass is one of the most used blocks while building any structure in Minecraft. It adds more beauty and details to your build and helps in adding that extra touch of uniqueness. One of these stained glasses is white stained glass which a lot of you don’t even know that it exists or maybe you might just think that white stained glass is irrelevant since we already have transparent glass, but let me tell you that it sure is quite different from it and has its own uniqueness. 

transparent glass


white stained glass


Minecraft versions with white stained glass:

The following versions support and deny white stained glass in Minecraft:

Supported versions:

Fornutaley, the white stained glass is present in every version of Minecraft, which includes:

  • Java edition (1.7.2)
  • Pocket edition PE (1.2)
  • Xbox 360 (TU25)
  • Xbox one (CU14)
  • Ps3 (1.17)
  • Ps4 (1.17)
  • Wii U 
  • Nintendo switch
  • Windows 10 edition (1.2)
  • Education edition (1.0.21)

How to make a white stained glass in Minecraft:

To make a white stained glass you have to do these simple steps. 

Required materials:

The materials required to craft a white stained glass in Minecraft are:

  • 8 glasses. 
  • 1 White Dye

Both of these items are very easily attainable. 

To get the glass you need to smelt sand in the furnace as shown below in the image.

transparent glass recipe

And the white dye can be obtained through two sources i.e

  • 1 Lily of the valley 


  • 1 Bone Meal 

Crafting white stained glass in Minecraft:

The next step is crafting it by using the above-mentioned items. The good thing is that Following these steps correctly will not give you a single white stained glass but 8 blocks of white stained glasses. 

Open crafting table:

Firstly, Open your crafting table, so you would have a crafting grid of 3×3 area on your screen.

Add items to the crafting grid:

Secondly, place your respective items in the crafting grid by following the discussed pattern.

It should be noted, that the pattern mentioned here should be followed the same, otherwise, you will not get the desired result. 

The pattern is:

First row:

In the first row, there should be 3 glass blocks in the 3 boxes of the row. 

Second row:

In the second row, there should be 2 glasses, the first one in the first block of the second row and the second one in the 3rd box of the second row. Whereas, in the middle, there should be the white dye.

Third row:

In the third row, you have to place the left 3 glass blocks in the 3 boxes of the row. 

Now, If you have followed the pattern exactly as mentioned the stained boxes will appear in the right box automatically. 

white stained glass recipe

Move your new item into the inventory:

Now, last but not the least, move your newly made item to your inventory so that you can easily access it whenever you want and take them anywhere you like. 

Congrats miners! You can now easily craft a white stained glass in Minecraft. 

Uses of white stained glass in Minecraft:

The uses of the white stained glass in Minecraft are:

  • White stained glass is primarily used for decorative purposes.
  • It can be used as an alternative to a glass box in many Minecraft recipes.
  • Stained glass blocks can be used to make custom-colored glass bottles

Can mobs break stained glass? 

The answer is no! Ender man and silverfish are the only mobs that can destroy glass blocks.

Can creepers see you through glass?

The answer is yes! They can see you from the glass. However,  they will not detonate until there is no obstacle between you.

Can villagers see you through glass?

The answer is no! They can not see you through a glass block, including spiders, zombies, and slimes


To sum up, white stained glass is a block which you can use to decorate your building. Fortunately, every Minecraft version supports the white stained glass, so, everyone can check up on this item. Its crafting is very easy. You only need 8 glass blocks and a white dye to craft it. You can use it to make many things as a material required. 

So, miners! No reason to wait, go and get your stained white glass in Minecraft now.

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