How to trade with villagers in Minecraft

Hey miners, what about trading with villagers in Minecraft, a good idea hmm? So you don’t know how to trade with villagers in Minecraft? This article is for you.

What are villagers in Minecraft?

A passive mob’s inhabitants of the village are called villagers. They work in their professions, interact, and breed.

Currency for trading 

The currency for trading is emeralds.

Types of Villagers

Types of villagers - How to trade with villagers in Minecraft

First of all, what you need to know is that there are 3 types of villagers you can’t trade with. They include nitwits, children, unemployed villagers. They don’t come with the same problem everyone has their own and unique problem. 

When it comes to trading in Minecraft you should know all these.


Nitwits are considered to be the dumb for doing any profession in-game. They are never counted in the list of productive members of society. So if you want to waste your time you can bother with them. To identify nitwits you can observe greens robes and a specific dressing than the modern villagers wear. 


Children being young are unable to trade. If you really want to trade, you have to wait first till they grow up. They don’t require a large amount of time to grow up. Once they grow up you can easily trade with them or even you can help them find a good job 

Unemployed villagers

This category includes a group of unemployed villagers. You can help them learn a profession which will also help you to trade.

You can use villagers to determine how many professions are in the village. Every villager owns a particular block for a profession that is not shared.

Here are some top listed professions. Once they will be employed you can easily trade with them. 

  • Armorer
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman
  • Librarian
  • Toolsmith
  • Stone grinder
  • Stonecutter
  • Shepherd
  • Butcher 
  • Sand brewing 
  • cartographer

The thing to remember here is that the profession of the villager can change until you have traded with them, but once you have traded with them whatever the profession is they will be stuck in that profession.

How to reset your villager profession in Minecraft?

To reset your villager profession all you need to do is destroy the block which they are currently using for their jobs. For example to change the profession of an armorer you need to destroy the blast furnace block. 

Once they end up with that profession they will search for a new job and will automatically switch to a new profession.

Best villager to trade with

The best option to trade is librarians and farmers

Do any villagers sell diamonds

The rarest is the kind that sells diamonds. when they offer it cost about 12 -18 emeralds 

Do villagers need to sleep to refresh trades

A villager does not need sleep to refresh its trade. but they need to sleep to spawn golems

Do villagers sell ender pearls

Yes, villagers sell ender pearls and they cost about 4-7 emeralds. You can also find ender pearls in woodland mansions 

How to restore a villagers trade?

To restore means all the trades will be available again. To restore a villager trade you should make sure that the villager is standing on its station, you need to wait then for a half-day so that all the trades are restored.

Villagers are despawning

So if you are facing despawning of villagers the reasons could be as follows

  • They might be glitched 
  • They escaped 
  • Died 
  • They have been hit by a light stroke and turned into a witch

How to trade with villagers in Minecraft

    The steps involved in trading with villagers are listed below :

  • Interact with the villager to initiate trading. This step simply involves right-clicking on the villager.
  • Once you tap on the villager a trading window will popup on your screen. You can swipe right or left for viewing more options for trade.
  • Select your item and move it into the left side of the trade window.
  • The item that the villager is willing to trade will appear on the right side of the trading window.
  • Finalize your trading by moving the appearing item to your Hotbar.

 As you can see, the way of trading with villagers is very easy.

Villagers are shaking their heads while trading?

Your villagers are shaking their heads whenever you try to trade with them, don’t worry they are the nitwits, unemployed and children who shake their heads in a negative sense as told above they are not able to trade.

This was all you needed to know for How to trade with villagers in Minecraft before trading with villagers.

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