Minecraft 1.15 What’s New?

UPDATE: Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees Released. Read complete review HERE

Since after the 1.14 update, It’s been long talked about what changes will be in Minecraft 1.15 and what new to expect in this major update. Folks have been discussing what Mojang will be adding in the next release after 1.14.4 but there have been no official words yet.

However, we do know that the cave update will not be 1.15 as well as not the combat update to version 2. So, essentially these two will not be the major update of 1.15 this year.

May be a farm update? Or it could possibly be a mob update. There’s much possibility of Minecraft 1.15 update to be the mob update with introduction of new mobs, new animals and new creatures.

So, lets take a look at what new creatures and monsters have been introduced in the mobile version of the game called “Minecraft Earth” and “Minecraft Dungeons“. They might be introduced in this new mob update for the Java version. May be they are planning to release all these updates together on all the platforms. It’s been in news that Mojang might be using this mob update to put together all the platforms. This will be a huge leap in terms of gameplay and will open new horizons.

Muddy Pig

Muddy pig is one of the most iconic mob we have seen in Minecraft Earth. Everybody loves the flower on it’s head and it’s covered in mud. We really feel like this one is going to be in Minecraft very soon even if the next update is not the mob update but still there’s more chances of muddy pig being introduced in Minecraft very soon.

Moo Bloom

This is another incredible mob that’s not in Minecraft currently but might be added in new update. It takes inspiration from the mushroom cow but, the major difference is when a Moo Bloom walks around it leave behind yellow flowers.

Clucks Room

This is one of the most recent mobs coming to Minecraft Earth and possibly in Minecraft in future update. Clucks Room is a fusion between a Chicken and a Mushroom Cow. This little red creature looks pretty cool and can be found in Mushroom islands. We would love to have it added to Minecraft soon.

Ender Cat

Ender Cat is a very recent mob that is definitely coming in the next Minecraft update. Not sure about the exact name but this cat is been more talked about cats in Minecraft world. Tell us what do you think about going to the end and finding this cute little cat and bringing it back home.

Red Stone Monster

This monster was seen in the trailer of Minecraft Dungeons. As there’s not much info available about this mob. As the look of it, it seems to be some sort of Gollum but it’s a Red stone Gollum monster. It’s gonna be huge when it comes to minecraft and definitely going to be a boss battle.

Key Mob

Key mob is very popular similar to the Muddy pig and we have been seeing it around. We seen it lately during the minecon live trailer and it makes you wonder what will this mob be capable of doing. We think, may be if you capture it or defeat it, will give you access to a new dimension.

Skeleton Mob

We have seen 3 to 4 different version of skeleton mob. We have seen skeleton with sheilds and spears, capes and with magic staff. It definitely makes you wonder what are their plans for the next updates because it looks like alot is going on with this mob in Minecraft Dungeons.


There’s not much information available about this mob. One thing we do know is that this mob is going to be the boss of Minecraft Dungeons. We have no idea of what Arch-Illager will be capable of but surely this will be a powerful mob and will be a leader of all the other Illagers.

We are pretty excited to see all of these or may be couple of mobs from the above coming to Minecraft 1.15. What’s your take on that? Is there any other mob you love and would like to see them in Minecraft soon? Do share with us.

And to sum it up, our top favorite mob from the above list is Moo Bloom. What’s yours?

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