Minecraft Buzzy Bees – 1.15 update

Hola folks! So a piece of great news just came out for the Minecraft Java edition fans. Yes, you guessed it right! The most awaited Minecraft 1.15 update is released. Mojang released this 1.15 update on 10th December 2019 and this update is called Minecraft Buzzy Bees update.

If you remember we speculated few things about this new 1.15 update and great to see a few of them added. Also, we told you it could be a mob update which we can see as Bees are added.

Alright so, with this great news we are getting a lot of queries about what is in this update and what cool things to expect in this latest Minecraft Buzzy Bees update. That’s why we have decided to do a review of this update.

So, guys stay with us as we reveal all the latest features released in this Major Minecraft update.

Minecraft Update 1.15 Review

1) Bees Mob

So, the first update is the coolest one of all and actually this update majorly focuses on this. Yes, we are talking about Bees here. This is a cool new mob added to Buzzy Bees update.

Bees spawn in Bee’s Nest near Trees. They usually spawn in certain tree types and as in real life, they love the flowers.

But, stay aware! Bees will damage you if you hit them. You’ll see their eyes will turn red and they’ll start to follow you.

2) Honey Blocks

Honey blocks are crafted from two by two honey bottles. These bottles in that recipe are not consumed they are instead returned.

Once you made a honey block, you can also craft it back into honey bottles by adding four empty bottles to the honey block in the crafting interface.

Honey blocks have a number of special properties i.e. walking and jumping on top of them is limited. This effect also works through non-full blocks like carpets and slabs.

If you jump into a wall of the honey block then it will make you slide down and slow your fall instead of falling directly.

Interesting Fact

This slide effect works for any entity or mob. So, if you land on a honey block, it will cushion your fall somewhat. All the mobs and animals dislike walking on the sticky surface of the honey block.

The honey block also has a number of interesting properties in terms of Redstone. They do not conduct Redstone signals and when pushed or pulled by a piston. 

In addition to that, It will attempt to move all adjacent blocks in the same directions just like slime blocks except it doesn’t stick to slime blocks themselves.

So, in short, any entity on top of a honey block, being pushed or pulled by a piston gets moved along with the block.

Interestingly, that also works through non-full blocks like carpets and slabs. 

3) Neutral and Passive mobs

So, now let’s talk about changes to other mobs. We’ll start with neutral and passive mobs.

Iron Golem

Iron golems now start cracking when they get damaged. There are three different states of cracking leading to four different total states.

You can also repair them now using an iron ingot.

Just hold an iron ingot and right-click on the iron golem. Now, see the magic!

It will consume the iron ingot and repair 25 health which is 1/4 of the total health of the goal.


When breathable mobs in groups spawn naturally they will now sometimes spawn with babies in the groups.

So, speaking of spawning foxes.. Can now spawn in all of the taiga biomes.

Also, we know that foxes had a hard time breathing and had some bugs in their trusting behavior. For instance, that they didn’t protect a trusted player from melee attacks. That is fixed in this Minecraft 1.15 Update.


For a long time horses have had a bug where if you get on to them and ride them, while they are walking then..

When you get up, they will start walking all the way back to their previous target. This bug is also fixed in Buzzy Bees update.


Parrots can now sit on the shoulders of a player. Even when that player is riding. This also goes for getting into a boat.

Or we can clearly say that, Minecart parrots will now only imitate as hostile mobs.


Cows are better at avoiding walking through lava. They will now have a little bit of extra distance from the lava as they are walking.


Alrigh So, Now, let’s talk about the villagers!

Villagers had infinite restocking ability even during the same day. It has been fixed in this Minecraft 1.15 update.

Also, another exploit, that we know a lot of you loved and abused out there.

Cured villagers selling bookshelves for one emerald and buying books from one emerald could be exploited to get infinite amounts of emerald.

The price of these trades is now changed. With the base price being nine emeralds for one bookshelf instead of six emeralds for three bookshelves. 

This means that the prices turn out alright even when the villager has a discount. 

Nitwit Villagers

In Buzzy Bees update, Nitwit villagers have changed as well.

They no longer have a level gemstone in their belt seeing as they can never level up.

Villagers which convert to zombies and back. You can no longer despawn and that was a bug. This is fixed now in Minecraft Buzzy Bees update.

Also, if a zombie villager has armor or items. He gets cured, then those items would disappear but now they will drop those items instead.

Wondering Traders

Wondering traders will no longer spawn inside of small spaces.

They could sometimes run around with an extreme speed. That bug has been fixed in this new Buzzy Bees update.


Of course, if we’re talking about villagers we should also talk about pillagers!

There was a bug that meant villagers didn’t properly despawn when they had spawned from a patrol..

This Minecraft Buzzy Bees update takes care of that as well.

Also, pillages can no longer spawn on top of trees.

In fact, they now abide by all the normal rules that apply to spawn mobs.

Raid horns will play globally in all villages, not just the one being raided.


There’s a bunch of fixes to Enderman as well.

They don’t turn to face you when looked at but they will do that now.

Also, they will make the stare sound even when they were provoked by attacking instead of staring at them.

If an Enderman dies when falling into the water. Then they will no longer teleport as they are dying. This means that their drops will drop in the correct location.

Also, there was a bug causing Enderman to teleport to waterlogged blocks, that have been fixed in this Minecraft update.

Spawn Egg

A fix for a creative behavior about mobs..

If you right-click a zombie type spawn egg onto a zombie of the same type.

Then you will now get a baby zombie of that type that goes for zombies husks zombie villagers drowned and zombie pigman.

And finally, the mob spawning rate in the overworld is lower now!

In certain worlds, by mobs being stuck outside of the loaded area and naughty spawning that has been fixed in this Minecraft Buzzy Bees update.

3) Buzzy Bees Gameplay

let’s talk about gameplay changes!


Previously, when mining with instant mining speed some blocks disappear on the client but remain on the server crossing. Yes, I mean the Ghost blocks. This is also fixed in Minecraft Buzzy Bees update


Electra will now deploy client-side rather than waiting for a response from the server that means that your elector will deploy when you click the button instead of waiting for a laggy server potentially letting you fall to your death.


Experience orbs now appear in the same location as the loot when an entity is killed. Which means the orbs created at the point of death, not at the end of the death animation.


All foods are now edible in creative mode regardless of what your hunger would be if you switch to another mode 


let’s talk about beds

If you try to use a bed with a villager in it you will now kick that villager out and be able to claim the bed for yourself trying to sleep in a bed during the daytime will now also set your spawn location to that bed.

And there’s a new message in chat for when your spawn changes by using a bed would commonly become invisible or break.

If you unloaded that chunk they are in and then reloaded that chunk back in that has been fixed in this Minecraft version.


Now, you can extinguish Campfires with a shovel just like in bedrock edition.

Also, stripped bark blocks or wood blocks can now be crafted from stripped logs. A number of recipes have also been adjusted to the new update of Minecraft found in bedrock edition.


Including composers that are now crafted from wooden slabs and dark prismarine which is now crafted from the black dye.

Instead of ink sacs item combinations recipes now unlock in the recipe book when you get the first item of that type rather than a false.

We’re a count that includes the recipes.

For packed ice blue ice boon blocks, he bales and the Droid kelp as well as mineral blocks of coal, diamond emerald, gold iron, lapis slime, and Redstone.

Finally, this also goes for ingots of gold and iron when made from nuggets.


Wet sponges now dry out when placed in the nether just like in bedrock edition.


Change in burn time of some items when used as fuel in a furnace. 

That includes boats that now smelt six items and scaffolding which now burns for 20 seconds smelting two items.

Stone Bricks

Stone bricks changed to be more durable. They are no longer less durable than the end stone. 

Enchanted Books

Silk touch books working like silk touch tools. You can no more do that in this Minecraft update.

In the curse of vanishing networks for saddles and items on horses donkeys and llamas.

Ender Pearl

A number of fixes to ender pearls as well they didn’t teleport a user that logged out.

If you’re playing on the server through an ender pearl. If you log out and then come back then your pearl will not teleport you.

And the same went for logging out of a single-player world and then logging back in.

Throne Items

More news for throne items trident with one durability remaining can no longer be thrown. That means, that your trident will never fully break from using it will just go down to.

One durability just like elite rail on a server if you rode away out of rendering distance on the amount then in the view of other players you would pop back to the original mounting location.

And stand there looking silly fixed in this version.

Distance Stuck

Boats, horses and other ridden entities would pop away when you exited them and if you had ridden a long distance. Then they pop away entirely causing you to get stuck, is fixed in this version of Minecraft update 1.15.

For boats in specific if you are up against a shoreline you will end up on top of that shoreline instead of on top of the boat when you exit.

If you jump on a boat in the water for a while and then jump off. You would take fall damage as if you were falling all that time. This bug is also fixed in Minecraft Buzzy Bee update.

Rail Track

When you place a rail they will now place primarily in the direction that you’re facing. 

Of course, if there are nearby rails then they will still connect but otherwise, they will be placed in the direction that you’re looking. 

Breaking a Barrel

If you break a barrel with a loot table without opening barrel first then the loot will now properly drop. 

This might be most apparent in fishermen’s cottages in villages.


Portals made on top of the ceiling of the nether will now link fully both ways with portals in the overworld.


Saturation and Instant health or damage effects now have icons. 

Anvils onto Shocker

If you dropped anvils onto a shocker then they would glitch out and make a horrible noise that has been fixed in this version of Minecraft update 1.15.

And sand dropped on boats corrupted cacti sugarcane and bamboo causing them to grow very quickly Explorer maps generated – already explored structures that are fixed in this version.

Stacked Food

And eating a food item or drinking a potion or carrying a zombie or feeding an animal or doing something else with a stacked food item had the chance of also consuming a second food item without any animation or input that has been fixed in this version of Minecraft 1.15 finally.

Anvil And Grindstone

there are two new statistics in the statistics screen those are for anvil and grindstone interactions. 

4) Redstone in Minecraft Buzzy Bees

let’s talk about Redstone and let’s start with dispensers.


You can now dispense armor stands from dispensers.

And dispensers can also interact with Venus and beehives using a bottle or shears.

Dispensers can now also fill a water bottle if you put empty bottles into the dispenser and point it into water.

Fire charger is fired from dispensers canal light campfires that actually goes for all fireballs. 

But it’s probably most useful for dispenser fired fire charges and fireworks dispensed from a dispenser will now travel in the direction that they were fired. 

Rather than straight upwards, of course, you can still fire fireworks directly upwards by pointing the dispenser upwards 

And a finally dispenser fix..

So, if you have villager spawn eggs in a dispenser they will now spawn with the correct textures depending on the volume they get spawned

In repeaters sometimes didn’t update properly in certain scenarios that have been fixed in this version of Minecraft 

Comparators have a few fixes and changes comparators in subtraction mode could get into a state where they visually didn’t display the correct status that is fixed in this version 

and the comparators can now be used with the newbie nest and beehive blocks to get a power level depending on their level of honey

finally, bells will not ring if powered with a Redstone signal. 

5) World Generation

World Generation fixes in Buzzy Bees update fix the following things…

  • Obsidian pillars in the end now generate with the correct shape. Again there are some blocks missing before. 
  • Birch trees now generate in dark forest biomes again that has been broken for a couple of versions 
  • Also, kelp spawning naturally in oceans will now have the appropriate age set. That means that, they will no longer create the fully dense forests of kelp that you can see before.

let’s talk about some advancements in this update.

6) Buzzy Bees Advancements

There are three new advancements in this new Minecraft 1.15 update.

  • They are a sticky situation if we’re jumping into the side of a honey block to break your fall.
  • Bee our guest, for safely collecting a honey bottle from a beehive using a campfire.
  • And total bee location for moving a beasts nest with three bees inside of it using silk touch.
  • A couple of changed advancements, as well as breeding, Now, counts towards the progress of the parrots and the bats and the two-by-two advancements.
  • And a honey bottle is now included in a balanced diet.

7) Visual changes in 1.15 update

Visual changes and fixes in this new version, Minecraft Buzzy Bees, is the actual render distance.

  • Now matches up with the fog limit. That means you will no longer see an ugly cut off on the end of the world, when an actual smooth fog distance.
  • The dragon fireball texture has been updated to match the style of the new fire charges. 
  • Banners have been fixed. So, they continue moving in the wind regardless of how long your level has existed.
  • If you die, chunks didn’t render before in the respawn screen and you could also get a whole ton of shaking on the respond screen. Both of these issues have been fixed in this new version of Minecraft.

So guys, that was a comprehensive overview of all the changes in this new Minecraft 1.15 update, the Buzzy Bees

If you want to get this Minecraft version..

Just make sure you open your Minecraft Launcher and you have it set to the latest and release installation.

If you haven’t changed anything inside of your Minecraft Launcher then this should be the default.

That was all we had for you about Minecraft Buzzy Bees.

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Peace Out!

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