Best Minecraft City Maps

Minecraft is a wonderful game and its limits are unknown. Its community is so talented and so huge that you don’t know what they are about to put in front of you next. They have created some of the greatest builds of all time, such as the Hogwarts Map, or the Planet Titan from Avengers Infinity War. Minecraft Builders never fail to amuse us. 

Well when we see someone build a Monument or a Building, our brain can still comprehend to some extent by saying that “This is possible” is not easy tho :p but indeed possible. These are already pretty impressive builds but do you know what’s even more impressive? Making multiple buildings and monuments and forming them into a city. 

Today we have gathered the best cities of Minecraft fictional/real made by some of the most talented builders to ever play the game.

Russia 1963

Also used as a map for Zombie apocalypse, Russia 1963 is a very composite map where the builder has done a really good job trying to recreate the 1960s era of the Soviet Union. Almost every corner of the city is completely outfitted with accommodations and furniture. Some of the apartments are very posh and they stand out so that the players can find them. In addition to that, there are also some unique manors and farmhouses that are based on real-world structures, while some of these structures do still exist in Russia. 

Players like me who enjoy history will not be disappointed by this recreation of the Cold War era.


Shiganshina from Attack on Titan

Attack on titan can be easily claimed to be one of the best anime of the current era. And as any show or movie rises to popularity we have our Minecraft fanatics ready to build literally anything in this game and that is what happened with the “Attack on Titans” as well.

This is the best version someone has made of Shiganshina city and is almost a 1:1 scale. 

Believe me, if you are a fan of Attack on Titan then this thing will surely blow your mind.


This city is a distinctive version of the well-known city that is located on the deserted planet “Tatooine” and is from the fictional world of Star Wars. This project took almost a week to be completed by the author. This city map is perfect for shooting videos, Rp games, or you may play your self-made games to play with friends! 

As you know, this deserted planet has extreme conditions where people survive with limited resources. Cities were only built where they could find some water resources. This map would be a great challenge for you to stay alive in survival or hardcore mode.


Sayama City

Sayama city is a cute yet massive city that had blown away the minds of the players just with its snapshots that were posted by the SayamaCityProject when the game hadn’t even been released. The amount of details in it is just way too much for an average builder like me to comprehend.

This city is highly inspired by Japanese culture and cities like Osaka and Tokyo and has been a great talk among the community for years. You can stroll around in the streets of Sayama City with your friends and have hours and hours of fun here and there will be something new to discover every time you log back in.

As of today, it has 75,000+ downloads


City of Estral

The city of Estral is a small kingdom that was themed on the medieval times when the world dominance was of the kings. There is an entire castle for you to explore and you can be the owner of it with no challenges at all, also you can run the city all by yourself and can make your kingdom with no enemies anywhere and a city of your dreams with your own rules can be built all by yourself. 

Long story short the city of Estral is a very professionally built and well-crafted world where browniescooter has kept a close eye on every small detail he could see and you will be blown away by the size of the constructions once you log in. This map is perfect for people who love to explore the history and want to experience life inside a castle. There would be a new room for you to sleep and explore every day 😛


City of Lithonia

An incredibly Composite City built in Minecraft, It is jaw-dropping, to know the fact that Lithonia was completed in just a few months (3 months). Since the city consists of numerous extensive avenues and thousands of buildings and boulevards, it is too difficult to digest the fact that someone so talented did not even need a complete year to finish this ginormous project. This City might just be one of those builds in Minecraft which consists of a lot of ambition. Every blood and gut of  Lithonia is completely decorated with beautiful contrasts.

The only sad thing about this map is that it is not available for download as mentioned by the author himself on Planet Minecraft

However, You can view a 3D model of the Townhall of this city uploaded by the


Greenfield is one of the best and biggest and the most up to date maps in the minecraft community. With its constant updates it is more than 10 years old and the amount of details in this map is outstanding. If you start exploring this city without a compass or a map you would definitely get lost. 

Greenfield is a complete package of Houses, skyscrapers, a maze of trains, and skylines of cranes. This map even has its version of Ikea i.e Minekia and also has Mcdonald’s. Highways and stadiums you name it, they have it.

As of today, this map has over 1.1 Million downloads


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