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Minecraft Global is committed to show you what’s possible in this awesome game. So, guys check out this Top Minecraft City Maps collection we have today.

Certainly, Minecraft City Maps are one of the most epic builds in Minecraft.

We think, Minecraft city maps give you the most immersive experience in Minecraft. Usually, when someone hasn’t played the game before, we suggest them to play a Minecraft city map. That way you can see what’s possible in Minecraft and how intense it can get.

List Of Minecraft City Maps

So, we put together a list of Minecraft city maps that range from medieval to modern to futuristic. In addition to that, we have a fantasy city map for you as well. So, read them all.

Alright so, without further ado, let’s jump into the Minecraft City Maps

Eternal Heaven of Gardens

So, here’s the First Minecraft city map, as you can see in the image below. Absolutely stunning, it is called, the Eternal heaven of gardens. It was created by cheese poodles.

Minecraft city maps - Eternal Heaven of Gardens

But yeah as you can tell, this is just a fantastic looking map. This is, of course, a fantasy map. It just speaks for itself, it looks really cool. 

It’s like an old medieval style mixed with fantasy and you will just love this building in the middle.

This map’s graphics look great as Minecraft shaders are being used.

Moreover, this thing in the middle is absolutely massive and it looks just stunning. If you are walking along the streets of this Minecraft city map, there’s definitely a lot of structures around you. It’s going to give you a feel of a nice immersive environment.

So, yeah this city map still looks pretty neat and there are houses. Also, alot of new things for you to explore.

We do recommend you to download this city map and try these out for yourselves. As we know, reading an article is totally different from actually experiencing it on your own.

Alright so, this was pretty much everything you should know about this cool map. Now, let move onto the next Minecraft city maps.

Minecraft City Map: Alleron City

So guys here is our second one in Minecraft city maps list. This one is going to be a modern city called Alleron city. Now this one has a beach as well as a suburban area.

Alleron City Minecraft city map

It looks very modern looking city though. As you can tell it by taking a quick look at this map. In addition to all these suburban houses, this map does have airports and docks. Also, few office buildings in it.

Moreover, it has a football field, multiple parking lots and gas stations.

This map has skyscrapers in it, we have the downtown area and the places are just with amazing looking skyscrapers.

Yet again we love this because you can just walk throughout the street and just take a look at these cool looking buildings. 

You’ll need a pretty decent PC to load everything up. Once you load it, it is quite stunning to look at the city.

Download the map and check it out for yourselves guys. We are making these maps showcases very short and quick.

Anyways, this map does have a racetrack which is one cool addition. Also, you have a highway which is going to take us down to the airport.

Climate Hope City

Alright, so this next one in Minecraft city maps is cool. It is called Climate Hope City. It uses command blocks to create a very realistic feeling.

Minecraft city maps - Climate Hope City

We can monitor our water power, wind-solar and kinetic power as well.

As you will walk on the streets, you will see that there is a ton of cool things on this map.

This Minecraft city map has huge skyscrapers and very large terrariums and farm buildings.

In addition to that, every single building is built with a climate conscious look as well as a climate-conscious function.

In the middle of climate Hope City map, it has a tall ops and central building. We are not sure what you would call this, but it does have a really lovely design.

But like I said this map is cool and by far one of my favorite cities in Minecraft. I would recommend you to download this and explore it.

Minecraft City Map: Medieval city

Now, this Minecraft city map is very small as you can see in the image below. It is the Medieval City Map.

Minecraft city maps - Medieval City

So, we wanted you to have something that you would enjoy and we do think this map is quite cool and offers you a very immersive experience. 

When it comes to medieval maps as we can see it is very unique. There is a river surrounding the middle forts as well as we have like small urban buildings.

Finally, it just comes together so well and that’s what a good map creator does. So, you can walk across the sides and can see all the buildings around.

Moreover, you can go into all the houses! Isn’t it cool?

I’m pretty sure they don’t have decorations but either way it’s a nice looking map. We definitely recommend you to explore this with your friends. It will be pretty cool!

And you can also make your modifications to it.

So again in this design, all the buildings are slowly elevated towards a chapel in the middle which we think has some very historical act. You will notice a lot of historical accuracy in it.

Ireland 2066

Okay, so for the final one in Minecraft city maps we’re going to talk about a futuristic city, Ireland 2066. This Minecraft map has a town center and there are a lot of amazing views around.

Ireland 2066 city map

It has very large legislation building and it looks magnificent!

This looks like a part of the old Ireland, sort of blended in with futuristic elements and views.

Ireland 2066 has futuristic cars and trains along with just regular cars on the ground. This gives you a great mix of both ages.

Also, the very new parts of the city are just absolutely mind-blowing!

Buildings have balconies like we don’t see in real life as well as a lot of other decorations. Also, a very nice pool in the middle of the building. 

This Minecraft city map has cool looking towers and building representing the future of the world.

The Monument of an angel, the modern futuristic farm building and palaces.

This is one of those larger Minecraft city maps where there are just tons of things to explore.

I hope you like this article and you will download some of these Minecraft city maps and have a very fun-filled immersive experience.

If you did enjoy, please take one second and give your reaction to this article. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment down below and tell us which was your favorite Minecraft city map or your favorite part of a map.

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