Minecraft Creeper

Hey Miners, What about an unhappy incident, in a game you are going to face a Minecraft creeper! A Minecraft creeper will explode and blast your blocks, your builds up are damaged ! what could be worse than this hmm. 

If you don’t know what Minecraft creeper is and what it looks like so let’s talk about it first.

Minecraft Creepers:

Minecraft creeper
Minecraft creeper

Minecraft Creepers are the main opposers in any Minecraft. To recognize a creeper, we can observe a four-leg tall vertical pixelated structured body with a range of green and whites.

A Minecraft creeper can attack you by exploding your things up if they are close to the player they start making hissing noise for about 1.5 sec and then starts hitting! 

They can cause even a ton of damage to our society and the player. They are even able to make holes in the buildings and structures.    

In short

Minecraft creepers are the main opposers in any Minecraft. Minecraft creepers are thought to be plant-animal. Dead grass is similar to Creepers! Have a four-leg tall vertical pixelated structured body with a range of green and whites.

How To Avoid a Minecraft Creeper! 

Yeah, we think we need to avoid Minecraft creepers but well! The only way to avoid a Minecraft creeper is to run fast as you can.

And what if we want to kill a creeper! 

Yes, you can kill him by throwing fire on the creeper but from a distance, you might hurt yourself, this technique can be useful.

How To Make a Creeper Firework In Minecraft!

What you need are a paper and gunpowder.


  1. Open the crafting menu
  • Take the 3 by 3 crafting grid.
  1. Add Your Items For a Firework Rocket
  • If you use one gun powder your flight duration will be 1, similarly for 2 and 3
  • You can change your durations.
  • The paper and the gunpowder must be placed in the same way)(the first row, there should be 1 paper in the second box, in the second row there should be 1 gunpowder in the second box.

The construction of the basic firework rocket includes the following above mentioned steps

  1. Now To The Inventory Move Your Rocket

 How To Get a Creeper Head In Minecraft!

  • Firstly you need to find yourself both a creeper and a charged creeper
  • Now what you need to do is ignite your charged creeper, for this purpose, do select the steel and flint in your Hotbar. Then point your pointer towards the charged creeper.
  • When the charged creeper explodes, both mobs will be dead and a hole would be seen because of the explosion. Since when the charged creeper has killed your creeper, you now have to find the creeper head floating on the ground where the hole of the explosion is found. The head may disappear, you need to find it before its disappearance, and in this way, you can have the head of a creeper.

Defeating a Minecraft Creeper

The upper hand of a creeper when encountered is the stealth, Minecraft creepers are usually slow and they can even reverse their explosion time if the players have left their range.

So here is an advantage for the player, the player can easily hit the Minecraft creeper and quickly run back before the creeper explodes. If this process is repeated so yes we can defeat a creeper!

This process is not so difficult even the new players who have just started can do this easily.

Another useful way is fireworks discussed above but wait here! The player must run away as soon and far as possible because once this process is done the creeper explosion can not be stopped.

The player should also use shields and most importantly they should block at the correct time as a little delay can cause the death of the player.

Some Tips From Us

  1. Avoid Minecraft Creeper.
  1. Try to minimize contact if you don’t have your good defense which includes the ranged weapons, like bows, and swords.
  1. Look for an area where the creepers could not reach before quitting the game as they can attack you whenever you come back (you don’t want this right?)
  1. Here comes your other advantage, the creepers are bad swimmers so yes, you can defeat them in water. You can easily hit them and run out from their detonation range, this is similar for high ground level when fighting on the ground.
  1. The farther from the creeper you are, the less damage would be.
  1. If you are blocking yourself by a shield while detonating you would be safe. Use shields!
  1. Creepers detonate when you tap on them with a flint or steel. This case is the same for charged creepers.
  1. Creepers are thought to be plant-animal. Dead grass is similar to Creepers!
  1. The range of detonation of a creeper is determined by the player’s difficulty mode.
  1. The traditional color for creepers is black and green.
  1. You can use a spawn egg to spawn a creeper.

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