Minecraft Earth Update is Rolling Out:

Wait here, miners! Were you expecting a new Minecraft Earth update filled with a handful amount of new adventures? This new latest version has been now obviously optimized for different devices. It is just released today.

The wait is now over a new update for Minecraft earth is out now! 

The Minecraft earth has officially for this update:

So miners are you excited about this, now no more wait. Let us talk about this new update. 

Review of this update:

New Stuff included:

here is a bunch of new stuff included so let us check it out:

  •  Miners now Leveling up just means getting more rewards. Now you can earn rewards every time you level up!
  • Now, A new season is coming out and it will be full of goodness. Season 8: Badlands is coming soon!
  • Were you looking out for nifty new blocks in Minecraft Earth, the Carved Pumpkin, and the Jack o’Lantern? So they are now available. 

New Mobs & Variants:

  • There are now dough many Cow mobs, but this new mob is just like a dream crumb true. The snacktucular Cookie Cow can now be found in tappable near you! 

Bug Fixes:

  • So a handful amount of bug fixes is included.

Et Cetera!

  • If you are an Android 11 Beta user, you may experience crashes on launch.
  • When on iOS 14, you may be unable to activate minifigs in the Boosts menu.
  • Some Carved Pumpkins cannot be placed on the sides of other blocks, but only on top of them.

Go check this Out Now;

So miners! This is something we think you will regret not giving a chance, Minecraft earth is releasing its updates at a very high pace, and this is a good one like everyone. so check this out now and do tell us your review on this new update.

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Peace Out!

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