Minecraft Flowers

Hi Miners! So, today we are going to review Minecraft Flowers for you. Although, it seems that they are simple plants that you see in Minecraft but these flowers definitely add value to the game.

Minecraf flowers are a naturally-occurring plants that you’ll find in Minecraft. You’ll find them in many shapes and colors.

So, if you love plants and want to explore various shapes and colors of these flowers. You are at the right place!

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Minecraft Flowers
Minecraft Flowers

Flowers Generation

Minecraft flowers generate on dirt or grass block in any Biome. Also, there are few flowers which only spawn in a specific Biome.

Moreover, sometime these plants spawn in snow as well. So, you can see that one block is in snow and the other is a grass block and has a flower on it.

Few flowers like Sunflower, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Rose Bush and Peony spawn when the world starts. Whereas others spawn any time in the game.

How to Obtain Minecraft Flowers

Now, we know you have a question..

Yeah! right. You want to know how to obtain these flowers?

Pluck or Break a flower

Ok So, Minecraft flowers can be plucked by hand or by any item you have. A flower can also break when water runs over it. Also, if a piston pushes a block to a flower’s location. It will break.

Chest loot

You can find Dandelion and Poppies in plains village house chests. They are usually in stack of 1.

Flower biomes

These plants can be obtained from Flower Biomes. so, some of them naturally generate in few Biomes. Likewise, Sunflower and few others only generate at the generation of the world.


Poppies are dropped by Iron golems, when they die. Also, if a mob is killed by Wither. It drops a Wither Rose.


Baby villages sometimes give you poppies. But that happens when you defend a raid on the village and get the Hero of the village.


Wondering Traders can give you Roses in exchange of Emerald.

Bone meal

Bone meal acts as a Fertilizer. So, if you apply a Bone meal onto a Grass block. You have greater chance of generating flowers instead of grass.

Dandelion in Minecraft

Type of Minecraft Flowers


Dandelion are nice little flowers in Minecraft which naturally spawn in all biomes except the Nether. Also, they spawn in Swamp from Bone Meal‌ in Minecraft PE only.

Sunflower in Minecraft


We all know what sunflowers are in real life and they are pretty much the same in Minecraft. Sunflowers are yellow flowers which always point to the east. They are rare and have their own Sunflower Plains Biome. They only spawn on initial geneartion of the world.

Poppy Flower in Minecraft


Poppy flowers can be planted on dirt or grass. They are mostly used to make red dyes in Minecraft.

Minecraft Flowers - Cornflower


Cornflowers spawn in plains and forests. You can also get them if you use Bone meal in plains or forest. You can also create blue dye from it.

Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid can only be found in Swamp biomes. So, that makes them a bit unique. You can use them to craft light blue dyes.

Minecraft Flower - Allium


Allium flower is also known as ‘Wild onion‘. You can only find them in Flower forests. They have magenta color. So, can use them to make magenta dye. Also, you can arrange them in Flower pot.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

So, Lily of the Valley is a rare flower in Minecraft. You will see them in flower forests. You can use it to create White dye.

Azure Bluet Minecraft

Azure Bluet

Azure Bluet are little white flowers. They are usually found in all grassy biomes. They are great for decoration. Also, used for crafting Light Gray Dye.

Lilac Flower


Lilac generates on the generation of the Minecraft world. They are usually in forests. Also, you can create Magenta Dye from them.

Tulip Flower in Minecraft


Tulips are one of the beautiful flowers in Minecraft. They occur in flower forests and plains. These flowers come in four colors Red, White, Pink and Orange.

Wither Rose Minecraft Flower

Wither Rose

So, a Wither Rose is one the rare plants in Minecraft. Wither Rose has negative properties unlike the other plants. So, if any mob goes near a Wither Rose, it gets a damage of 1. Wither Roses drop when Wither kills a mob. So, the mob dies and leaves behind a Wither Rose.

Minecraft Flowers - Peony


Peony is a very attractive flower in Minecraft. You can use it to decorate your house. We can create a Pink Dye from it. You will find them in the Forests. They always spawn at world’s initiation.

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy are the most common flowers in Minecraft. You’ll find them around in the Plain Biomes. Also, some Flower forests have them as well. You can craft a Light Grey Dye with them.

Rose Bush Minecraft

Rose Bush

So, Rose Bush is the last one on the list. As they are Red Roses so you can obtain Red Dye from them. You’ll find them laying around in all of the Forests in Minecraft.

Uses of Flowers in Minecraft

Certainly, Flowers are of major importance in Minecraft. You can use them for many purposes. Let’s review some of the uses of Minecraft flowers.

  • You can use Flowers for decoration
  • Can be crafted into dyes
  • Some flowers are used to craft suspicious stew
  • Bees use flowers for pollinating
  • Use Sunflowers for navigation as they always face east
  • You can use Dandelions for breeding rabbits
  • Wither Rose can cause 1 damage every half second in Minecraft Java and every 2 seconds in Minecraft PE.

So, folks these were some useful facts about Minecraft flowers. If you want to know more about Minecraft, checkout Minecraft Guide.

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