Minecraft Free Download

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there.

With more than 91 million active monthly users, Minecraft is definitely ruling this arena for a decade now.

After release back in 2009, It has never look back.

Every year we have seen more and more people downloading Minecraft.

Many websites claim Minecraft Free Download but they are fake ones.

Minecraft Download

Minecraft PC version (Minecraft Java Edition) is available to download from Minecraft website.

For instruction on how to download follow the steps explained here : How to download Minecraft

You can download Trail version of Mineraft for free. Even play demo world as well.

You won’t be allowed to play online with this free download though.

For playing online and other features you need to buy it from Minecraft.net for just $26.95.

Minecraft PE Download

We know most of our readers love playing games on their mobile devices. For those of you out there. You can get Minecraft Pocket Edition for your Android phones in just $6.99. Click here to download it now.

Minecraft Free Download APK

Minecraft is also available for mobile devices. Therefore this is a separate version released by Mojang for Mobile phones, tablets and Xbox.

You can also host your own servers or buy Minecraft Realms and play online with your friends.

There are many websites with Minecraft Free Download claims but there is no truth in it.

Minecraft Global has always look for best Minecraft resources to share with our community and we have exclusively got access to Minecraft apk.


Click the link below that says Minecraft Free Download APK.

This will download the .APK file for you.

You can simply install it on your mobile and you will be ready to play!

Minecraft Downloads

Amazingly, Minecraft has sold 176 million copies across all major platforms now. There has been evident increase in number of downloads since last year.

Mostly, due to the fact that Mojang is more focused on releasing the game on all the platforms out there. Engaging more and more players.


Minecraft is still going strong with millions of active users. It is the most popular game ever now.

If we closely look at the progress it has made so far. The numbers are staggering.

We at Minecraft Global believe that soon it will be played on every PC out there. Our mission is to spread the love of Minecraft to the corners of the world.

Moreover, if you are still confused.

For instructions on how to download Minecraft check this link.

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