Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack comes to Bedrock

Hi folks! We are here to share yet another exciting news with you. Mojang has just released Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack for Bedrock edition.

So, this means it is now available on Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Want to know more about this official Mass Effect pack? Take it easy we have everything you want to know.. 🙂

First, a Good News for all those miner who already own this Mass Effect pack on Java Edition. You can have it on Bedrock for FREE!!

Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack

So, lets dig into it and see what we get in this Pack.

First, we get thirty six Mass Effect character skins. These are pretty cool skins to try specially if you love hi-tech and sci-fi stuff. Here’s a preview of few of the skins available in this pack.

Apart from skins, you get Mass Effect rich game textures. So, yes all the mobs look pretty cool with these textures added to them. Also, the blocks look more real give a nice vibes.

Also, you get Mass effect themed menus and 3 cool soundtracks!

And,…A complete world featuring the Mars Base Camp.

Minecraft Mars Base Camp

This world is pretty well crafted. You have a Mars Base at the center with some high-tech facility. A spaceship stationed in the middle.

If you roam around, you’ll notice some cool structures. Like temple and houses. Interestingly, some villagers as well.

How to Download

Mojang has added the Minecraft Mass Effect pack to Minecraft Marketplace and you can follow the link to Download the Mass Effect pack. They have added screenshots of how it looks and a 3D viewer as well.

That’s it folks!
Keep checking back for all the latest Minecraft news and updates.

Have a Good day!

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