Minecraft Mushroom Farming Tutorial

Hey miners! Have you heard of the Minecraft mushroom farming tutorial? No? No need to worry, in this Minecraft guide article we will take you to the information, procedure, and all the important things about the Minecraft mushroom tutorial. 

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Minecraft mushroom farming tutorial:


Mushroom is on the items present in Minecraft, they are used for a variety of purposes.

Minecraft offers 3 types of mushrooms.

  1. Huge mushrooms.
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Small mushrooms. 

You can farm all these kinds of mushrooms. 

Now, let us start how to farm mushrooms in Minecraft.

Farming huge mushrooms:

Firstly, when farming huge mushrooms you need a bone meal, which when placed on a red or brown mushroom will cause a huge mushroom to grow. 

If you have provided the huge area and planted it on the correct block then a single huge mushroom can give you up to 20 mushrooms as a reward.

The necessary  requirements to grow  huge mushrooms are:

  1. The huge mushroom would grow one block shorter than the height provided, for eg; if you will provide 8 blocks the huge mushroom will grow 6 blocks in length. So you should try to provide them a good area. 
  1. An ideal area to grow mushrooms is 7×7. It should be noted that the blocks which are adjacent to the stalk, must be left free. 
  2. Plant your mushrooms on the podzol, dirt area, grass, or on the mycelium blocks. 
  1. You can place some dirt blocks where you think the stems of the mushrooms are supposed to be. This will help in blocking the light and making the mushroom more closed to the surface as it can be. Once your mushroom has grown you can dig up a tunnel and clear all the dirt blocks.
  1. It should be noted, these are huge mushrooms and can grow as much as they want, so, provide them an ideal farm space of 7x7x8, in this provided space, we bet your bone meal will never fail.

Process of farming huge mushrooms:

The ideal space requirement for farming huge mushrooms are 7x7x8, and a suitable space ground. If you are farming huge mushrooms outside so it’s best for you to use mycelium blocks or podzol. 

Podzol is very easily achievable, to grow a podzol plant, plant a giant spruce tree containing four saplings, and hold on to it until it grows. When your plant is grown up, firstly, chop the tree you will see a newly formed podzol you can use that to farm your huge mushrooms, and secondly,  then bone meal it up. It will not require any manual work, because the mycelium will spread itself to dirt easily. 

Another way of farming huge mushrooms outside is based ion timings, that is, dig a block 1×1 to the desired place you want to see your mushroom farms, place a water filled bucket in the dug 1×1 hole, and then immediately, with out any delay place a mushroom and bone meal in the hole, other wise the mushroom will unplant on the spot.

Small mushrooms farming:

The mushrooms will not grow at a place where the light level is greater than 12 so, you have to choose the place where the light sources are low.  You can place mushrooms everywhere. But, some areas like non solid blocks,  transparent blocks, will not require sand, water, and extra space. The player can also plant them at night at a place where the level of light is less than 12, some exceptions are the mycelium and the podzol which can be planted and will stay in even full light.  They are also able to slowly spread to opaque blocks, even on the blocks where they can not be planted. 

Whereas, the small mushrooms are to be farmed in low lit under room places, so here comes a danger which is the risk of hostile mobs spawning, an exception is the peaceful mode. 

Avoiding hostile mobs:

So, we have listed some ways which you can use to avoid spawning of hostile mobs, they are:

  1. Miners! You can place several numbers of soul fire torches, as a result, they will emit light of level 10, thus, this level of light is dark enough for mushrooms to grow easily, and is bright enough to prevent the spawning of hostile mobs.
  1. The second way to prevent mobs is to place the normal torches above the height of two blocks from the desired place where you want to see your mushrooms. 
  1. It should be noted, mobs do not spawn in small places, so farming in nether is useful. 
  1. Another technique you can use to prevent mobs is, building up your farm one block high, and tarmacking all the walkways with slabs. The slabs will help to make a boundary to your farm, as the mobs can not spawn on tall buildings, such as half blocks or one block tall area.
  1. You can use a water system in order to channel the mushrooms out of the farm or make them to the collection point.

Absolutely, These techniques will help you a lot in preventing the hostile mobs spawning when farming indoor low lit small mushrooms.

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When it comes to mooshrooms, shearing them will result in the dropping of 5 mushrooms, and will convert itself to a normal cow.

The good thing is that after every 5 or more or fewer minutes the mooshrooms are able to enter in the love mode and can make a baby, and the baby is able to replace the adult mooshrooms which are done shearing. 

Farming mushrooms in Minecraft:

Now, let us move towards the process of farming mushrooms in Minecraft. 

Mooshroom farming:

The farming of mooshrooms includes the breeding of mooshrooms cows or striking the normal cows with lightning, and after that then you have to shear them with your respective mushroom desire.

After the process of shearing, you will get 5 mushrooms dropped. This is the most cheap and quickest method from which you can obtain a large number of mushrooms in a very short time. 

Basic small mushrooms farming: 

When it comes to farming small mushrooms you have to make it sure that your farm is monster free. 


When farming the small mushrooms, you have to build a room that is two blocks high and make it as large as your desired area. 

At regular intervals now you have to dig one block up ceiling up to your room, for lighting you have to place torches. 

These will cast 12 levels of lights at the height floor, this will allow the mushrooms to grow and spread easily. To avoid mobs you can place torches after every 6 blocks.

The above mentioned recipe of the farm will help your mushrooms grow faster, you can place the mushrooms on the floor and then wait for them to grow and spread.

You can use another way which is making a farm one block high and finishing the walk ways with the slabs, and then use a water system to channel the mushrooms.

This will remove the danger of spawning mobs because it should be noted, mobile can not spawn on tall buildings like half blocks or one block tall buildings. You can also farm in nether because of its small area because mobs do not spawn in small areas.

These ways may seem you slow so if you want a fast growth you can use the following method:

Prepare a large underground room and then bonemeal can be used for having fast growth, as a result. They can be further mined in order to mushroom per mushroom blocks.


If you want a proper bone meal source you can grow wheat, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, melons, and the use of a composer which will help in making these crops into bone meal.

Tunnel method:

Another method to farm red mushrooms at any desired place without the help of mycelium is a tunnel method. In this method what you have to do is start digging a tunnel from the exact point you want your mushroom to sprout or grow

now, plant the mushroom below two or three blocks, use light and bone meal, if your mushroom is underground enough it will probably not pop up.

So, if your mushroom is not growing you should check the way of mushrooms. There may be many blocks, in this case, plant the mushrooms near the ground so it will help the mushrooms grow easily.

There are further two ways of farming which are:

  1. Semi automatic farming.
  2. Fully automatic farming. 

Semi automatic farming:

This method includes the following steps.

  1. Use red stones and place them two blocks far in a 15 blocks line. 
  2. Place a button in this circuit.
  3. Fill the left empty spaces with the sticky pistons. 
  4. Attach a lever to the circuit. Adjusts the lengths of the circuit according to your length.
  5. Place the seeds of the mushrooms on the dirt area of the red stone.
  6. Dislodge the mushrooms by pressing the mushrooms.
  7. Flip the lever and it will let the water come to the mushrooms.
  8. Allow the water to spill through the channel, and bring the mushrooms to you. 

Fully automatic farming:

There are further 4 ways in fully automatic farming. You can do automatic farming by following ways:

With a water dispenser and a light circuit:

In this process, you have to do following steps:

plant the mushrooms on the central platform, in this area the water one time in a day, and will deliver newly fresh mushrooms to the hoppers and their last destiny the chests.

You can make the platforms one block high to make it more efficient, ideally, they should be 3 blocks high.  It should be noted that the mushrooms do not spread on glass made platforms. 

Using pistons: 

You can make an automatic farm by using pistons. This requires the following steps.

You need a room with a height of 2.  A 2 blocks wide water stream is to be placed in this room which is going to transport the mushrooms out of the room, at last place the pistons which should be facing towards the water stream.

It should be noted, in the area where no mushrooms are planted should have the pistons should be placed.

Direct the water stream to your desired point and then wire the pistons on the outside switch, make the room completely dark, male the opening wide for about 1×1 in area.

Last but not the least, activate the pistons this will make the mushrooms inside harvest and will eventually push them to the water stream, after collecting the mushroom reset the farm by just deactivating the pistons.

You do not have to plant again. 

Dry farming:

Last but not the least, the method of dry farming. The setup includes;

Place two sets of pistons that should be facing each other on the other side where the mushroom row has been planted.

When you will push the button a signal will be sent which will result in the popping of the mushrooms.  The second set of piston’s function is to reset the farm on the respective signal.

Usually, due to the unavailability of the wet method, this is used in the nether update. A benefit of the dry method is the low source requirement and its simplicity.

So miners, now you have learned how to make a mushroom farm of your own so go get yours now! 

Peace Out!

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