Minecraft Name Tag Tricks

Hi Miners, Minecraft is a pretty unique game in every aspect, from their never-ending world to the random structures that can be found. Mojang has made a great impact in the gaming community with Minecraft. Also you might be interested in the list of Top best Minecraft hosting servers so give it a read.

Best Minecraft Name Tag Tricks

As Mojang never fails to amuse us with their unique ideas, they have also hidden some of the best Easter eggs in Minecraft

So in this article, we shall be discussing all the name tag Easter eggs Minecraft has hidden

If you don’t know what name tags are then don’t worry let’s first discuss what a name tag is?

Minecraft Name Tag

Name Tag
Name Tag

Name tags in Minecraft are not essential to beat the game but they are definitely an item dearly loved by the community and especially animal lovers. Just tame your dog with a bone and give it a name then go on to an amazing journey and explore the world.

Using a name tag is not a complicated trick, it does not require any unique textures pack nor does it demand any specific settings, and it is not even bound to any specific gaming platform like Xbox or PlayStation.

Name tags are items that can help you customize the name of any mob you like. You can rename mobs with whatever you want. Your in-game wolf can be named after your real-life pet and its name will be displayed on everyone’s screen (whoever looks at your wolf) how cool is that for a pet lover?

Note that once your wolf or any other re-named mob is killed they will not drop any name tags.

If it is an NPC then they can be renamed Except the Ender dragon

It is not a very common item in Minecraft it does not have any Crafting recipe and you can use it to name any animal or mob but not a real person.

Where to find Minecraft Name tags

It is not a very common item in Minecraft and it does not have any Crafting recipe so the only way to find them is either Fishing, Trading, or searching them in certain locations.

Minecraft Name tags can be found in chests. You can find them inside dungeon chests, minecarts, buried treasure chests, and other places where a chest can be found. Also, you can find them like treasures from fishing.

How to use Minecraft Name tags

To name a mob, you will first need to name the tag with the help of an anvil (as shown in the image below). It costs one experience level. Now you can place that new renamed tag on any mob you like

How to rename name tags

Top Minecraft Name Tag Easter eggs

So, hopefully, now you know what name tags are. Let’s move on and check out some of the coolest Minecraft name tag Easter eggs.

Dinerbone tag

So the first name tag Easter egg is Dinnerbone.

If you name a mob Dinnerbone in your Minecraft world it will turn it upside down. Yes, and it will still roam around your world whilst being upside down. The best part about this trick is that you can even turn hostile mobs and bosses upside down.

It can be a fun way to mess around with your friends who are new to Minecraft. You can leave them scratching their head when they see upside-down mobs.

My favorite animal to use the name tag is the Spider, turn it upside down and let it crawl on your friend’s ceiling or hang from its cob-web.

Dinnerbone-Minecraft name tag tricks
Dinnerbone-Minecraft name tag tricks

Grumm name tag

This one is similar to Dinnerbone. and it also turns any mob upside down.

Fun fact: Dinnerbone and Grumm both are developers of the game

Grumm-Minecraft name tag tricks
Grumm-Minecraft name tag tricks

Rainbow Sheep

Rainbow sheep-jeb_
Rainbow sheep-jeb_

Rainbow sheep or better known as disco sheep can be acquired by naming any sheep “jeb_” This is one of my favorite name tag Easter eggs in Minecraft. This name tag won’t work on any other mob. Just take a sheep and name it jeb_, this will cause the wool of the sheep to continuously change colors and cycle along with all the colors available in a sheep. Now you have got a disco ball as a pet. Although upon sheering a disco sheep it will not drop rainbow-colored wool instead the color of the wool block will be based on its original color.

Fun Fact: jeb_ is the leading developer in Minecraft, No wonder why his name has the coolest Easter egg.

Rabbit named “Toast”

Toast image from minecraft wiki-Minecraft name tag tricks

This is an emotional story about a Minecraft player and Reddit user known as xyzen420, whose pet-rabbit, Toast, went missing in 2014 and was never found again. The player requested Mojang via Twitter to add his rabbit in Minecraft in remembrance and the developers were obliged!

They added Toast in Minecraft. Now, whenever you name rabbits “Toast” their skin textures will change into black and white (as shown in the image below) in remembrance of the beloved bunny.

If you ever saw a killer rabbit, it will attack you and will cause damage, and will kill you. So, a trick for this is to name it to toast. This will make it a normal bunny. and its skin will also be updated. Isn’t it the coolest of all the Minecraft name tag tricks?

Sadly The killer bunny has now been removed from the game saying that “It is a tired joke and has been referenced in many games”

Irregular Bosses

Except for the Ender Dragon, You can also use “Dinnerbone” on Bosses such as the Wither, Elder guardian, and Warden Isn’t it cool?

Wither Dinnerbone-Minecraft name tag tricks
Wither Dinnerbone-Minecraft name tag tricks

Here’s Johnny!

Johnny-Minecraft name tag tricks

A vindicator is one of the Pillagers that can be found during village raids and woodland Mansions. Vindicators already being hostile against players when named “Johnny” will attack every mob it sees and will chop down every animal that comes in its way.

Johnny is not even afraid of the Ender Dragon nor the Wither although he might not survive still he won’t go down without trying

This name tag easter egg comes from the famous scene “Here’s Johnny” from the movie “The Shining”.

These are all the name tag Easter eggs Minecraft has as of writing this article, We will surely cover the topic whenever Mojang adds a new easter egg in the game.

Minecraft Name tag tricks

Although Name tags don’t seem to be a very complicated item. They do have some really helpful uses in the game.

Here are a couple of name tag tricks that might be helpful for you.

Name a creeper
Name a creeper

Immortalize any Hostile Mob.

Unlike any other passive animal, Hostile creatures do tend to de-spawn after some time. And if you don’t want that to happen and want to have some fun or keep a Captive or as a Pet, you can do this simple trick. When you rename a hostile mob it will never de-spawn just like any other animal. Although it will still hurt you and will still die if you hit them back.

Other Facts About Name Tags.

To be exact this is not any sort of Easter egg, Instead, this is a simple hack that can be used in some situations. If you want to rename multiple animals with the same name then you should name all the name tags together that way it will only cost you one experience level.

So for instance, if you rename an entire stack of name tags as shown below in the image it will only cost you one experience level. and that is pretty important if you are at the beginning of your world.

Multiple name tags
Multiple name tags


Does JEB_ only work on sheep?

Unfortunately yes, jeb_ only works on sheep. That is why it is also called rainbow sheep.

What happens if two dinner bone villagers breed?

If two mobs that are named dinner bone, breed, their baby will be normal and not upside down. Here is a YouTube video to answer your questions.

Do name mobs drop name tags?

No NPC that is renamed will drop name tags. Only a player who has a tag in his inventory will drop a name tag after being killed.

What do you need to name a name tag in Minecraft?

To name a name tag all you need is an anvil and at least 1xp

Anvil Recipe


The name tag is a really fun item to use in Minecraft you can use it to either name your beloved pets or immortalize any mob you like. While having multiple tricks name tag also has a few of the best Easter eggs hidden in Minecraft. There are 4 different easter eggs related to name tags in Minecraft (Dinnerbone or Grumm, jeb_, Johnny, and Toast). So, folks, these are the cool Minecraft name tag tricks.

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