Minecraft Name Tag Tricks

Hi Miners, as you know we post new tricks for you guys to check daily. Today, we will review some of the top Minecraft name tag tricks. So, stay with us and check out these cool name tag tricks.

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Firstly, if you don’t know, lets see what is a Minecraft Name Tag.

Minecraft Name Tag

If you play Minecraft, then you should be aware of Name Tags.

They are just names you can give to characters or mobs in Minecraft.

Minecraft Name Tags

Certainly, It is a very common item in Minecraft and you can use it to name any animal or mob except any other player or Ender Dragon.

Where to find Minecraft Name tags

Minecraft Name tags can be found in chests. You can find them in dungeon chests or chest minecarts. Also, you can find them as treasure from fishing.

Likewise, Librarian Villagers can also give you name tags for 20 emeralds.

How to use a Minecraft Name tags

To name a mob or animal, simply hold the name tag in your hand and then click on the mob. Now, you can give it any name you like.

Top Minecraft Name Tag Tricks

So, hopefully now you know what name tags are. Let’s move on and check some really cool Minecraft name tag tricks you’ll ever need.

Dinerbone tag

So, first one is Dinnerbone.

Minecraft name tag tricks - Dinnerbone

If you name a mob Dinnerbone in your Minecraft world it will turn upside down. Yes, and it will still roam around your world with upside down.

Grumm name tag

This one is similar to Dinnerbone. So, if you name a mob Grumm. This will turn it to upside down.

Rainbow Sheep

This name tag trick is pretty simple. Just take a sheep and name it jeb_

Minecraft name tags tricks - sheep

This will turn this sheep into a rainbow sheep. In other words, it will change it’s color every new second.

Special bunny Skin

There are many skins for a bunny but there’s also a special skin you can get when you name a bunny with a name tag Toast.

Minecraft name tag tricks - toast

Killer bunny trick

If you saw a killer bunny, you know he will attack you and can cause damage. So, a trick for this is to name it toast. This will make it a normal bunny. Isn’t it the coolest of all the minecraft name tag tricks?

Killer bunny trick

Boss Mob trick

You can use name tags on Boss Mobs. Isn’t it cool?

Boss mob trick

Like you can turn them upside down with using Dinnerbone name tag.

Vindicator trick

And this is the last one of Minecraft name tag tricks.

As we know that vindicator is hostile to players and villagers only. So, a cool trick is if you name them Johnny, they will be hostile to all mobs.

Vindicator name tags trick

So, folks there were some cool Minecraft name tag tricks you should know.

If you have some cool Minecraft name tag tricks to share with the community. Do write us at [email protected]

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