Minecraft Nether Rap – A Minecraft Rap Show

Hey miners! So we are here with the most exciting news of the year! The Minecraft Nether rap show! 

So, miners, this show isn’t so much far away, just on the counts of some hours. The Minecraft nether rap show is going to take place on 21st November, Saturday. A something to know is that this show will have some of your favorite artists, B Dolan, Kimya Dawson, and Rob sonic. Last but not least this show will be hosted by an amazing English rap icon Scroobius pip.

Furthermore, Below we have a Image, from which you can see the official posters for the show: 

NetherRap- Minecraft Rap Show

NetherRap- Minecraft Rap Show

The show will be at exactly 6 pm EST. the most exciting thing is that the gamers are able to attend the live performances and witness the coolest event around, and if you are unable to join them so do not worry the show will also be live-streamed via Twitch. so there would be no one who will be missing the show…

Creators and Artists:

The show is curated by B Dolan.

Along with, the show will have obviously, limitless fun and a bunch of the best artists one by one who is:  Kimya Dawson, Rob Sonic, Sammus, Mega Ran, Eligh, E-Turn, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Digital Monster, and the  Austin (Nerfking).

This is a show which is worth spending your time on, A show in the Minecraft universe! in addition, if you are one of the people who are attending the live show and you want to support the creators here are some good things you can do:

Supporting the show:

  1. Buying the official nether rap merchandise. 
  2. Buying a VIP ticket to access more features. 
  3. Subscribing to the B Dolan Patreon for more VIP benefits, and more content which will help you stay up to date.

So miners, what do you think of this show? Are you going to be a part of this exclusive event and have fun or going to watch it live streamed? Do tell us in the comments…. 

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