Frogs And Tadpoles: All you Need To Know About | 1.19 Update

With the new 1.19 Wild Update, there are a number of new things introduced in the game, from new biomes to new mobs to play with. Mojang has decided to finally introduce... Read more »
All You Need To Know About Allay of 1.19 Update

All You Need To Know About Allay of 1.19 Update (2022)

Minecraft recently released 1.19 Wild update in all the platforms where players are enjoying some new and exciting additions featured in this update. This update surely made some players return to the... Read more »
Greatest Minecraft Records that won't be beaten soon

Greatest Minecraft Records That Won’t Be Beaten Soon

In this article, reviewed and listed some of the greatest Minecraft records that won’t be beaten soon. 13- The Wood Chopper What’s the first thing you do when you hop on to... Read more »
Why is Minecraft So Popular

Why is Minecraft So Popular?

Hey fellow reader, Today we will be discussing the most popular game and one of the few games to stay relevant for such a long time on the planet currently i.e Minecraft.... Read more »
Minecraft nether rap show

Minecraft Nether Rap – A Minecraft Rap Show

Hey miners! So we are here with the most exciting news of the year! The Minecraft Nether rap show!  So, miners, this show isn’t so much far away, just on the counts... Read more »
New Minecraft Bedrock Beta is Rolling Out

New Minecraft Bedrock Beta is Rolling Out

Hey miners! So we are here with the new and exciting news for Xbox One, Windows 10, and android version players. The wait is over! The new Minecraft beta is out. Minecraft Bedrock... Read more »
Minecraft Winter DLC

The Minecraft Winter DLC is Here

Hey miners! So the news is here which we were waiting for so long to tell you, the wait is over the creeping Minecraft winter DLC is here!  Without any delay let... Read more »
Welcome to the Minecraft Sports Resort

Welcome to the Minecraft Sports Resort

Hola folks! so, we are here with a piece of new news now, which is just about the new Minecraft Sports resort which is just released. It is presented to you by... Read more »
New Minecraft Pizza Simulator

New Minecraft Pizza Simulator is here!

Hey, miners, were you excited about the new Minecraft news? So here you go! Minecraft market place officially tweeted about the New Minecraft Pizza Simulator and map which is now available. Lets... Read more »
Minecraft Earth Update

Minecraft Earth Update is Rolling Out:

Wait here, miners! Were you expecting a new Minecraft Earth update filled with a handful amount of new adventures? This new latest version has been now obviously optimized for different devices. It... Read more »