Minecraft update 1.15

When is the next Minecraft update 1.15 in 2019?

UPDATE: Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees released! Read complete review HERE. Hey, what’s up guys it’s a dream here with some breaking news we just got the new Minecraft update 1.15.  The most... Read more »
Minecraft 1.14.4 What's New?

What’s new in Minecraft 1.14.4

Welcome readers, hold onto your seats as this is going to be a thorough review of Minecraft 1.14.4 update. Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage was released on April 23rd and this 1.14.4... Read more »
Minecraft 1.15 update

Minecraft 1.15 What’s New?

UPDATE: Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees Released. Read complete review HERE Since after the 1.14 update, It’s been long talked about what changes will be in Minecraft 1.15 and what new to expect... Read more »
Minecraft vs Fortnite

Minecraft vs Fortnite

Minecraft being the most sold game ever VS fortnite the fastest growing game. This is a never ending debate but to some extent both games have pros and cons Read more »