Minecraft planes are Here!

Minecraft market presents you super planes by pathway studios. Hey miners! Were you waiting for a new healthy Minecraft news? So your wait is over. We are very excited to tell you that now you are going to be a Minecraft pilot. Yes! So many planes to fly, so many towns to explore, and loads of uniforms to show off.


The official Minecraft tweet:

Review on Minecraft market planes:

Let us have a review of Minecraft plane, which is presented to you by Mazario studio and pathway studios.

So now, you can become an official pilot and be in the height of skies and explore every town that you ever dreamed of.

Some cool thing this plane allows you are:

  • You can choose your favorite Plane.
  • Choose your favorite, adventurous town, to explore.
  • Especially, you can unlock new planes.
  • So many new challenges to go with and complete them.
  • At the time, you are going to have new 5 skins.
  • You can also play with community creation from the Minecraft market place.
  • You can change the view of your plane inside while flying it easily, by just swiping the screen to the target area.
  •  You can loose your unfamiliar environment, and enter into a new good phase.

So miners,  Go now and take one of the new 15planes and reach to the skies and become a flying legend! 

You can choose your next new destination and take a commercial flight, a private flight too or military planes to the next city. Visit the international city airport and military base. 

You can have a flight from city to city.

It offers you + 15 new planes and as well as many new color variants and besides + 11 new grounds and safety vehicles + 2 city locations which will be all new. 

We don’t think you should wait for this fabulous item, so go and check this out now!

Also, you can check out!

Peace Out!

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