Top 10 Minecraft RPG Servers

Hit the join server button and you are in a new world of blocks. Isn’t it amazing? Hey miners! a good idea to join a server in Minecraft but whenever choosing we always need the best so In this article we have rounded up the Top 10 Minecraft RPG servers.


The first thing that comes into the mind is what is an RPG? RPG stands for role-playing games. the place where a gamer can control a character (characters) which is fictional being in an imaginary world.

The huge online worlds by the Minecraft company are called servers. Each of the servers is unique and allows the player to make friends and join the community. Servers are the gateway to expand your horizons in Minecraft. There are hundreds of servers that can be joined but shouldn’t we join the best of them. if you don’t have any idea about what could be the best servers don’t worry we have listed the top 10 Minecraft RPG servers.

All of the servers listed below are easy to join and will surely give you a journey to explore and play freely.

The question arising in your mind right now would be is it safe to join Minecraft servers, so miners yes they are safe for more than half part but they can cause you some risks. They will have your IP address which they can use to steal your data or even disrupt your data.

Now, let’s come to the 

Top 10 Minecraft RPG Servers

1) Mineplex

  • The largest existing Minecraft server. it contains multiple zones and places to play a vast variety of games.
  • Mineplex is populated by thousands of players at a time.
  • The impressive detailing of mineplex is making it the best.
  • Mineplex is a free server.
  • You can take part in two-third of the mineplex experiences and can still make it the sole destination.
  • This server has even got its own version of smash bros.
  • They have got many things to do including painting, FPS games.
  • Hard to believe but they have really got active staff. 
  • The IP address if mineplex is or

 2) Brawl

  • Brawl is a java server community that you have never seen before.
  • If you are one of the players that are playing mine craft and missing the shooty bang gang so yes brawl server should be your priority.
  • Brawl is totally fun. Its games are featured with unique effects and gun games have unique textures.
  • If you die here you should have the feeling that you are going to start from where it has started.
  • The IP address for the brawl is

3) Grand theft Minecraft

  • It brings two of the biggest games together: Minecraft and grand theft auto.
  • You will have a fantastic recreation here like one of the GTA.
  • Having houses to own, weapons to shoot, policemen to evade are making this server one of the best servers of 2020.
  • The IP address for grand theft Minecraft is

4) Minescape

  • The efforts of two years resulted in the production of minescape. All the locations, mobs, and the skills in Runescape are faithfully produced.
  • The fans of Runescape can now also experience upgrading their skills on this carefully built server.
  • A solution for coal and metalliferous deposit and underground mining operation is provided best at minescape.
  • It provides you the best modeling and mine design functions.
  • The IP address for minescape is

5) Minewind

  • When it comes to minewind, you should not expect a pleasant experience here.
  • You are going to have a playground for players killing, griefers, and deception.
  • Here the main goal is to make yourself survive as long as you can.
  • Yes this a Minecraft but here you are going to come across unlimited mobs, killers, and double-crossers.
  •  The IP address for minewind is 

6) Pixel moncraft

  • One of the best online servers which take you to the pokemon-themed world.
  • The base of pixel moncraft is the Kanto and Johto regions which come from the Nintendo games.
  • This server recreates the areas of the town of your game and replicates the game as much as possible.
  • Animals are replaced by pokemon. You can catch them and use them in battles.
  • Try to avoid long grass in this server area. 
  • You can meet here the pokemon game for PC you always wanted.
  • The IP address for pixel moncraft is or

7) Pirate craft

  • When it comes to pirate craft you are going to experience sailing, building, and plundering.
  • The pirate craft is one of the most ambitious servers you will ever play.
  • You can build ships and sail across the sea.
  • Canons can be used to fire at an enemy.
  • The IP address for the pirate craft is

8) Desteria

  • The level and class of desteria make it one of the best faction-based servers.
  • It takes you to the RuneScape’s level 3-99 system.
  • This could be your favorite if you are an RPG fan because of its ideal depth.
  • Desteria is also home to an unbelievable environment.
  • It can also be your PVP game due to its selection of factions and four classes.
  • The IP address for desteria is

9) Ranch n craft

  • If you are a fan of line dancing, farming, and horse taming so ranch n craft should be the first priority.
  • Ranch and craft are best for you if you want to shoot out the wild west servers and be in simplicity in the country life.
  • If you are in one of those Minecraft players who feel most at home, this server is ideal for you.
  • The things you can do here are, start your own ranch, grow your favorite crops, breed your horses.
  • The server contains an active group of helpful moderators.
  • Ranch n Craft is one of the peaceful servers out here.
  • The IP address for ranch n craft is 

10) Hivemc 

  • Fun is waiting for you at hivemc. Here you will always be having new adventure weather starting from hide and seek to survival games.
  • It is counted in one of the best and largest servers around the world of Minecraft.
  • This server covers all the genres. coming up with always new mini-games.
  • The IP address for hivemc is

So miners now you got a list in your hands for the best servers. Are you excited now? but before this you should know the following important things: 

How much ram is needed to run a Minecraft server


We recommend you at least 3GB of physical ram in the computer. 

How to join a Minecraft server  

  1. To join a Minecraft server first you need to find a server you like, like anyone you liked mentioned above.
  2.  Grab the IP address.
  3. Load Minecraft selects multiplayer then hit the “add a server button”.
  4. Write the IP address and name the server.
  5.  You will now find yourself in a new world of blocks and people.

Miners, you now have a list of top 10 RPG servers of Minecraft and all the necessary things you needed to know, so you are ready to hit a new and wonderful world of blocks and people. Good

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