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Top Minecraft Servers List

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Why to join Top Minecraft Servers?

Well, the rule is simple. If you want to improve your game, you need to play with top players in the world.

Likewise, you can play on normal servers but if you play on top minecraft servers, you’ll know a lot of new stuff going on in this game.

Best Minecraft servers get new updates regularly. So, there are more chances of top Minecraft players to play on them.

How to join Minecraft servers

Today we’re gonna be going over something relatively simple and that is,

How to join a Minecraft servers?

Now I will be telling you how to join a Minecraft server on Minecraft Java edition.

But at the end of this article gonna be telling you.

How to join a Minecraft server on Minecraft bedrock edition or pocket edition?

So no matter what you’re looking for or on what platform you want to join a Minecraft server. I would be telling you how to do it first and foremost though this write up. 

Let’s just go ahead and jump on into this.

Join Minecraft Server (Java Edition)

Log into Minecraft Launcher

The first thing you want to do is once you’ve got Minecraft setup.

You are logged into the Minecraft Launcher.

Very very confident that it’s not changed since Minecraft was originally released.

Then it won’t change in the future, so we’re gonna join this server once we’re on the Minecraft main menu. 

Join Minecraft Servers

Select Multiplayer Option

Now, once you’re here on the main menu.

You just need to click on this Play button and multiplayer tab right.

Here it sits in the center of the screen, right here. Click on that multiplayer option.

Minecraft Multiplayer Menu

And we’re gonna be joining my server play.BreakdownCraft.com the best Minecraft survival server in the multiverse. 

We’ve got one dot 13.2 semi vanilla grief protected survival.

We’ve also got sky block that is the best out there come play on it with us. 

You will love it there are over 70 people online right now.

So, let’s go ahead and just add that server plate outbreak damn crap calm. 

The best in the universe but if you want to add another server you just need that server’s IP and you can add it here. 

Add New Server

Let’s go ahead and click on add server and then we’re gonna name this Minecraft server play.BreakdownCraft.com.

Minecraft Add Server

Because that is the IP of our server

Then for our server address this is where you want to enter the IP address of the server for us.

It’s going to play.BreakdownCraft.com whatever the IP address of your server is that’s where it’s going to go but for us. 

Minecraft Server info

We want to type in play break down crab comm to join the best server in the multiverse server resource packs it doesn’t.

You can just leave that as it is, and click Done.

Now, you’ll see it pop up as you can see played out breakdown craft calm the best Minecraft server in the multiverse predicted one dot 13.2 survival and one dot 12.2 custom sky.

Minecraft Global sever info

Connect the Server

Block the best server in the multiverse everybody now.

To join it just double-click on this right so just double click on it and you’ll join right on into the game.

You’ll be on the best Minecraft server in the multiverse played up breakdown craft comm you’ll join in not here.

But at slash server lobby you join into the lobby and then from here you’ll be able to select your,

Select your you know server with the compass in your hand. 

Main Screen

Let’s click with that and you can select either survival or Skyblock going to survival and then you’ll watch into the survival spawn in the survival world. 

So that’s how you can do that we can’t wait to see you on play top breakdown craft.

Calm, right here, in this incredible spawn, it was built by our community.

Join Minecraft Servers (Pocket Edition)

How do you do this on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

So let’s go ahead jump over to our phone here and do this on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft.

Open Main Menu

So are on the main menu of Minecraft bedrock or Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE server

whether you’re on Minecraft Windows 10.

Click the Play Button

Whether you’re on an Android device, an iOS device, no matter what platform you’re on this will work as Septon at Xbox for some reason on Xbox Playstation and consoles.

You can’t join external servers otherwise those this will work so if we go ahead.

Hit the play button here it will take us to.

Minecraft realms tab

Here we can see our single-player worlds and stuff now if you have a realm. 

Minecraft PE Server Add

Minecraft Friends tab

If you want to just play with your friends.

You can click on friends here and you’ll be able to see them and add them as a friend.

Minecraft PE Friends

Minecraft Servers tab

We are talking about connecting to an external server here. So, if we click on this far-right tab it says servers.

Minecraft Pocket Edition servers

Featured Minecraft Servers

We can see the featured Minecraft servers.

Okay these are the featured Minecraft servers that Mojang’s approved.

Connect to External Server

So, we have mineplex to your life.

But, if you want to join any of these just simply tap on it and it will launch us on in locating the server loading resources. 

Connect to external minecraft server

We are in the game

We are now in-game we can move around here.

Just to show you that we are in fact on Mineplex.

I don’t think there’s any denying that now.

Let’s go ahead leave this server.

Now, I want to show you how to connect a server, if it’s not yours.

You know featured server. Here’s how do you add one thread down here at the bottom well.

Add a Server

Let’s go ahead and click on Add server.

Here you can give any name to this server. You can name it whatever you want.

I’m just going to do nether games here if I can type correctly and nether games.

And then you need to type in the IP of the server. In our case it is going to be played on another game as dot-org.

So, let me do that real quick

There we go and now we need to look at the port number right here you see this most likely.

You’re not gonna have to change this but on every Minecraft Pocket Edition IP that I’ve seen, there’s a colon.

Finally, a number, that is the port.

Most likely that number is 19132 right.

It’s already there however if for whatever reason yours is different, enter that port there.

Then go ahead and click Save now.

If we scroll down here to the bottom we can see that neither games are being located right there. 

Connect to added Server

There we go it is found!

There are a hundred and sixty players online if we click on it it will connect to an external server. 

And then we can either download their resource pack or not I’m just going to go ahead and join.

Download Minecraft resource pack

And not download their resource pack the locate server join on into the world. 

Connected to Server

Then say done so I’ll see you what’s we’re in the game there we go no jump cut needed here we are in the server. 

So yeah this is it, this is the biggest Minecraft Pocket Edition a bedrock edition server. I have no idea how good or bad this server is literally. 


These were the instructions for joining Minecraft Java and Minecraft PE servers. So, in case you are looking for Minecraft PE Servers check this list of Top Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds.

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