25 Best Minecraft Weapons and Gun mods


So it seems miners that you are now annoyed of always creepers and other mobs coming towards you and destroying your blocks, no need to worry now, what if we tell that you can now easily kill them by being a little creative in Minecraft.

A very perfect addition to Minecraft could be guns, which will help you kill any mob easier, defend yourself. Your mods will make an enormous change in your Minecraft world and you could not imagine there are millions of mods available which cover every category you may be thinking of, but before this make sure you are having a java edition because these mods only work for java edition and not for PC, PS4, etc.

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Best Minecraft weapons and gun mods:

Providing you our best, we have listed the Best Minecraft weapons and gun mods for your easy and quick help. Keep in mind before reading all these that the list below is not in a particular order.

So let us begin:

Best Minecraft weapons and gun mods:

We have listed the best 25 Minecraft weapons and gun mods.

1) Portal Gun Mod:

Portal gun mod Minecraft

Valves portal franchise game. Do you remember? If you do remember or have ever played this game so you will know perfectly what this Gun mod is going to do with your Minecraft world. 

This mod will create a blue and yellow portal while firing with the left or right button the left button goes with Yellow color and pressing the right button will make a blue portal.

 This mod is available for Minecraft following versions.

  1. 1.7
  2. 1.10
  3. 1.12

2)  Age of Weapons:

Age of Weapons Minecraft

One of the biggest Minecraft mod which will add about 290 items to your Minecraft world.

 This mods own its own work bench.

Applying this mod will lead you to the weapons of the stone time ages, till the future weapons, and everything in between. And the best thing is that you can choose anyone which you want.

Minecraft player which is in classic so we highly recommend you to try this once. 

3) Torched mod:

Torched mod Minecraft

It will not add many items to your Minecraft world but trust us, applying this will make you cave mining experience the best of all.

It will add a torch launcher, a torch gun, and a torch Rocket.

You will need a flint and a Steel to charge up your torch gun. This torch will help you Fire the torches on the other walls.

And we think that this is only the thing you need to make better your cave mining.

The torched mod is available for following versions of Minecraft:

  1. 1.8
  2.  1.10
  3. 1.12

4) Tetra mod:

Tetra mod Minecraft

A fantastic mod that will completely allow you to customize some items and weapons in the Minecraft world. 

Keep in mind that it will not add any kind of new weapon to the game.

But it will provide you the best platform so you can customize your weapons or even you can add different parts of different weapons to make a new and stronger weapon.

This sill really takes your customization skills to a new level.

We will strongly recommend you to give it a try at least once. 

5) Counter Guns:

Counter guns mod

It adds 4 grenades and 7 new guns which will allow you headshots.

This will be an ideal mod for anyone who plays a valves counter strike.

The killings sound will be similar to that of CSGO.

This mod is only available for Minecraft 1.10 and1.11 versions.

6) Crysis mod:

crysis mod - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

Crysis world into Minecraft world, this is what this mod basically does.

It will give you an opportunity to try new weapons.  This mod really adds a massive amount of weapons. 

It will give you a chance to fight with ceph as well and will also allow you to pause whether a fight is going on. You can make yourself far away from being killed.

7) Stefinus 3D gun mod:

Stefinus 3D gun mod - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

A gun mod which will add about 5 new guns to your Minecraft world, which are: 

  •  P90  (SMG)
  • MP7 (SMG)
  • The Galil  (ASSAULT RIFFLE)
  • Remington M47 (SHOTGUN)

This mod is only available for Minecraft 1.7 version.

This mod is not finalized yet so wait for more new updates.

8) Techs guns mod:

Techs guns mod

It is a survival-based mod which offers you a good amount of new armors, weapons, Minecraft structures. 

An addition of a new facemask, jet pack, and a glider.

Your guns will have a new animation for reload and recoil.

A new hostile which will equip guns. 

 This mod is available for Minecraft 1.7 and 1.12 version. 

9) Kingcraft BETA mod:

Kingcraft BETA mod

This mod will add new biomes, ores, armors, swords and tools to your Minecraft world.

A new suicide sword will be added to the game.

You can upgrade your sword and pixie up to level 6. 

To make an armor or edible crystal, dark crystals can be used.

There will be a new passive mob, it will not hit you unless you harm them.

10) Mr. Cray fish’s gun mod:

Mr. Cray fish’s gun mod - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

This mod have a very unique vision, we highly recommend you to give it a try once. 

It does not change all your weapons but add common new weapons which are, a scope, barrel, Standard Rifle, minigun, Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, and a Bazooka. 

You can use attachments in this mod that will help you change the behavior of your weapons.

Currently only available for Minecraft 1.12 version.

11) Gravity gun mod:

Gravity gun mod Minecraft

You definitely had listened to this very common gun name which comes from valves half life franchise. 

The developer of the portal gun mod and this mod are the same.

After applying this mod you will see that you can easily pick up the blocks and move them where ever you want, freely.

It will world even on mobs.

It is available on Minecraft following versions:

  1. 1.8
  2. 1.10
  3. 1.12

12) The VIC’s modern warfare mod:

The VIC’s modern warfare mod Minecraft

If you are into a 3D mod so this should be your choice. 

A gun mod which will add to your world everything you needed.

Each and every gun and armor would be 3D animated. 

Skins for every weapon, new backpacks, attachments, scopes, gadgets, and much more. 

New sounds will be added to your Minecraft world.

This mod is available for the Minecraft versions:

  1. 1.10
  2.  1.11
  3. 1.12

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13) Zombie apocalypse gun mod:

Zombie apocalypse gun mod Minecraft

This mod is only available for Minecraft 1.7 version.

Apart from changing weapons and armors this mod also allows you a zombie survival styled mod. So After entering to this mod you are going to join a zombie survival game as well. 

You can also find some safe zones as well, where you can avoid yourself from being killed.

You can collect as many things as you need and trade as well.

14) Elemental mod:

Elemental mod Minecraft - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

The name defines it all, this mod comes with a massive amount of sets or weapons, armors, and tools, and every set consists of a reality based element.

Every weapon crafted with this mod will deal with a different type of damage, and your pickaxes will also beagle to mine faster. 

Once you are going to download this, trust us you are going to be busy with this by days.

We recommend you to give it a try. 

15) Diamond caliber gun mod:

Diamond caliber gun mod Minecraft

A mod which will add about 23 guns in a row to your Minecraft world. 

You can apply skin to some of them as well. 

It will add new grenades, armors, structures, and mobs. 

Your desert biome will go through some changes which will make it hostile. 

This mod is available for Minecraft 1.12 version.

16) Call to battle gun mod:

Call to battle gun mod Minecraft

Call of duty in Minecraft, the name defines it all.

If you are a miner who is very fond of wars so this is the perfect mod for you. 

This mod will take you back to world war 2, and your tricky skills are going to be more powerful here in this mod. 

An amount of 50 guns will be added to your Minecraft world. 

You will have a very enjoyable time with this mod, experiencing the conflicts and seeming to be in the old times. 

We strongly recommend you to give it a try once. 

17) Star wars gun mod:

Star wars gun mod

This mod is even going to add new vehicles to your Minecraft world and including new weapons.

A bunch of star wars stuff is going to be added in your Minecraft world. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed this will make your Minecraft world more fabulous and amazing.

Especially the Star Wars fans are going to love it.

We will highly recommend you try this. 

18) Balkon’s Weapon mod:

Balkon's Weapon mod

This mod adds a massive amount of weapons ranging from knives and spears to crossbows and muskets.

Weapons ranging from old times melee warm hammers to the crossbows and everything in between. 

A mountable cannon which will help you fire in all directions.

Along with this a training dumpy. 

Give it a try miners. 

19) Last days mod:

Last days mod - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

Your way is going to change completely after trying this mod. 

It will add new game mods to Minecraft including FFA and deathmatch.

You can easily kill the mob and other players while playing in this mod.

In our opinion you should go for this. 

20) Forge weapons mod:

Forge weapons mod

A modern miner would absolutely love modern Minecraft world with modern weapons, if you are one of them this is the perfect mod you should go for.

This mod is going to add new modern weapons to your Minecraft world.

Not a small amount but the creator has added tons of new guns in this mod.

Ranging from small mini guns to missile launchers, this mod is undoubtedly going to take you to the war zone. 

A laser light will also be there waiting for you, go grab it and disintegrate your rival in seconds.

This is the mod which will be highly recommended to you from our side.

21) Gods weapon mod:

Gods weapon mod - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

Oh! Gods weapon? 

You must be thinking what this mod is going to do with your Minecraft world. 

So miners! You, in this mod, are going to see a new adventure which is that now, you can knock down your rivals even a hundred feet apart.

A single hammer hit is going to super enough to get your enemies down. 

You can create your own new weapons.

This mod is going to callup some new skills. 

22) Decimation mod:

Decimation mod

The mod in which your only aim is to survive. 

Basically this is not an only weapon mod, but also you are going to have shooting experiences while playing in this mod.

You are going to see new enemies, mobs and new quests. 

You can choose between being with humans or betray them. 

A new map will be added to the boot.

Giving this a try will let you spend a unique adventure. 

Recommended by us. 

23) World overhaul mod:

World overhaul mod

This mod will add new biomes, items, enemies, dimensions in Minecraft

The mod is still in development so this is version is not final, wait for more fun.

A real RPG imagination will be there right in front of your eyes.

Some few new decorations are also proposed by this mod.

This will create a mixed feeling of Minecraft and RPG. 

24) Mine watch weapon mod:

Mine watch weapon mod - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

Stop here! If you are a fan of overwatch your wait is over, this is what creators have created for you. 

You can play with all your favorite overwatch heroes with all their weapons in Minecraft.

You can make new armors that will be resembling to one of your favorite heroes.  

So, it sounds good so don’t wait to grab it now.

25) Skyrim MC:

Skyrim MC - Minecraft weapons and gun mods

Fond of Skyrim? This is the mod that is going to transform Minecraft into Skyrim as best as possible.

You can craft many of the weapons of Skyrim’s.

This mod is still in progress. 

 put your hands on a daedric heart, you can craft elements by using daedric elements. 

You will definitely enjoy this mod.

So miners,

In your hands, you now have a list of best Minecraft weapons and gun mods which is surely going to help you now. 

Have you selected your favorite mod, it’s now time to see how to download them. 

How to install Minecraft mods:

  1. So let us start,
  1. Download a compatible mod from anywhere else.
  1.  Open Minecraft you will see an “open mod folder” button on the main menu, click it.
  1. Some older versions may not have the button of Mod folder button so here’s the alternate:

For windows;

  • Press Windows key and R at same time.
  • Type %appdata% and then press the enter button. 
  • Look for the Minecraft folder and then find the mods folder in it.

For MAC:

  • Click desktop.
  • Type ~/library and then enter button.
  • Open the folder application support. 
  • Open Minecraft. 
  1. The mod you have just downloaded place it into the mods folder. 
  1. Open your favorite Minecraft game, you will see your mod that you have installed.

Congrats miners! You have learned about the best Minecraft weapons and gun mods and how to download them as well. 

Go grab your favorite one now!

Peace Out!

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