Best Minecraft Gun / Weapons Mods

Minecraft is a game that has covered every aspect when surviving in the vast world all alone but there is still one thing that is missing and that is “Guns” and just as the modders felt the need for guns in minecraft they did not wait to mod guns within minecraft. 

There are numerous gun mods in minecraft and I have sorted out some of the best gun mods for you. The list that I have made for you is not a countdown since all of them are my favorite and I couldn’t choose the best as I believe all of them are unique in their way.

1. MMW – Modern Minecraft Weapons

I wonder where have I heard this name before hmm… ahh yes it’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Basically, this game adds weapons from Modern Warfare weapons into minecraft. Weapons such as 

  • P90
  • Mp7
  • P99
  • Smag
  • Magnum
  • M82A1
  • G18
  • PP90M1
  • M79
  • Mk46
  • MK14
  • G36C

They are not that easy to craft, but once you craft them you will be granted access to a spick and span arsenal of weapons those guns can shatter every foe that comes your way.

Come out Vanquishing in the blaze of glory and honor in the name of Soap McTavish.

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2. Crysis

After downloading this map you can bring the universe of Crysis inside Minecraft, which allows you to experiment with new guns and take part in the war against Ceph.

crysis weapon mode

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3. Portal Gun Mod

Valve has a great impact on the gaming community and it has some of the best selling games under its sleeves and gamers always find a way to fit them in other games with mods and that is exactly what has been done in minecraft as well.

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4. Decimation

Well, this mod is not exactly weapons-only. Although I am still adding this mod to this list since this mod mainly targets the fans that look for a good shooting experience. After installing this mod you turn Minecraft into a Zombie apocalyptic game.

But still, nothing beats the Vanilla survival experience.

This mod will make you face new bosses and a whole new list of difficult quests that will make you decide whether you would like to side with other players or just simply betray them for the entire loot for your personal gain.

This is a pretty big and heavy mod that includes an entirely new world that needs to be booted. With this, you will be living a gore-ridden unique adventure where your only goal is to SURVIVE.

decimation zombie apocalypse mode

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5. Counter Guns Mod

I am a big CSGO fan and this is my personal favorite mod out of all of them. For a guy playing Counter-Strike since childhood and having spent thousands of hours on CSGO, this game has a special place in my heart right next to minecraft and after finding out that there is a mod of counter strike within Minecraft I immediately downloaded it and to my expectations it is up to the par. 

This game allows you to headshot your enemies with multiple different weapons such as 

  • Deagle
  • Ak47
  • AWG
  • AWP
  • Scar-20
  • Nova
  • P90

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6. Tetra Mod 

The Tetra mod is an amazing pack that lets you customize specific weapons and items in-game.

Remember that this mod does not specifically add more weapons to the game although it lets you craft and mix different weapons and make them stronger or make a hybrid out of them, cool innit? 

tetra mode

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7. Gods’ Weapons

Confused why this mod would be named Gods’ weapon? After all, what would make a weapon so powerful to be deemed Godlike?

And well the answer is that these weapons can knock your foes hundreds of blocks away as well as the hammers that can strike your enemies with a single hit. Still, with does not mean that you will be granted access to the powers of God. 

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8. Skyrim MC

Fond of Elder Scrolls? So am I, and this is the mod pack that can give you the ultimate experience of Skyrim within minecraft.

You can craft many new weapons that are related to Elder scrolls. You can even use magical spells that you can cast on the enemies.

Install this mod and enjoy the crossover of the two amazing mythical lands and let your imaginations fly high.

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9. Last days

Last Days is one of the best gun mods you can get in minecraft to experience a first-person shooter as the mechanics and the gameplay in this mod is unique and this mod has several game modes such as deathmatch and FFA. The best part is that you can play with mods or you can play with other players as well through multiplayer mode. 

The creators of this game mode also claim to have made the best shooting experience in minecraft and let me tell you that they have quite a lot on the table to offer you.

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10. Star Wars Mod

After downloading this mod you receive a bunch of different Star Wars related stuff mainly focused on weapons and vehicles.

Personally, I am not a big Star Wars fan. But I just had to add this mod into the list since it will not disappoint you whether you are a Star Wars fan or not.

It is such a shame that a mod that has the potential to achieve greatness is left stranded and abandoned. Although this mod is still in the beta version available for download it still has plenty to offer you.

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11. Call to battle 2 

In the list we have yet another crossover, what can I say to add guns I guess we have to think like the main games that know how to properly make FPS games. 

This mod is a copy of the famous FPS franchise Call Of Duty. In this Mod you will experience the old days of WW2, where you will be needing a lot of skill to survive this dangerous battleground of a blood bath. Choose a specific game mode and wield one of 50+ guns to save your side.

It’s only possible with minecraft that you get to experience such events on a 1:1 scale.

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12. MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod

This unique mod allows you to destroy the minecraft world with grenades and grenade launchers. This mod is very professionally made with very few bugs found and fixed and even the gun animation and the sound effects are so spot on that it increases your gameplay experience. Along with grenade launchers, their collection of guns includes pistols, shotguns, bazooka, miniguns, and RPGs as well, so you can headshot those annoying Vindicators, this mod promises to satisfy firearms enthusiasts in minecraft. 

Download from Server 1 

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13. GunsCus

This mod is called Gunscus because the word Gun is derived from you guessed it guns and Cus is the short form for customization. By looking at its name we can easily predict that it means that we can customize all the weapons that we are provided by the mod. Craft a weapon of your own choice whether it’s an M4A1s or the Ak47 or the infamous P90, then customize them at your own will as this mod allows you to add tons of stuff to your guns such as the laser or cope and you can even make your addons many more.

Download from Server 1  

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14. Better Guns for TheGunsMod

This mod has almost 30 unique weapons. Now that is some impressive stuff.

You can very easily craft these weapons and immediately start shooting bad guys, you just need a little bit of ammo and then you are unstoppable


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