Minecraft with Ray Tracing

Hi-ya Miners! Today we are going to review this amazing addition to Minecraft. Yeah! you guessed it right! Nvidia partnering with Microsoft and Mojang to introduce real-time ray tracing for the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft.

Minecraft with RTX: The World’s Best Selling Videogame Is Adding Ray Tracing

Minecraft team seems quite excited about this update and news are coming that it will be added very soon.

“Ray tracing sits at the center of what we think is next for Minecraft

Saxs Persson, Franchise Creative Director of Minecraft at Microsoft.

Certainly, many of you should be thinking we already have shader packs in Minecraft and why is it different?

So, let’s dive deep into it and today we are going to answer all your concerns regarding this all new ray tracing update.

Minecraft with ray tracing FAQs

What is the difference between ray tracing in Minecraft and shader packs?

Shader packs enhance Minecraft’s gfx with simulated and pre-defined effects, incorporated via upgraded renderers, new textures, and other enhancements. So, in short they are limited by the level of modifications Minecraft allows. Further, they don’t have the core files access and can’t make drastic graphical changes.

On the other hand, ray tracing has been developed as a core game feature, added directly to the engine, enabling it to use actual GPU acceleration (including RT Cores) at faster frame rates. So, ray tracing improves every aspect of the game graphics down to pixel levels.

What are the cons of having ray tracing compared to shader packs?

Shader packs make changes to the scenes and can effect the current scene you are in. Where as, ray tracing can effect things that are not currently visible to the user. Eventually, the overall game play and intersections look more realistic.

Ray tracing is added to the core of Minecraft making it an integral part of it. It has all the freedom to make any graphical changes to the game unlike Minecraft mods.

Shader packs will still remain relevant, however, as they enable players to craft and specify very specific ‘looks’ for the game, whereas the default ray tracing integration will deliver Mojang’s vision for Minecraft with bleeding-edge effects and features. This is indeed a good news as modders will still work with Bedrock to modify ray tracing effects.

For example, imagine cel shading combined with ray tracing and hi-res physically-based textures. Or a stylized modification that completely alters the mood of the game using ray-traced effects.

Will Minecraft Bedrock with Ray Tracing support mods?

Yes, this new update will have full support for mods and modders can work around with ray tracing to create new cool add-ons.

Why is this update only coming to Bedrock edition of Minecraft?

Standard DXR ray tracing API requires Direct X 12 and Minecraft Bedrock already supports Direct X 12.

Currently, there is no implementation of ray tracing available for Java. That’s the reason it is coming on Bedrock first.

How will we enable ray tracing in Minecraft?

There will be an in game option to enable ray tracing. You’ll need the latest version of Windows 10, a GPU capable of real-time ray tracing, and Nvidia Minecraft Ray Tracing Game Ready Driver.

How will Minecraft perform with ray tracing enabled?

There are no final specs as yet but performance will vary based on the resolution you play at, the game options you enable, the CPU you have, what GPU you have, whether that GPU has RT Cores, and how many RT Cores it has.

Minecraft with ray tracing on
Minecraft with Ray Tracing On

Will Minecraft with ray tracing work with existing texture packs?

Yes, Nvidia will be sharing the necessary info for the community to create physically-based texture packs that’ll look even better with ray tracing.

Reference: Minecraft with Ray Tracing: Your Questions Awnsered

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