Minecraft Youtubers

Youtube has become one of the top mediums of spreading gaming knowledge. Consequently, with more and more players live streaming their gameplay, you get to learn a lot. Likewise, there is a bunch of Minecraft youtubers as well. Who are doing pretty well in terms of viewership and content quality.

Therefore, Minecraft Global team has put together a list of top Minecraft youtubers to share with you the love of Minecraft.

Minecraft Youtubers Rankings

YoutuberYoutube ChannelSubscribersTotal Views
Minecraft Global DanTDM TheDiamondMinecartView Channel22M15B
Minecraft Youtubers PopularMMOs PopularMMOsView Channel16M13B
Minecraft Youtubers CaptainSparklez Captain SparklezView Channel10M3B
Minecraft Youtuber SkyDoesEverything SkyDoesMinecraftView Channel11M3B
Minecraft youtubers Stampylonghead StampyLongHeadView Channel9.2M7B
Minecraft youtubers TheBajanCanadian TheBajanCanadianView Channel5.9M1B
Minecraft Youtubers JeromeASF JeromeASFView Channel5M1B
Minecraft Global AntVenom AntvenomView Channel3M800M
Top Minecraft Youtuber SSundee SsundeeView Channel12M5B
Minecraft Youtubers iBallisticSquid iballisticsquidView Channel4.2M2B
ExplodingTNT ExplodingTNTView Channel5.1M1B
Minecraft Youtubers ThatMumboJumbo Mumbo JumboView Channel4.5M1B
Minecraft Global TheAtlanticCraft TheAtlanticCraftView Channel5.2M1B
Minecraft Youtubers Grian GrianView Channel4.1M800M

There is a long list to follow but these are by far the top ones we collected from multiple ranking platforms out there.

Do let us know who’s your favorite Minecraft youtuber and why?

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How to become a Minecraft Youtuber

Minecraft has been a burning topic on Youtube nowadays. So, everyone is impressed by the progress of Minecraft Youtubers and how they are impacting others. Specially, the young lot wants to get into this real quick and be famous.

Certainly, to become a Top Minecraft Youtuber, is not a bed of roses.

All the famous Minecraft Youtubers out there started from scratch and with the passion and dedication, they hit the targets.

Minecraft Global has alway been a source of motivation and we would love to see more players from this community reach masses. Therefore, we have put together simple steps for you to follow.

Steps to become a Minecraft Youtuber

  • First step is to play! Yes you guessed it right. Download Minecraft and Play.
  • Play Minecraft extensively or in other word live in it. haha
  • Once you start playing day n night. As a result, you’ll discover an imaginable things and tricks.
  • Chose a catchy Minecraft username. No worries if you have already set it you change it later.
  • Make a social profile (facebook, twitter, insta, tumbler, reddit, pinterest). In other words, be social on every platform out there because this is were you will drive your initial traffic from.
  • Make a Youtube channel with you personalized name but don’t do anything on it yet
  • Post and share your ideas, tricks on your social handles frequently
  • You can use ads (Facebook, Google ads) to spread the word
  • Once you have some likes and share on social platforms, its time to make Youtube active.
  • Record short videos relating to Minecraft tricks and post them on your Youtube channel
  • Keyword research is very important in creating new content. So, pick those keyword on which there’s more traffic coming in.
  • Make videos on upcoming Minecraft updates and releases
  • Keep posting 1 Youtube video a day (We know it’s hard but it is what it is)
  • Now, share your videos on all your social media handles with link to Youtube so you can drive the traffic to Youtube
  • Contact top Minecraft Blogs and ask them to share your content (May require some bucks but don’t worry it will pay off)
  • Keep going and see your progress daily.

Follow the guidelines above to be among the Top Minecraft Youtubers.

We appreciate your interest and would love to know how far have you got into your journey. Additionally, share your experience with our community and if you get any tips to share, write us at [email protected]