Biggest Minecraft Youtubers of 2022

Minecraft is the biggest game in the world right now in terms of popularity or in terms of sales and even in youtube views. Minecraft’s popularity has just grown stronger and stronger each year. As of 2020 alone Minecraft racked up 201,000,000,000 views, that is 126 Billion more than the second most popular game, Roblox which had a total of 75 Billion Views in 2020, that’s Absurd

But on 15th December Youtube announced that might probably be the biggest achievement done on youtube. They announced that Minecraft had officially passed 1,000,000,000,000 views, yes you read that right those are twelve 0’s that’s Trillion with a T. No youtube channel, no youtube genre, no song has ever managed to achieve that milestone, nor even come close to what this game has done. 

Youtube released this animated video to appreciate and congratulate Minecraft for its achievement: 

One Trillion Minecraft Views on YouTube and Counting

With Minecraft generating so many views. We got to see a lot of notable Minecraft YouTubers on the platform.

Here is a list of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers of 2022. You’re gonna be surprised when you find out who is the number 1 on the list, and yes it’s not him who you are thinking of.

11. CaptainSparklez (11.3 Million)

Now, remember gamers don’t get hasty in judging us for putting CaptainSparklez so low on the list. We also love him and in fact, if this list was made solely on our personal favorite YouTubers then he would have been way on top. But this list is of The Biggest YouTubers i.e by subscriber count.

The number 1 Minecraft YouTuber back in the day who released some of the best Minecraft parody songs, and started a trend of Minecraft parody songs, some of which even got more views than the original songs themself. 

His music video “Revenge” has 275 Million views and it is the most popular Minecraft-related video on Youtube.

Fun Fact: CaptainSparklez reached 1 million subscribers before PewDiePie (the undisputed king of youtube) in May 2012 

As of today, his channel has 3.88 Billion Views.

10. Tommyinnit (11.6 Million)

Thomas Simons better known as Tommyinnit online is one of the most successful Minecraft YouTubers of the current time he is also one of the youngest Minecraft YouTubers on the platform, at the age of only 17 he is worth over $7 Million. 

Tommy just rose to fame recently (Late 2019) and has already made the Minecraft community addicted to him with his great storytelling and great sense of humor and lively personality. Whereas most of the YouTubers have been making content for almost 5-10 years he reached 100,000 subscribers in December 2019 and 2 years later he is at 11.5 Million subscribers. Now those are some big numbers.

Tommyinnit is currently the Biggest twitch streamer in the World also.

Along with Tommyinnit, he has 2 more channels as well which are:

  • TommyOutit: 3.76 Million Subscribers
  • Tom Simmons: 5.24 Million Subscribers

As of today his channel has 1.44 Billion Views.

9. PopularMMOs (17.3 Million)

PopularMMOs has made a notable reputation in the Minecraft community by uploading “lets plays” and trying out different mod packs usually related to mobs. His uploads have been a bit inconsistent and only uploaded 19 videos in 2021, yet he is still one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers right now.

As of today, his channel has 14.39 Billion Views

8. SSundee (20 Million)

If you are a passionate Minecraft player and have dived in deep into Minecraft YouTubers then the name SSundee won’t be new to you he tries every new mod pack and every unique mod pack in Minecraft but these days he has been doing the same but on Among us.

As of today, his youtube channel has 10.83 Billion Views

7. Authentic games (20.1 Million)

Marco Túlio Matos Vieira better known as Authentic games on the internet is a Brazilian gaming YouTuber who is mainly known for his Minecraft gameplay, although he plays other games as well his main audience watches him play Minecraft and he also loves to play Minecraft for his amazing and huge audience. 

Marco can be said as the face of the Spanish Minecraft YouTubers who have been putting amazing content for Spanish Minecraft fans.

As of today, his channel has 8.77 Billion Views

6. Jelly (22.7 Million)

If we make a list of the top 10 Minecraft YouTubers and do not include Jelly in it then you can easily say that the list is incomplete. Jelle Van Vucht or better known online as Jelly is a popular Dutch Minecraft content creator who is widely popular for his unique and energetic way to portray his videos which usually attracts a younger audience. Jelly started his youtube career in 2014 at the age of 17. By the 6th month of 2015, he gained his 1 millionth subscriber and now is an official partner with G-Fuel.

As of today, his channel has 13.81 Billion Views

5. Techno Gamerz (24.3 Million)

It’s safe to say that Techno Gamerz is the face of Indian gaming, and has marked his spot among the largest gamers Globally. 

Although he started his youtube career reviewing and playing Android games, success took him to new heights. 

Ujjwal entertains his Indian Minecraft audience and is doing quite a good job of being consistent in uploading videos. Alongside Minecraft, he also spends a lot of time playing PUBG and Grand Theft Auto 5, in fact, his most popular uploads are from PUBG and GTA 5.

As of today, his channel has 5.50 Billion Views

4. MrBeast Gaming (25.9 Million)

Jimmy aka Mrbeast is not a new face on youtube and he is no stranger to gaining millions of views and subscribers in whatever he does. But not everyone knows that he also has a secondary youtube channel by the name of MrBeast Gaming which he has dedicated to playing video games. 

MrBeast is notorious for giving away heaps of money and that is also what he does on his gaming channel as well. He logs in 100s of Minecraft players and makes them compete in different challenges and gives away money to the winners. His prizes are as big as $100,000 in a single video. There is no doubt why he is so successful in his second and main channels. 

As of today, his channel has 3.96 Billion Views.

3. DanTDM (26 Million)

DanTDM was the topmost subscribed Minecraft YouTuber until Dream dethroned him in August 2021. DanTDM, whose actual name is Daniel Middleton has been featured in multiple other media, that include a role to play himself in Minecraft story mode, cameos such as in the movie Free Guy, and just like any other huge content realtor on youtube Dantdm also got his own Youtube Original series.

DanTDM is one of the oldest Minecraft content creators who are also still pretty consistent in uploading Minecraft-related content. He had to change his previous youtube channel name to “The Diamond Minecart // DanTDM” due to the increasing number of fake accounts trying to copy him and catfish his viewers, However, he later decided to get back to his old name although sadly the fake accounts still exist. 

As of today, his channel has 18.54 Billion Views 

2. Dream (28.4 Million)

Clay who is better known as Dream on the internet is the most influential Minecraft YouTuber these days and if you are into Minecraft even if you don’t watch his youtube videos it isn’t possible that you haven’t heard this guy’s name.

Although dream has been making content since 2014 he rose to his fame when he tried to find the seed for Pewdiepie’s survival Minecraft world in July 2019, and that is when he took the initial boost of subscribers and views and fueled the growth of his channel diverting his fans from focusing on only pewdiepie related content to his own.

To put in perspective how massive Dream’s growth in the past two years was. Dream had an average growth of 1 subscriber each week in June 2019 and by the end of 2020, he had 15 Million subscribers then by August 2021 he was crowned as the biggest Minecraft YouTuber. So it took Dream just 2 years to get into the leagues of the big guys who had been making content for Minecraft for almost 10 years.

Yes we know you were expecting him to be number 1 on the list, yes dream is the biggest Minecraft content creator in the present time and he has some of the most absurd achievements in Minecraft.

His talented and skillful gameplay moments changed how people see Minecraft, to his manhunt series where he tries to complete Minecraft while being chased by blood-thirsty hunters, Dream has even set the World Record multiple times to beat the game in the fastest time possible. But this list is completely based on subscriber count otherwise Dream would have been number 1 on my list.

As of today, his channel has 2.43 Billion Views.

1. Mikecrack (30.1 Mil)

Mikecrack, whose actual name is Miguel Bernal Montes is a Spanish Minecraft YouTuber who plays multiple games but a majority of the time he makes Minecraft-related content for his Spanish Minecraft fans. Due to being a Spanish YouTuber Mikecrack has very little recognition in the mainstream Minecraft community that understands English despite having more subscribers than Dream and almost 10 billion more views than him. 

MikeCrack has been making content on youtube for more than 5 years and he used to play skywars and bedwars the most but now he has diversified his content to different game modes within Minecraft.

As of today, his channel has 12.22 Billion views.

Honorable Mention

PewDiePie (111 Million)

Felix Kjellberg is a Swedish gaming YouTuber, who is also the face of youtube. He is the biggest YouTuber on this planet right now.

Although he plays multiple games and does not specifically revolve his content around Minecraft, what he has served to the Minecraft community is immense.

By 2019 Minecraft was at its lowest in terms of YouTube views and sales and Fortnite had already taken the spotlight away from Minecraft, and it was said as if Minecraft is now dying. Until 21st June 2019 when PewDiePie decided to play Minecraft once again just for fun. Little did he know that his one decision and his immense influence would resurrect an entire game and put it back to the number one spot (where it belongs). 

That one video which has almost 51 Million+ views had encouraged so many players to play Minecraft and made many of the old players download it again and play once again what they loved to do the most.

If it hadn’t been for Pewdiepie uploading that one video we wouldn’t have known who Dream is. Since Dream played the biggest role alongside Pewdiepie to bring the game back on top if Pewdiepie hadn’t made that series Dream would have never found his seed and we would have never known who dream is and Minecraft would have been left back in the realm of darkness where all the other dead games go. 

Here’s a look at that legendary playlist that revived Minecraft. Minecraft Part 1

As of today, his channel has 28.08 Billion Views