Most popular game on Youtube 2019 – Minecraft

Hi Miners! Here’s a great news for Minecraft community. Youtube just listed Minecraft as the Most popular game on Youtube in 2019.

So, this shows how much potential this game has and how well the community has responded all over the world.

Before going further and revealing the full story, we at Minecraft Global want to thank our community. You people are awesome!!

How cool is it to hear about Minecraft Earth crossing 2.5 million downloads just after launch and now this news?

Certainly, Minecraft ranking as the most popular game on Youtube is an amazing feat.

Minecraft most popular game on Youtube 2019
Minecraft – Most popular game on Youtube 2019

Minecraft is the most popular game on Youtube

So, Youtube just released Youtube Rewind 2019. It’s a video that shows everything that happened on Youtube in the year 2019.

This is a cool way to show what was discussed on youtube over the year. Also, shows the most popular topics on Youtube.

Minecraft is the Most viewed game on Youtube in 2019. With around 100 billion views!

Youtube Rewind 2019

So, Yes you heard it right folks! 100 B views to make it the Most popular game on Youtube in 2019!

Watch the full rewind here and if you want to skip the rest, just jump to 02:48.

Youtube Rewind 2019

So, in the category of Most popular games on Youtube. Roblox is ranked on 5th position with 29.6 B views along with Grena Free Fire on 4th with 29.9 B views. Subsequently, GTA is at third position with 36.9 B views.

Finally, on the second position is the only game that once competed with Minecraft. Yes, you guessed it right! Fortnite with 60.9 B views stands at 2nd position.

Minecraft Leading by numbers

Furthermore, there has been an active discussion in gaming community over which game is better. We all know this Minecraft vs Fortnite rivalry.

But, here on Youtube, Minecraft leads by greater margins and we can clearly see that no other game is even closer to it.

To sum up, we would like to thank Minecraft community all over the world for making this game an all time favorite of all.

Happy Minecrafting!

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