20 Most Terrifying Minecraft Maps

Welcome Miners!! If you are ever in a mood of getting scared, maybe some jumpscares or just want to increase your heart rate or probably just wanna test your bravery with your friends, well then today’s article is for you. We have gathered the 20 Most Terrifying Minecraft Maps for you from the entire community of Minecraft. Also worth reading our tested list of best Minecraft Server hostings.

20. Beware

beware map

This Map is a psychological horror map. As the name says this map challenges our mind and has a couple of mind puzzles within it in a horror style. This map is a great mixture of jumpscares and usage of a lot of brains.

You get a phone call from your wife who tells you something about the house you just bought for her. You quickly follow her in your car, you come across a forest and as you are crossing the forest a tree falls in front of your car out of nowhere which blocks your way and probably breaks your car. Now the only option you have is to leave the car where it is and find help near. It’s on of the best most terrifying Minecraft maps on the list.

The entire creator team requests you kindly to record your gameplays and reactions on youtube as they would love to see your reaction. The map does not have any copyrighted music so don’t be afraid to upload and leave the links to your videos in the comment section or the description. 


19. The Mystery Box

the mystery box

The Mystery box horror map is created by CANDYFANG and he has based its layout on the infamous Minecraft horror map Orphanage. This map also uses dynamic lighting from optifine.

A Minecraft horror map that has been claimed by hundreds to have some of the best jumps scares.

The Mystery Box

18. For You

for you horror map

One of your classmates died and he has come back to take REVENGE! With you or someone else?? You never know his next move. Why he came back we don’t know that either, and to get your questions answered you will have to hop onto this map and solve this horror mystery by yourself.

Ilyes1020 made the rules clear by stating

  • The brightness should be at 50%
  • Music off
  • Master sound 50%
  • Play singleplayer 
  • Play in adventure mode
  • Do not cheat
  • And last but not least Be Scared!!!

For You

17. Deep Coma

deep coma horror map

In Deep coma, you find yourself in a series of dreams. You are surrounded and bound by your knowledge and the deepest and darkest secrets and the most terrifying thing you feared of. What is the way out? We don’t know but the only thing we do know is that this is all your illusions and dreams and you are not waking up soon from your coma, Your body is surrounded by your loved ones in the hospital but you just can not scream and ask for help from them, You are helpless in this world of imagination.


16. Ohh

ohh the horror map

This map is more towards murder and mystery than ghosts. You have a sick sister but you are unable to pay her hospital bills, Until one night. What happened that night? Well as you wake up from a party with your friend you find out that all of them are dead. You have no idea what killed them now it’s up to you to play and follow the rest of the story


15. Hell’s Kitchen

hell's kitchen

This is not a very long map nor does it have a proper story, but this map is definitely amusing for people who are a fan of Gordon Ramsay and his show Hell’s Kitchen. 

You spawn into the famous restaurant of Gordon Ramsay. But Hell’s kitchen wasn’t the only thing that was shot in that restaurant, as it was the exact place where Gordon was shot 3 years ago. You have to fight and find your way out. Do you think you can get out of their RAW??

Hell’s Kitchen

14. One Day

one day horror map

One day is a short yet fun and scary map. You got one day, one chance, one village, and one accident, and your goal is to find five chests that hold the secrets and also your way out of this nightmare. This map only has one level and has been downloaded thousands of times and has been recommended by hundreds.

One Day

13. Hallucination

hallucination horror map

It is a normal day of work, your shift has just ended and now you are packing your things to go back home. But something is quite different than usual, the subway that you use to get back home is completely abandoned at a time when it should have been busy with hordes of people. All of a sudden things start to mess around with you in your mind and you can’t control them. It’s a Hallucination.


12. Gravity

gravity a horror minecraft map

Being afraid of being left alone in the dark? Or are you afraid that you are not alone in the dark? 

Do voids scare you? The reality that you will be left alone and die alone? Afraid of the massive void and dead silence of the space? Whether your answer is a yes or a no this map is a must-try since it takes place in outer space where the year is 2107 and you are Mark Clake and your mission is to dock the beacon of U.S.G.

This map features 40-50 minutes of fun gameplay, Jumpscares and loud sounds, Wrap around the soundtrack, The Plasma cutter ( Inspired heavily from Dead Space), and many beautiful 3D textures.

Note that this is a 1 player experience map.


11. Late

late horror minecraft map

No one likes to be late to their office while also being super sleepy since you’ve been awake late. As you reach the office tired and sleepy after a while you fall asleep. Luckily being lazy and sleepy that day saved your life, but sadly all the other people in the office are dead. And it feels like your mind has also left you.


10. Stiff

stiff horror minecraft map

You come back home from your friend’s house after partying hard really late. Once you come home you feel uneasy and restless and insomnia kicks in. You start to sweat as if it is the hottest day of the year whereas it’s just winter.

Suddenly you end up being hunted by a bloodthirsty monster.

All in all, it is a pretty fun game and it gets quite exciting as the levels progress and the chase gets more and more difficult and scarier.

Do you think you can escape from its sharp claws or are you going to give up and die to rot in hell?


9. No Words

no words horror minecraft map

Welcome to No Words. One of the finest Minecraft horror maps made. This is a single-player map that includes a dark and sad story with exciting gameplay. The atmosphere around the map is very quiet and sad.

The creator of this map TheKing156 hints that the monster from which you are running is actually a female. Maybe a witch? Well, you will have to find that out by yourself. By downloading and playing the game.

No Words

8. Demon Brain

demon brain horror minecraft map

Potatoman is no stranger when it comes to map-making. He has some of the best maps under his belt, where some of them are made solely by him. 

Enjoy a horrifying Minecraft experience, with a monster that is tall, noisy, bitter, observant, and worst of all always behind you.

The creator of the map states that it took him one year to make this map. So now you can surely tell how amazing and well detailed it would be as compared to the rest of the horror maps out there.

Demon Brain

7. Escape from the hospital

escape from the hospital

You were admitted to an asylum for some reason. Were you really having mental issues or was it just an abduction?? Well you don’t feel that good when you find your way to escape that mental hospital filled with many crazy patients ready to tear your heart out of your chest and guards who have been commanded to shoot on sight as they see a crazy man trying to escape. 

Are you actually sick and admitted because of it or were you intoxicated by someone?

Get all of your questions answered by playing this gore-ridden Minecraft map. 

Map by slider1337

Note that you are only required to place and remove lever blocks; anything broken or placed other than that would be considered cheating.

Escape from the Hospital

6. The Dorenstein Estate

the dornenstein estate horror minecraft map

This is an example of a very professionally designed community map that clearly shows why it should be on top of the list.

This map is made by Mangelware, Saophai and DDschl. It has one of the best scripts. A short one yet very thrilling. To progress further you will have to find numerous relics scattered and hidden across the mansion as you explore it. There are many tricks and puzzles to boggle your mind and scary sounds and freaky experiences to make you sweat while playing the game, and of course, how can we forget about perfectly timed jump scares.

The Dornenstein Estate

How to Play this map?

Enter into the realms settings then choose an unused world and click “Reset world

5. Five Nights At Freddy

five nights at freddy's one of the top most terrifying Minecraft maps

Five Nights at Freddy is undisputed and one of the best horror games to ever be made. The game that had made many of us scream and get phobia with stuffed toys, and have our heartbeat touch the roof. Well, the notoriously scary game was added into Minecraft by Reather, a fan of both Minecraft and FNAF and to no surprise, this map instantly became a hit. If you are into horror maps then you should definitely give this map a try. It is a fully functioning FNAF map while the creator says the map might face severe lags but that depends on your processing system and something that is not in his control.

This is amongst the most downloaded horror maps in Minecraft that’s we took this into the list of most terrifying Minecraft maps.

Note that at the very beginning when you load the map you might face something that you would expect is a crash or that Minecraft froze but that is not the case and it is just the resource pack that is trying to play the first sound

Five Nights at Freddy’s

4. Granny

granny minecraft horror map

Granny is also another really popular horror game and it has been recreated in Minecraft as well. Well, what can’t be made in Minecraft :P.

You are in a house and get chased by Granny. She is weak with eyes but very sharp with her ears and very fast with her feet indeed. Your goal is to locate and destroy the endermite. There is a series of puzzles that you need to solve to free yourself and if you do not complete them within 5 days then the granny will chop your head off. Be cautious since some of the tools have very specific uses.

Note that the Vindicator is “Granny”

For the cherry on top, you might witness Herobrine in this map as well.


3. Poison

poison horror minecraft map

Poison is one of my favorite maps. It is an action-adventure map with really horror plots and terrifying enemies. 

Potatoman has put in a great effort in making the monsters and enemies look so scary that you might wet your pants. It’s also on top of the list of best and most terrifying Minecraft maps ever.

This is one of those horror maps that works like a charm even in multiplayer mode, keep an eye on your friends’ backs and try to survive together in this map, and make sure not to fall into any traps.


2. The Coma

the coma most terrifying Minecraft map in the game

One of the most Cursed and Disturbing horror maps that will make you end up questioning reality and your life decisions. It is filled with some of the most cursed skins. 

The plot starts when you go into a shop just like every day to buy some goods, but today is not like every day it’s very different and has a lot more to happen on that day, you find a paper that reads “You’re Next” and then the electricity goes off you’re in deep trouble now.

The Coma

1. The Orphanage

You’ve stayed away from your hometown and now you are really happy that you will get to see your wife and kids after a long time. You’re driving your car back home and after 7 hours you start losing focus and your car runs out of gas, you leave your car in hopes of getting help but you end up in an orphanage. Entering that orphanage is your biggest regret and now you have to leave it as soon as possible or your children will be left, orphans.

The Orphanage 

the orphanage most terrifying Minecraft maps

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