Nether Meant – Concert in Minecraft featuring American Football, HANA and more

Hi Miner! We have a big big news for you today! Something cool is happening in Minecraft. So, yeah a Concert in Minecraft. Are you guys up for it?!!. Nether Meant is a concert in Minecraft for coronavirus relief fund for those who are affected by this deadly virus across the globe.

From a source, there are about 1,447,412 cases of coronavirus across the globe. There are about 91,783 deaths all over the world with this deadly virus.

So, there are so many organizations, NGOs, athletes, businessmen from all over the world generating relief funds for the fight against coronavirus and its consequences. Minecraft is not staying back on this as well!

Concert for Coronavirus relief

Minecraft is a hugely popular video game with more than 170 million copies sold around the world. So, Mojang is all set to organize a concert for global audience in Minecraft as a relief effort.

American Football the pioneer of modern emo is set to headline a virtual coronavirus relief concert in Minecraft.

American Football along with some other acts will be playing live in Minecraft. 

Acts in Nether Meant

The emo stars and the pioneer of modern emo American Football are all set to headline a coronavirus relief concert. Nether Meant coronavirus relief concert acts include:

  • American Football
  • Anamanaguchi
  • Baths
  • Bean Boy & Folie
  • Drive45
  • Hana
  • Lewis Grant
  • Iglooghost & Kai Whiston & Babii
  • Meishi Smile
  • Nebita & Atura
  • Planet 1999
  • Onlytom
  • Robin & Murder Club
  • Skylar Spence
  • Six Impala
  • Y2K & Sleepycatt
  • Wavedash

Where will Nether Meant held?

According to The Verge, coronavirus relief concert will be held in a virtual space called Elsewither.

Elsewither is based on Elsewhere which is a popular bar in Brooklyn.

Furthermore, The concert will take place in a zone of Minecraft where players can visit. Especially, for those who don’t have a Minecraft account can watch the concert via streaming on Twitch

Open Pit, the Organizer

Nether Meant, the coronavirus relief concert is organized by Open Pit. Open Pit will be selling their VIP passes before the concert.

So, these VIP passes will give users access to the special VIP areas in the game. Also, provide access to the VIP areas in Discord where players can chat with the artists and the organizers. VIP passes will also provide exclusive in-game merchandise to the players.

Eventually, The Proceeds of this coronavirus relief concert will go to GOD360’s relief efforts to contribute toward coronavirus crisis. 

Now, you must be wondering when is this happening? Right?

Day and Timings of the concert – Nether Meant

Nether Meant will be held at 6 PM Eastern Time (EM) on Saturday, 11th of April 2020. Also, Nether Meant is not the only event Open Pit has organized. There are so many events like Coachella, Firefest, and my Gala which were organized by Open Pit in the past.

So, Get your VIP passes ASAP, enjoy the concert, and play your part in this coronavirus relief concert. 

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