A New Minecraft ax-wielding mob is here!

Miners, miners miners. Be careful at this time, a new Minecraft ax-wielding mob is out here! let us welcome Piglin Brute! on the other hand the Minecraft officially tweeted about this new mob!

A new ax-wielding mob in your old Minecraft sounds something more adventurous. the tweet shows that these new mobs are difficult to be fooled and tricked, which means more fun.

lets see clearly what this mob is going to do:


  • Piglin brutes spawn in bastion remnants, only upon generation, Piglin brutes are not going to have a baby variant and will not respawn killed.
  • They wear dark clothes, a good jewelry. to identify them a good point is that they have a scar on one eye.
  • Piglin brutes spawn holding a golden axe that may be enchanted.
  • They are never going to equip and spawn an armour.


  • A golden axe, having a 15.5% chance of dropping.
  • Upon death 20 to 23 points are dropped, when killed by a tamed wolf or player.


  • They will attack players, wither skeletons, withers present within the 16 blocks.
  • They are never distracted by blocks or golden items.
  • In bedrock edition the will not attack players but, snow golems, iron golems and wolves.

Some unique character:

  • They can open wooden doors so be careful with it.
  • Even they can detect you from walls.
  • They will attack you if you are wearing golden armour.
  • Despite other mobs, piglin brutes sink in water.
  • Nearby pilglin brutes will attack you if you try to or attack on a single piglin brute.


  • In the world, after 15 seconds they will transform into zombie piglin.
  • After transformation, the transformed piglin will have nausea for the 10 seconds.
  • But this nausea will give any impact on the behavior.

So miners! it seems like a new and cool thing in Minecraft. go and check out this new mob and be safe remember they have already decided that you are a thief! :p

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Peace Out!

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