New Minecraft Bedrock Beta is Rolling Out

Hey miners! So we are here with the new and exciting news for Xbox One, Windows 10, and android version players. The wait is over! The new Minecraft beta is out. Minecraft Bedrock beta 

The Minecraft news officially tweeted for this release of the new beta. You can have a look at it here.

So, let us have a review on this Minecraft Bedrock beta and its new changes which are out with this beta. 

Review of New Minecraft Bedrock Beta

The new Minecraft Bedrock beta includes:

Bug fixes:

The bug fixes it includes are:

  • Now, the Game will no longer crash. While the player is opening a Shulker Box or if they’re standing on, after rejoining a multiplayer session
  • The crash is also fixed when happened when using the fill command with an alternate a huge amount of blocks. 

 Some new things:

  • Baby zoglins will now, have some cute over-sized heads.
  • Now, you can use the shroomlights with the composer as well.
  • You can now replace the mycelium block on crimson fungus and wrapped fungus. 
  • You can craft the THING banner now.
  • When falling on berries, Foxes will not get hurt.
  • The piglin brute mobs will preserve the equipment when they are zombified.
  • The boots with soul speed enchantment will no longer lag.
  • Your dressing room will show cached character items, whenever it is offline.
  • The expected blocks or items can now again be composted. 
  • When using the smithing table, the screen will show the hammer icon as well. 
  • A decrease is here in the size of the safe zone.
  • Alike the art frame, The reward frame is added to the list as like.
  • Doing focus from keyboard back button issues are solved. \

So, miners! Go check this new Minecraft Bedrock Beta out before it too late… many more changes are included. Do check this and leave your opinions as comments.

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