A New Minecraft bedrock BETA is rolling out!

Hey miners! were you waiting for a new bedrock Minecraft edition, so your wait is over. New Minecraft bedrock BETA is rolling out. As the Minecraft news tweeted,

This, Minecraft Bedrock BETA ( is rolling out on Xbox One, Windows 10 & Android.

This update focuses on parity, bugs, and some creator features for nether updates.

This update follows the previous 1.16.2 update from this month, and earlier.

This new Minecraft bedrock BETA, comes with a very interesting new change log which starts from parity changes to and end at bug fixes.

Even so, it does not have any new mobs, new mods, or anything but definitely this is a very solid release with a bunch of improvements.

Some highlights of this mod:

Below, we have listed some good highlights of this BETA;


  • Now Blackstone can be used for crafting brewing sand.
  • Spawning farmland with the /give the command and picking it with Pick Block, is now possible for players.
  • After killing Cod and Salmon, by any fire damage now drops cooked fish

Performance & stability

  • A crash that occurred while you were entering into a game with specific texture packs, now fixing is enabled.
  • Adding tags to the Ender Dragon will no longer result in the crash of the game while reloading the world.


  • Blackstone Walls now align the fence gates.
  • A new method to remove roots completely is placing blocks on Crimson Roots and Warped Roots.
  • In addition, Target blocks are not going to long power additional blocks present above them
  • To be placed on and survive on all jungle wood variants, cocoa beans can be used now.


  • Now your mobs could not find a way out from the lava, this fix includes now they can enter lava only while they are in a lava block.

So, this BETA is just out, go and check it now!

Also you can check out!

Peace Out!

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