New Minecraft Beta is now Out!

Hey miners! Were you waiting for the new news? So here it is. New Minecraft beta is out now with a bunch of bug fixes and improvements for your Minecraft world.

The Minecraft news has tweeted officially now for this Minecraft beta:

This Minecraft version is now rolling out on Xbox One, Windows 10, and android.


Let us have a review on this Minecraft beta;

Some General cool changes:

  • After placing the Slime block or Honey block, next to or above them (MCPE-62255), now lava and water textures will be clearly visible.
  • When you are in search of exit position, Now your end gateways will correctly calculate the distance to the center block (MCPE-48922
  • Near the chunk borders, Plants and crops now grow more consistently.

Structure Blocks changes:

  • From the structure of 3D block export now the name field is removed. 
  • The creator has fixed incorrect chunk positions and calculations, block changes that occur during the structure block preview window
  • Structure loading/saving will no longer now affect the ticking blocks which are nearby chunks
  • When Fixing the Reset button will now not re-render the wireframe bounding box.

Technical/ Commands changes:

  • The logic is fixed that decided whether or not an entity can be summoned. So now, you can summon any entity using the execute command, which this bug is now disallowing.
  • Fixed the particles which when using animation controllers to played particles and when switching to a different state that also played particles.

So miners! These are some new cool changes which your Minecraft world needed, so we don’t think you should wait for it to try. A new Minecraft update is not far away which will also come with a new bunch of fixes. So go and have a pretty handful of fixes to make your Minecraft world revolve. 

Also, you can read!

Peace Out!

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