New Minecraft Earth update is rolling Out!

Hey miners! Were you expecting a new Minecraft Earth update with loads of new adventures? A latest version that has been obviously optimized for different devices. So wait is over, a new update 0.23.0 is here. It was released on 12 august 2020. So this tweet by Minecraft news shows:

lets talk about some new things it is going to come along:

Some good changes:

  • You are going to have some new and more interesting  adventures to explore.
  • Especially, You will see a massive change to game play.
  • Unlock new crafting tables and furnaces with rubies.
  • You can use an adventure crystal to find a new adventure.


It contains some bug fixes.

Moreover, Some good fixes are:

  • MCE-763: milk bucket vanishing when entered into inventory.
  • MCE-2208: failed to milk a cow. 
  • MCE-2546:  something about a description of a cow.


It will add a new mob, a new variant of chicken.

The new mob will drop some different kind of feather on death. 


A new item will be added called fancy feather which can be obtained by a bronzed chicken. 

Changes in prices:

Besides to all the changes the new version gives you some changes in prices of crafting tables and furnaces are changed: 

The new prices are:

New price for Crafting Table: 

  • 2nd Slot – 380 Rubies
  • 3rd Slot – 630 Rubies

New price for furnace:

  • 2nd Slot – 260 Rubies
  • 3rd Slot – 480 Rubies

So what do you think miners on this update?

Indeed, the pace of new updates on Minecraft is getting high, which was one update planned for a month and now is updating on a weekly basis. It is predicted that the new version is going to come with adding a farm to the table and so more new adventures for Minecraft earth. 

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Peace Out!

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