New Minecraft Jurrasic world DLC is out:

Hola, miners! did you ever wish to have your favorite dinosaurs characters in Minecraft and train them, or manage your own theme park? so if you get or wished or ever thought or wished for it, today is your day! didn’t get my point? Minecraft tweeted about the new MOD which is now out! so let us give a warm welcome to Minecraft Jurrasic world DLC.

This new mod is an official partnership which brings you the following new adventures:

Wow! unlike other mods, a new Minecraft Jurrasic world DLC mod is here in which you are going to be with dinosaurs, and at this time you can craft them and as well as train them, and explore the world.

It includes:

  • You can manage the parks, in which there will be crawling dinosaurs.
  • Especially, it is going to let you revisit and recreate iconic moments of the Jurassic Park franchise.
  • Build exhibits, and open for business.
  • The long you can keep the park open the high will be the score.
  • It comes with 21 popular skins and most iconic 60+ dinosaurs and hybrids.
  • You can also go the expeditions to discover dinosaur DNA, so you can use that in hybrid.
  • On the other hand, you can now solve your problems.
  • Now can use vehicles of your NPCs to go with disasters.
  • In market place of Minecraft, players can get this mod in $7.99.
  • As well as that, the character creator is also offering a free blue hoodie.
  • In addition, the creator has added in this mod new vehicles which are inspired by the movies.

You can give a look at the trailer of this mod from here:

It looks it is quite interesting and differing from others. give it a try now!

Go and settle the best high score by being the best Jurassic world manager.

Also, you can check out!

Peace Out!

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