New Minecraft Pizza Simulator is here!

Hey, miners, were you excited about the new Minecraft news? So here you go! Minecraft market place officially tweeted about the New Minecraft Pizza Simulator and map which is now available.

Lets us have a review for this new map which is now out on the Minecraft marketplace.

Review of Minecraft pizza map:

Wow, you are going to step into the life of a pizza delivery driver! The Minecraft town is now HANGRY for delicious pizza and now it’s your turn to make them happy!

You can earn  BUX for delivering the pizza and can also upgrade your ride!

Hehe. but wait look out for the naughty bear who is in the continuous search for free food and will obviously steal your pizza!

New stuff:

– There are soo many awesome vehicles to collect including bikes, cars, and trucks.

– on the other hand, new 14 skins are included in this map.

New things to do:

  1. You are now about to explore new places and can be somebody different.
  1.  Go now and discover new ways to play with community creations from Minecraft Marketplace.
  1.   A new pathway to a Journey which will lead you to a new world and let your imagination loose in an unfamiliar environment. 
  1. A huge amount of new things which you are about to discover, the possibilities are never-ending. 


In conclusion, this pizza delivery simulator is a fast pace minigame that is designed for the 57 digital and as well as for the Minecraft market place.

It will offer you a fun environment and along with this some new roads, some new group of neighborhoods, and houses as well, to which the player had to deliver the newly and freshly made pizza.

So, we don’t think you should wait for this to try, you can easily download it from Minecraft market place. go check this out now and do not forget to drop your comments on this map.

Also, you can read!

Peace Out!

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